Coach's Corner - Issue 17

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Skip's Communications

This week’s coach’s corner will discuss the importance of the skip and his/her body language and communication.

After reviewing this week’s game, I still have some work to do with the skips into positive body language and clear communication.

Clear communication- skips going into a game with a clear vision in the way they want to play the opposition. Or assessing after the roll up- on the weekend I saw too many medium length ends.

The positive body language it a must throughout the day. Clapping every bowl and finding positives out of most situations. It is my opinion that this game is 90 per cent mental and the other physical, there for creating comfort in the rink can only have a positive effect. One single comment can throw a player off their game- need more grass, take some grass, must reach etc.

I have had over 14 different players in my rink this year and I go into each game with the same mindset, to get the player feeling part of it, comfortable and if possible enjoying themselves. How? By letting them choose the length and hand they want to play, I applaud every bowl that comes down; I make sure they hear my communication between the third in what shot to play. Give them every possible chance to play well.

As coach I have recently been assessing each team and what are the weaknesses, strengths and what missing in the team. I also need to have my finger on the pulse for recruiting as well and keep my ear to the ground to which players are on the move. I have made notes on all players going forward and where they need to improve to maintain their position in the team. I will give you a couple of my examples, the player needs to take the feedback constructively. I will release the document at season end for all members to view.

Mark Senjov- done a brilliant job as skip in div 3, good energy, handles pressure and is bowling well. If he is continue skipping next year he needs to improve his communication with players- when calling shots needs to be simple and clear.

Matt Sherwall- Has played well at times (5 games of a score about 4), the only aspect of Mat's game he need to get better at is when the pressure is applied he doesn't let the opposition see his negative emotions. He is very hard on himself- Needs to become Federer like.

Steve Cox- has had a good season so far, the difference is his weaker games have been below par of the division. Eliminating the bad bowls for Steve will see him no doubt in the mix of the top team- has the delivery to be there.

Peter Connoley- Going really well and has improved considerably. His delivery seems consistent and adaptable to different surfaces. For Peter it’s about practising with others playing above him to continually improve his training that will go into game day situations.

Last week selectors had the task of picking teams to qualify for finals and bolstering or maintaining consistency for team to get every possible chance to finish the highest on the ladder possible. I received many texts and phone calls regarding the selection in div 3- I still believe we made the right call for the club and its future. Brian was able to experience a positive day’s bowls in a supportive team environment, I was able to discuss etiquette matters when they arose and also teach the type of game we were trying to play. Brian played very well and I’m sure will be an asset for Eastern Park in years to come.

Special mentions this week go to Harro, Lenny, Jacko (supersub) and Chris Cox for an outstanding victory on Saturday, it was great to see Jacko get a crack at the fives and produce in a pressure situation.

Mark Senjov, Ice, Lukey and Digger who put us in a comfortable position early doors against Torquay and provide the voice to lift others.

At this year’s presentation night, I will be having some awards that I will be handing out- Coaches Award and Most improved Player!!!

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush