In the library we are gearing up for our annual Reading Week which will be celebrated during the week of April 13th. Along with many fun activities being planned in the classrooms such as daily trivia contests, and a book-cover art gallery, check-out the list of whole-school activities you can help your child be part of during that week:

  1. Monday: Hats Off to Reading Day: students may wear a hat to celebrate a special book or just reading in general. Students may design their own hats.
  2. Tuesday: T-SHIRT TALLY DAY: Everyone is encouraged to wear a t-shirt with writing on it. At recesses, lunch, or for a few minutes at appropriate times during class, students read the slogans on each other‘s shirts. As each person reads another‘s t-shirt, the wearer signs the reader‘s tally card (provided by the school). Let’s see how many t-shirts can be read by the end of the day!
  3. Wednesday: Slip into Reading Day: Students may bring their slippers to school to wear while they slip into a good book.
  4. Thursday: Reading is No-Sweat: Students may wear sweatpants and/or sweatshirts while they relax and read some good books.
  5. Friday: Character Dress-up Day- students whose classes are participating in the Adopt a Book activity within their classrooms, may dress-up as a character from that book.

We are trying to decide if we should make e-books part of our library collection. Please help us decide by going to Survey Monkey and taking a brief on line survey. Thank you in advance for you participation.