Will you be traveling to mainland China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong soon, and considering seeing a live performance of Chinese opera? This is the page for you!!

This page, begun in 2013 as a collaborative effort by lovers of xiqu (戏曲, Chinese opera) from around the world, serves as a global resource for those seeking to find venues to see performances of Beijing opera, Cantonese opera, Kunqu, and dozens of other forms of local opera. Almost anywhere one goes in China, wonderful opera forms reflecting the local culture exist -- but performances can be difficult to find, especially for travelers from overseas.

Below is the list (in progress) of all known Chinese opera theaters and other venues in Asia and North America, with address, telephone number, and (where available) website link.

If you we have missed your favorite opera company or if you see any mistakes, please send a message to our Facebook page (“Chinese Opera Directory / 這裡有戲”) or write an email to <>. We'd like this list to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

And if you have attended a performance you found by using this list, please post on the Wall to tell us about it!



(last revised September 16, 2018)

CHINA (Mainland) 中国

Anhui Province 安徽省

~~~Anhui: Hefei~~~

Beijing Municipality  北京市

Chongqing  Municipality 重庆市

Fujian Province 福建省

~~~Fujian: Fuzhou 福州市~~~

~~~Fujian: Longyan 龙岩市~~~

~~~Fujian: Nanping 南平市~~~

~~~Fujian: Ningde 宁德市~~~

~~~Fujian: Putian 莆田市~~~

~~~Fujian: Quanzhou 泉州市~~~

~~~Fujian:Sanming 三明市~~~

~~~Fujian: Xiamen 厦门市~~~

~~~Fujian: Zhangzhou 漳州市~~~

Gansu Province 甘肃省

~~~ Gansu: Baiyin 白银市~~~

~~~Gansu: Dingxi 定西市~~~

~~~Gansu: Gannan 甘南市~~~

~~~Gansu: Jinchang 金昌市~~~

~~~Gansu: Jiuquan 酒泉市~~~

~~~Gansu: Lanzhou 兰州市~~~

~~~Gansu: Linxia 临夏市~~~

~~~Gansu: Longnan 陇南市~~~

~~~Gansu: Pingliang 平凉市~~~

~~~Gansu: Qingyang 庆阳市~~~

~~~Gansu: Tianshui 天水市~~~

~~~Gansu: Wuwei 武威市~~~

~~~Gansu: Zhangye 张掖市~~~

Guangdong Province 广东省

~~~Guangdong: Guangzhou 广州市~~~

~~~Guangdong: Meizhou 梅州市~~~

~~~Guangdong: Shantou 汕头市~~~

~~~Guangdong: Shenzhen 深圳市~~~

Guangxi Province 广西省

~~~Guangxi: Guilin 桂林市~~~

Guizhou Province 贵州省

~~~Guizhou: Guiyang 贵阳市~~~

Hainan Province 海南省

~~~Hainan: Haikou 海口市~~~

Hebei Province 河北省

~~~Hebei: Shijiazhuang 石家庄市~~~

Heilongjiang Province 黑龙江省

~~~Heilongjiang: Harbin 哈尔滨市~~~

Henan Province 河南省

~~~Henan: Zhengzhou 郑州市~~~

~~~Henan: Zhoukou 周口市~~~

Hubei Province 湖北省

~~~Hubei: Wuhan 武汉市~~~

Hunan Province 湖南省

~~~Hunan: Changsha 长沙市~~~

~~~Hunan: Chenzhou 郴州市~~~

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 内蒙古自治区

~~~Inner Mongolia: Hohhot (Huhehaote) 呼和浩特市~~~

Jiangsu Province 江苏省

~~~Jiangsu: Nanjing 南京市~~~

~~~Jiangsu: Suzhou 苏州市~~~

~~~Jiangsu: Wuxi 无锡市~~~

Jiangxi Province 江西省

~~~Jiangxi: Nanchang  南昌市~~~

Jilin Province 吉林省

~~~Jilin: Changchun 长春市~~~

Liaoning Province 辽宁省

~~~Liaoning: Dalian 大连市~~~

~~~Liaoning: Shenyang  沈阳市~~~

Ningxia Province 宁夏省

~~~Ningxia: Yinchuan 银川市~~~

Qinghai Province 青海省

~~~Qinghai: Guoluo (Golog) 果洛市~~~

~~~Qinghai: Haibei 海北市~~~

~~~Qinghai: Haidong 海东市~~~

~~~Qinghai: Hainan 海南市~~~

~~~Qinghai: Haixi 海西市~~~

~~~Qinghai: Huangnan 黄南市~~~

~~~Qinghai: Xining 西宁市~~~

~~~Qinghai: Yushu 玉树市~~~

Shaanxi Province 陕西省

~~~Shaanxi: Ankang 安康市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Baoji 宝鸡市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Hanzhong  汉中市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Shangluo 商洛市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Tongchuan 铜川市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Weinan 渭南市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Xi'an 西安市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Xianyang 咸阳市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Yan’an 延安市~~~

