World Championships

November 2015

East Midlands Pétanque was very proud to have members representing England in BOTH the Womens and the Junior 2015 World Championships held in Thailand in November. First up: the youngsters … with Daniel facing easily the most demanding challenge of a record breaking season

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From an albeit meagre cohort this quartet had emerged from a structured and demanding squad selection process at Whittlesey, Mansfield and Langford and now faced the ultimate test

Blown away by Belgium in the first round, our intrepid heroes dished out similar treatment to their next opponents, Sweden. For this their reward was a tough draw against Spain who won 13 - 7. And things began to look bleak when the 4th round match against Italy was lost

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Petanque - Daniel Raine, 12, from the Groby Road area of Leicester, who’s going to Thailand in October to represent England in the Petanque championships.
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Daniel was in TWO competitions, having been selected to represent England in the separate Tir de Précision - the 'shooting'. In his finest hour to date Daniel scored an amazing 28 pts with precocious poise to finish 10th in the Qualifying round ahead of the likes of Spain, Monaco, Algeria and the Netherlands ... and gobsmackingly above the French phenomenon that is Tyson Molinas

The Team’s 5th round match was make-or-break time and our Juniors rose to the occasion. Edging out Japan 10 - 8, they squeezed into the Nations Cup. After two confident victories against Australia and the mighty Malaysia, a rematch with Italy barred the way to the Final …

Cue a famous Semifinal win for Angleterre

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After a brave 10 - 13 tussle with Chinese Taipei, an unexpected and hugely creditable Runners Up trophy was snaffled into the luggage

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