~~~Shaanxi: Yulin 榆林市~~~

Shandong Province 山东省

~~~Shandong: Jinan~~~

~~~Shandong: Qingdao~~~

~~~Shandong: Yantai~~~

Shanghai Municipality 上海市

Shanxi Province 山西省

~~~Shanxi: Changzhi 长治市~~~

~~~Shanxi: Datong 大同市~~~

~~~Shanxi: Jincheng 晋城市~~~

~~~Shanxi: Jinzhong 晋中市~~~

~~~Shanxi: Linfen 临汾市~~~

~~~Shanxi: Lüliang 吕梁市~~~

~~~Shanxi: Taiyuan 太原市~~~

~~~Shanxi: Yangquan 阳泉市~~~

Sichuan Province 四川省

~~~Sichuan: Chengdu 成都市~~~

~~~Sichuan: Zigong~~~

Tianjin Municipality 天津市

Tibet Autonomous Province 西藏自治区

~~~Tibet: Lhasa~~~

Yunnan Province 云南省

~~~Yunnan: Dali~~~

~~~Yunnan: Kunming~~~

~~~Yunnan: Yuxi~~~

Zhejiang Province 浙江省

~~~Zhejiang: Dongyang 东阳市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Hangzhou 杭州市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Jiande 建德市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Jiangshan 江山市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Jinhua 金华市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Lanxi 兰溪市 ~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Lishui 丽水市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Ningbo 宁波市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Pujiang Country 浦江市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Quzhou 衢州市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Shaoxing 绍兴市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Yiwu 义乌市~~~

~~~Zhejiang: Yongkang 永康市~~~





~~~Kaohsiung 高雄~~~

~~~Miaoli County~~~

~~~Nantou 南投~~~

~~~Pingtung County~~~

~~~Taichung 台中~~~

~~~Tainan 太南~~~

~~~Taipei 台北~~~

~~~Yilan 宜蘭~~~






● 好戏网 - lists upcoming performances of many types of Chinese opera in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; organized by city

CHINA (Mainland) 中国

Anhui Province 安徽省

~~~Anhui: Hefei~~~

● Anhui Huangmei Opera Theatre (安徽省黄梅戏剧院) [Huangmei Opera 黄梅戏]

Address: 136 Tongcheng Rd., Luyang, Hefei, Anhui, China (安徽省合肥庐阳区桐城路136号)

Tel.: +86 5512676856

● Huiju Opera Troupe of Anhui Province - 安徽省徽剧剧院  [Huiju 徽剧]

Address: 46 Huancheng South Road, Hefei 230001, Anhui, China (安徽省合肥市环城南路46号)

Tel.: (0551) 2653234

Beijing Municipality  北京市

● Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre (北方昆曲剧院) [Kunqu 昆曲]

Address: 14 Taoranting Rd., Xicheng, Beijing, China (北京市西城区陶然亭路14号; 邮编:100054)

Tel.: (010) 63522109,  63510063; ticket hotline: 83517336

Fax: (010) 63521690

● Beijing’s Beijing Opera Theater (北京京剧院) - [Beijing Opera 京剧]

Address: 30 Haihu Xili, Majiapu East Road, Fengtai, Beijing, China (北京市丰台区马家堡东路海户西里30号; 邮编:100077)

Tel.: (010) 67251209


● Beijing Fenglei Beijing Opera Troupe (北京风雷京剧团) - Jingju

Address: 14 Banzhang Hutong, Xuanwu, Beijing, China (北京市宣武区板章胡同14号)

Tel.: 010-63017386, 010- 63188905

● Beijing Liyuan Theatre (北京梨园剧场) - Jingju

Address: in Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, 175 Yong'an Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, China (北京市西城区永安路175号)

● Chang'an Grand Theater (长安大戏院)

Address: 7 Jianguomennei Main Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100005, China (北京市东城区建国门内大街7号长安大戏院; 邮编:100005)

Tel. (ticket office): 010-6510 1310 (ticket office hours: 9 a.m.-7:40 p.m.)

Tel. (performance marketing): 010-6510 1309/1307

Tel.: (general management): 010-6510 1303

● Changle Huangmei Opera Troupe of Bejing (北京长乐黄梅戏剧社)
Address: No.1 Cultural Center of Xicheng District, 147 Xizhimennei Street, Xicheng, Beijing, China (北京市西城区西直门内大街147号西城区第一文化馆)

Tel: +86 15011161477

Email: <>

● China National Peking Opera Company (国家京剧院)

Address: 22 Ping'anli West Street, Xicheng, Beijing, China (北京市西城区平安里西大街22号)

Tel.: 010-58519609

Email: <>

● China Pingju Opera Theater (中国评剧院) - Pingju

Address: 19 Xiluoyuan No. 4 Unit, Fengtai, Beijing, China (北京市丰台区西罗园四区19号)

Tel.: 010-87206930

● Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre (梅兰芳大剧院)

Address: 32 Ping'anli West Street, Xicheng, Beijing, China (北京市西城区平安里西大街32号)

Tel.: 8610-5833 1217, ticket hotline: 8610-58331288, 8610-58331388 (10:00-19:30)

● Zhengyici Peking Opera Theatre/Temple Theatre Beijing Opera House (正乙祠戏楼) - Jingju

Address: 220 Qianmen West Heyan Street, Xicheng, Beijing, China (北京市西城区前门西河沿街220号)

Tel.: 4006-511-018, 010-83151650

Chongqing  Municipality 重庆市

● Changshou County Sichuan Opera Troupe 长寿县川剧团 [Sichuan opera/Chuanju 川剧]

Address: 21 Huoshen Jie, Changshou County, Chongqing 631220  重庆市县长寿县火神街21号631220

Tel.: 023-44092 [?]

● Chongqing Sichuan Opera Theater (重庆市川剧院) - Chuanju

Address: Chongqing Chuanju (Sichuan Opera) Art Center (重庆川剧艺术中心),  2 Jinshan Ave., Yubei, Chongqing, China (重庆市渝北区金山大道2号)

Tel.: 023-63011120

Email: <> (address changed)

● Dazu County Sichuan Opera Troupe 重庆市大足县川剧团

Address: Shizi Jie, Longgang Town 龙岗镇十字街居委四片区四幢

● Chongqing Yuzhong District Sichuan Opera Troupe and People’s Entertainment Hall 重庆市渝中区川剧团大众游艺厅

Address: 240 Xinhua Lu 400010 新华路240号400010

Tel.: 023 - 63843600

● Qijiang County Sichuan Opera Troupe 重庆市綦江县川剧团 [Sichuan opera 川剧]

Address: 26 Jiaotong Lu, Gunan Town, Qijiang County, Chongqing 631420 重庆市县綦江县古南镇交通路26号 631420

Tel.: 023-48663979

[Address also given as 68 Jiaotong Lu 交通路68号]

Fujian Province 福建省

~~~Fujian: Fuzhou 福州市~~~

● Minhou County Min Opera Troupe 福建省闽侯县闽剧团 (Min opera 闽剧)

Address: County Guests House, 3rd Floor, Jiexin Lu, Ganzhe Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian 福州市闽侯县甘蔗镇街心路县招待所3楼 350121

Postal Code: 350100

Tel.: 0591-22982470, 0591-22981419

● Changle Happy Crowds (Xing Dazhong) Min Opera Troupe 长乐市兴大众闽剧团

Addresses (3) Aoto Zhang Village Assembly Hall, Wuhang Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 吴航镇鳌头张村礼堂 350182

Lubei Village Assembly Hall, Heshang Town, Changle, Fujian 长乐市鹤上镇路北村礼堂

Lianhua Village, Heshang Town, Changle, Fujian 福建省长乐市鹤上镇莲花村

Postal Code: 350200

Tel.: 0591-28889981

● Changle Juying Min Opera Troupe 长乐市聚英闽剧团

Address: Xiangao Village  Committee, Jinfeng Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 福建省长乐市金峰镇仙高村委会

Postal Code: 350200

Tel.: 0591-28672001

● Changle Liguang Min Opera Troupe 长乐市梨光闽剧团

Address: Wenling Village Committee, Wenling Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 福建省长乐市文岭镇文岭村委会

Postal Code: 350200

Tel.: 0591-28695901

● Changle Min Opera Troupe 福建省长乐市闽剧团

Address: 56 Zhenghe Lu, Wuhang Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 350182福建省长乐市吴航镇郑和路56号 350182

Postal Code: 350200

Tel.: 0591-28801336

● Changle Min Opera Troupe 长乐市闽剧团

Address: Shiyang Village Neighborhood Committee, Wuhang Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 福建省长乐市吴航镇十洋居委会

Postal Code: 350200


● Changle Red Flag Min Opera Troupe 长乐市红旗职业闽剧团

Address: Lianhua Village, Heshang Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 350208  福建省长乐市鹤上镇莲花村 350208

Postal Code: 350200


● Changle Shengyi Min Opera Troupe, also known as Changle Qiaxin Min Opera Troupe 长乐市盛艺闽剧团 也叫做长乐市恰心闽剧团

Address: Dingtou Village Committee, Luolian Township, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 福建省长乐罗联乡顶头村委会


● Changle Xingfang Min Opera Troupe 长乐市兴芳闽剧团

Address: Longfeng Village Committee, Zhanggang Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian 福建省长乐市漳港镇龙峰村委会

Postal Code: 350200

Tel.: 0591-28618001

● Changle Yifeng Min Opera Troupe 长乐市艺峰闽剧团

Address: Jinfeng Neighborhood Committee, Jinfeng Town, Changle, Fuzhou, Fujian  福建省长乐市金峰镇金峰居委会

Postal Code: 350200

Tel.: 0591-28672001

● Fujian Province Fanghua Shaoxing Opera Troupe 福建省芳华越剧团 (Yueju / Shaoxing Opera / 越剧)

Address: 146 Mabei Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian 350102 福州鼓楼区白马北路146号 350102

Tel: Office: (0591)-83777131

Tel: Theater: (0591)-83777131

Tel: Tickets: (0591)-83705371

Email: <>

Fuqing County Min Opera Company 福清县闽剧团

Address: Liqiao Lu, Rongcheng Town, Fuqing County, Fuzhou, Fujian 融城镇利桥路 350181

Postal Code: 035300

Tel.: 0591-85222593

Fuqing Liangcuo Min Opera Company also called Yihua Min Opera Company 福清市梁厝闽剧团,也叫做 福清市艺华闽剧团  

Address: 355 Liangcuo Village, Chengtou Town, Fuqing, Fuzhou, Fujian 福建省福清市城头镇梁厝村355号

Postal Code: 035400

Tel.: 0591-5576653






Lianjiang County Min Opera Troupe 连江县闽剧团

Address: 22 Xinmin Lu, Fengcheng Town, Lianjiang County, Fuzhou, Fujian 福州市连江县凤城镇新民路22号

Postal Code: 350500


Luoyuan County Min Opera Troupe 罗源县闽剧团

Address: 15 Changqiao Lu, Fengshan Town, Luoyuan County, Fuzhou, Fujian 福建省福州市罗源县凤山镇长桥路15号  350123

Postal Code: 350600

Tel.: 0591-831020

Minqing County Min Opera Troupe 闽清县闽剧团

Address: 45 Nan Dajie, Meicheng Town, Minqing County, Fuzhou, Fujian 350124 梅城镇南大街45号 350124

Postal Code: 350800

Tel.: 591-22332336

Pingtan County Min Opera Troupe 福建省平潭县闽剧团

Address: 21/4 Pingtan Township Main Road, Pingtan County, Fuzhou, Fujian 城关东大街21号之四号 035128

Postal Code: 035400

Tel.: 0591-24313944

Yongtai County Min Opera Troupe 永泰县闽剧团

Address: 35 Shangping Lu, Zhangcheng Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou, Fujian 350125 福建省福州市永泰县樟城镇上坪路35号 350125

Postal Code: 035700

Tel.: 0591-24832494

~~~Fujian: Longyan 龙岩市~~~

To do:





● Fujian Longyan Han Opera Troupe 福建省龙岩汉剧团 (West Min Han opera / Minxi Hanju 闽西汉剧)

also listed as West Fujian Han Opera and Longyan Han Opera Performance Company 龙岩市龙汉演艺有限公司位

Address: West Min Culture and Arts Center, 1st Floor (or 5th Foor), Jiu Yi Lu. Xinluo District, Longyan, Fujian 350802 福建省龙岩市新罗区九一南路闽西文化艺术中心一楼 350802

Postal Code:

Tel.: 0597-2252042, 18950819668

● Shanghang County Wooden Puppet Opera Troupe 上杭县木偶剧团 (West Min Han opera / Minxi Hanju 闽西汉剧)

Address: 1 Wenhua Xiang, Lingjiang Town, Shanghang County, Longyan, Fujian 350823 福建省龙岩市上杭县临江镇文化巷1号 350823

Postal Code: 364200

Tel.: 0597-3888906

● Wuping County Han Opera Troupe 福建省武平县汉剧团  (West Min Han opera / Minxi Hanju 闽西汉剧)

Address: 66 Zhengfu Lu, Pingchuan Town, Wuping County, Longyan, Fujian 福建省龙岩市武平县平川镇政府路66号

Postal Code: 364300

Tel.: 0597-4822035

● Yongding County Han Opera Company 福建省永定县汉剧团 (West Min Han opera / Minxi Hanju 闽西汉剧)

Address: 4 Ximen Jie, Fengcheng Town, Yongding County, Longyan, Fujian 350822 福建省龙岩市永定县凤城镇西门街4号 350822

Postal Code: 364100

Tel.: 0597-5832916

~~~Fujian: Nanping 南平市~~~

~~~Fujian: Ningde 宁德市~~~




~~~Fujian: Putian 莆田市~~~

To do:




● Fujian Puxian Theatre 福建省莆仙戏剧院 (Formerly the Putian County Experimental Opera Troupe 莆田县实验剧团) (Puxian opera 莆仙戏)

Address: Inside the Great Puxian Theater, Intersection of Yanshou Lu and Dongyuan Lu, Licheng District, Putian, Fujian 350304 福建省莆田市荔城区延寿路与东园路交叉路口莆仙大剧院内 350304 (351100?)

Tel: 0594-6731555

Email: <>

● Fujian Puxian Second Opera Troupe 福建省莆田市莆田市荔城区莆仙戏二团 (Puxian opera 莆仙戏)

Address: 63 Xian Xiang, Licheng District, Putian, Fujian  福建省莆田市荔城区县巷63号

Tel: 0594-2380105

●  Lisheng Puxian Opera Troupe 莆仙戏鲤声剧团  (Puxian opera 莆仙戏)

(Old?) Address: 87 Gong Yuan Lu Road, Xianyou County 351200, Putian, Fujian, China

Possible Address: 45 Shuaifan Lu, Licheng Subdistrict, Xianyou County, Putian, Fujian 350322 仙游县鲤城街道师范路45号 350322

Tel.: (0594) 8592207

~~~Fujian: Quanzhou 泉州市~~~

To do: 晋江市掌中木偶剧团




南安市高甲戏 (二团):福建省,泉州,南安市, 石井镇, 岑兜村(?)





● Fujian Experimental Troupe of Liyuan Opera (福建省梨园戏实验剧团) - (Liyuan opera 梨园戏)

Address: Liyuan Classical Theater, Xinmen St., Licheng, Quanzhou, Fujian, China (福建省泉州市鲤城区新门街梨园古典剧院)

Tel.: 0595-22382236

Email: <>

● Festival of Min Nan culture - featuring many forms of Min Nan opera

taking place June 2013

● Jinjiang Golden Mountain (Jin Shan) Gaojia Opera Troupe 晋江市金山高甲剧团

Address: 晋江市安海镇型厝村

Tel.: 15805961799

● Quanzhou Municipal Gaojia Opera Troupe 福建省泉州市高甲戏剧团 (Gaojia opera 高甲戏)

Address: Quanzhou Gaojia Opera Troupe Theatre, Donghu Jie, Quanzhou, Fujian 福建省泉州市东湖街泉州市高甲戏剧团大院

Tel: 0595-22102367

Fax: 0595-22155270

Email: <>

● Quanzhou Marionette Drama  泉州市木偶剧团

Address: #24 Tong Zheng Lane, Quanzhou Fujian 362000, P.R.China 泉州市中山中路通政巷24号 

Tel.: 595-22375497

Fax: 595-22373230

Email: <>

● Yongchun County Experimental Gaojia Opera Troupe 永春县实验高甲剧团


Tel: 0595-23855947 or 0595-23882992

~~~Fujian:Sanming 三明市~~~

~~~Fujian: Xiamen 厦门市~~~

● Xiamen Municipal Gezai Opera Troupe (厦门市歌仔戏剧团) - (Gezai opera 歌仔戏)

Address: 1 Xianfengying Street, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian 361003 福建省厦门市思明区先锋营街1号 361003

Tel.: (0592) 2022073,(0592) 2961716

Fax: (0592) 2961726

● Xiamen Municipal Tong’an Gezai Opera Troupe 厦门市同安歌仔戏剧团 (Gezai opera 歌仔戏)

Address: 29 Chengxi Lu, Tong’an District, Xiamen, Fujian 350212 福建省厦门市同安区城西路29号 350212

Tel: (0592)7022795

● Xiamen Rising Golden Lotus (Jin Lian Sheng) Gaojia Opera Troupe 厦门金莲陞高甲剧团 (Gaojia opera 高甲戏)

Address: 12 Jiageng Lu (Fu Nan Tang), Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian 350211 厦门市集美区嘉庚路12号(福南堂)350211

Tel: 0592-2041397

Fax: 0592-2104367

Email: <>

~~~Fujian: Zhangzhou 漳州市~~~

● Fujian Zhangzhou’s Theatrical Company 福建省漳州市芗剧团 (Xiangju 芗剧)

Address:  漳州市龙文区圳头芗剧艺术中心

Tel: Business manager Lu Yihong 陆逸红 (0596) 2130885

Email: <>

● Zhangpu County Bamboo Horse Opera Heritage and Preservation Center (Originally the Zhangpu County Xiangju Opera Company) 漳浦县竹马戏(芗剧)传承保护中心(原漳浦县芗剧团)[Bamboo Horse Opera / Zhuma Opera / 竹马戏]

Address: 1 Minzhu Lu, Sui’an Town, Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou 363200 中国福建省漳浦县绥安镇民主路1号 363200

Tel:Director, Lin Yanhuan 林艳环 13960031109

Tel: Asst. Director Yang Haigang 杨海港 13709348699

Email: <>

Gansu Province 甘肃省

~~~ Gansu: Baiyin 白银市~~~

● Jingyuan County Qinju Opera Troupe 靖远县秦剧团  [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 1 Nan Dajie, Wulan Town Seat, Wulan Town, Jingyuan County, Baiyin, Gansu 730600 甘肃省白银市靖远县乌兰镇城关镇南大街1号 730600

Tel.: 0943-6121145

[This is also the address and phone number for the Jingyuan County  (Movie?) Theater 靖远县影剧院]

● Baiyin District Movie Theater 白银市白银区影剧院

Address: Hongxing Jie, Baiyin District, Baiyin, Gansu 730900 甘肃省白银市白银区红星730900

Tel: 0943 - 8222282

[Address also given as  23 Gongyuan Lu 公园路23号] - this  may be their offices]

● Baiyin Metal Company Center for Art 白银有色金属公司艺术中心

Address: Gong Xi Lu, Baiyin District, Baiyin, Gansu 730900 甘肃省白银市白银区公园路 730900

Tel.: 0943-8812749

● Huining County Qinqiang Opera Troupe 会宁县秦腔剧团 [ Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address 1: Changzheng Lu, Huishi Town, Baiyin, Gansu 743200甘肃省白银市会宁县会师镇长征路 743200

Tel. 1: 0943-3221846

Address 2: 21 Guanwu Lane, Huining County, Baiyin, Gansu  730700 甘肃省会白银市宁县北关五巷21号 730700

Tel. 2: 0943-3221840

~~~Gansu: Dingxi 定西市~~~

● Dingxi Municipal Qinju Opera Troupe 定西市秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 5 Jiaotong Lu, Anding District, Dingxi, Gansu 743000 甘肃省定西市安定区交通路5号 743000

Tel.: 0932-8212683

● Dingxi Regional Movie Theater 定西地区影剧院

Address: 11 Jiefang Lu, Dingxi, Gansu 743000 甘肃省定西县解放路11号 743000

Tel.: 0932-8212916

● Lintao County Qinju Opera Troupe 临洮县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: #3, Liangshi, Taoyang Town, Lintao County, Dingxi, Gansu 730500  注册地址在洮阳镇粮食市3号 730500

Tel.: 0932-2231672

● Long County Qinqiang Opera Troupe 陇西县秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 7 Wenhua Guangchang, Gongchang Town, Longxi County, Dingxi, Gansu 748100 甘肃省定西市陇西县巩昌镇文化广场7号 748100

Tel.: 0932-6622798


● Min County Qinju Opera Troupe 岷县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 93 Xinhua Jie, Minyang Town, Min County, Dingxi, Gansu 748400 甘肃省定西市岷县岷阳镇新华街93 748400

Tel.: 0932-7725687

● Tongwei County Qinju Opera Troupe 通渭县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 36 Nan Jie, Pingxiang Town, Tongwei County, Dingxi, Gansu 743300 甘肃省定西地区通渭县平襄镇南街36号 743300

Tel.: 0932-5553155

[Address also given as 53 Bei Jie 北街53号]

● Weiyuan County Qinju Opera Troupe 渭源县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 22 Xin Jie, Qingyuan Town, Weiyuan County, Dingxi, Gansu 748200 甘肃省定西地区渭源县清源镇新街22号748200

Tel.: 0932-4132721

[Address also listed as Shouyang Lu, near the moving company 首阳路移动公司隔壁]

● Zhang County Qinju Opera Troupe 漳县秦剧团

Address: Guanyang Lu, Zhongxin Jie #2, Zhang County Seat, Zhang County, Dingxi, Gansu 748300 甘肃省漳县城关阳路中心街2号 748300

Tel.: 0932-24862223 or 0932-4861363

~~~Gansu: Gannan 甘南市~~~

● Diebu County Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 迭部县歌舞团

Address: 165 Xingdie Dong Lu, Diebu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Gansu 747400  甘肃省甘南藏族自治州迭部县兴迭东街165号747400

Tel.: 0941-5622112

[Address also given as Dianga Village 电尕乡]

● Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect Song and Dance Troupe 甘南藏族自治州歌舞团

Address: 102 Renmin Jie, Hezuo, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Gansu 747000 甘肃省甘南藏族自治州合作市人民街102号747000

Tel.: 0941-8212480, 8213350, 8218383, 8218350

●Gannan Prefect Tibetan Opera Troupe 甘南州藏剧团

Address: 111 Renmin Jie, Hezuo, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Gansu 747000 甘肃省甘南藏族自治州合作市人民街111号         

Tel.: 0941-8213963                                        

● Luqu County Workers’ Culture and Arts Troupe 碌曲县文艺工作队

Address: 35 Le’erduo Dong Lu, Nan Ma’ai Village, Luqu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Gansu 747200 甘肃省甘南藏族自治州碌曲县南玛艾乡勒尔多东路35号 747200

Tel.: 0941 -6621151, 6621183

● Maqu County Tibetan Autonomous Prefect Song and Dance Troupe 玛曲县藏族自治州歌舞团

Address: 5 Xinglong Lu, Nima Village, Maqu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Gansu 747300  甘肃省甘南藏族自治州玛曲县尼玛乡兴隆路5号 747300

Tel.: 0941-6121037

● Xiahe County Labuleng Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 夏河县拉卜楞民族歌舞团

Address: 59 Rouzha Village, Labuleng Town, Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Gansu 747100 甘肃省甘南藏族自治州夏河县拉卜楞镇柔扎村59 747100

Tel.: 0941-7121413

~~~Gansu: Jinchang 金昌市~~~

● Jinchang Municipial Art Troupe 金昌市艺术团

Address: Jianshe Lu, Jinchang, Lansu 737100 甘肃省.j兰州市金昌市建设路 737100

Tel.: 0935-8213984

[Address also given as  Xinhua Lu, Jinchuan District,  Jinchang 金昌市川区新华路]

~~~Gansu: Jiuquan 酒泉市~~~

● Dunhuang Municipal Art Troupe 敦煌市艺术团

Address:  4 Xinjian Lu, Shazhou Town, Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu 736200 甘肃省酒泉市敦煌市沙州镇新建路4号736200

Tel.: 0937 - 8822106

● Jinta County Art Troupe 金塔县艺术团

Address: 5 Renmin Jie, Jinta Town, Jinta County, Jiuquan, Gansu 735300 甘肃省酒泉地区金塔县金塔镇人民街5号

Tel.: 0937-4421315

[Address also given as 249 Jiefang Lu 解放路249号]

● Jiuquan Municipal Qinqiang Troupe 酒泉市秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 1 Xi Dajie, Jiuquan, Gansu 735000  甘肃省酒泉地区酒泉市西大街1号 735000

Tel.: 0937-2613493

● Jiuquan Regional Federation of Culture and the Arts 酒泉地区文学艺术界联合会

Address: Zonghe Lou, 3rd floor, Xi Dajie, Jiuquan, Gansu 735000 甘肃省酒泉地区酒泉市西大街综合楼三楼 735000

Tel.: 0937-261419

[Address also given as Xinan Jie]

● Jiuquan Regional Song and Dance Troupe 酒泉地区歌舞团

Address: 70 Nan Dajie, Jiuquan, Gansu 735000 甘肃省酒泉市南大街70号735000

Tel.: 0937-2612017

[possibly distinct from Jiuquan Municipal Song and Dance Troupe 酒泉市歌舞团, with an address listed as 9 Dong Wenhua Jie 东文化街9号, tel.: 0937-2613440]

~~~Gansu: Lanzhou 兰州市~~~

● Gansu Dunhuang Art Theater 甘肃敦煌艺术剧团

Address: 1710 Donggang Dong Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730020 甘肃省兰州市城关区东岗东路1710号 730020

Tel.: 0931-4670860,4677125, 8657843 and/or 4677833

Fax: 0931-4677832

[Address sometimes given as #2634 2634号]

● Gansu Huanghe (Yellow River) Theater 甘肃黄河剧院

Address: 8 Gaolun Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 甘肃省兰州市城关区兰州市城关区皋兰路8号

Tel.: 0931-8851845 or 0931-8416294

[Address also given as 12 Gaolan Lu 皋兰路12号]

● Gansu Province Acrobatic Troupe 甘肃省杂技团

Address: 464 Anxi Lu, Qile Hu District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730050 甘肃省.兰州市七里河区安西路464号730050

Tel.: 0931-2325457

[Address sometimes given as #460 460号 and #216-228 216-228号]

● Gansu Province Beijing Opera Troupe 甘肃省京剧团 [Beijing Opera  京剧]

Address: 135 Zhengning Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu, China 730030 甘肃省兰州城关区市正宁路135号 730030

Tel.: (0931) 8461935, 8463359

● Gansu Province Folk Song Troupe 甘肃省曲艺团

Address: 1740 Donggang Dong Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730020 甘肃省兰州市城关区东岗东路1740号 730020

Tel.: 0931-4678453

● Gansu Province Longju Theater 甘肃省陇剧院 [Gansu opera/Longju 陇剧]

Address: 1 Baidao Lu,Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省兰州市城关区柏道路1号 730030

Tel.: 0931-8463054
Email: <>

● Gansu Province Longju Troupe 甘肃省陇剧团 [Gansu opera/Longju 陇剧]

Address: 48 Baidao Lu,Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省兰州市城关区柏道路48号 730030

Tel.: 0931-8462401 [Also given as 8463054, so perhaps the Troupe and Theater are not administratively distinct]

Fax: 0931-8460044

[Address sometimes given as #65 65号]

● Gansu Province Musical Theater 甘肃省歌剧院

Address: 255 Baiyin Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省兰州市城关区白银路255号730030

Tel.: 0931-8111762, 8153862, and/or 8153871

[Address also given as #365 365号]

● Gansu Province Qinju Opera Troupe 甘肃省秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address:  39 Nongmin Lane, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730000 甘肃省兰州市城关区农民巷39号 730000

Tel.: 0931-8822003, 8800039 and/or 8824561

[Address sometimes given as #85 85号]

● Lanzhou Changzheng Theater 兰州市长征剧院

Address: 566 An Xi Lu, Qili He District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730050 甘肃省兰州七里河区安西566号 730050

Tel: 0931-2333074

[Address sometimes given as #460 460]

Lanzhou Children’s Art Theater 兰州市儿童艺术剧团

Address: 244 Wudu Lu, Chengguang District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省兰州市城关区武都路244号 730030

Tel.: 0931-8461401

● Lanzhou Cultural Society  兰州聚文社

Address: 198 Zhangye Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省兰州市城关区张掖路198# 薛清耀 730030

Tel.: 0931-8462357

● Lanzhou Flying Heaven Theater 兰州飞天剧院

Address: 1772 Donggang Dong Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730020 兰州市城关区东岗东路1772号730020

Tel.: 09318497371-801

[Address sometimes given as 2704 Donggang Dong Lu 东岗东路2704号]

● Lanzhou Municipal Light Music Troupe 兰州市轻音乐团

Address: 193 Zhongshan Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030  甘肃省兰州市城关区中山路193号 730030

Tel.: 0931-8462682

● Lanzhou Municipal Qinju Opera Troupe 兰州市秦团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 7 Xia Gou, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省.兰州市城关区下沟7号730030

Tel.: 0931-8488551

[Address sometimes given as #3 3号.  Address is shared with the municipal Yuju troupe]

● Lanzhou Municipal Research Center for the Culture and Arts 甘肃省文化艺术研究所

Address: 131 Tongwei Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省兰州市城关区通渭路131号  730030

Tel: 0931-8485157

Email [?]:

Website [?]:

● Lanzhou Municipal Yuju Opera Troupe 兰州市豫剧团 [Yuju 豫剧]

Address: 7 Xia Gou, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030 甘肃省.兰州市城关区下沟7号730030

Tel.: 0931-8468494, 8469801, and/or 8463538

[Address sometimes given as #3 3号]

● Lanzhou Railroad Assocation for the Arts and Literature 兰州铁路局文学艺术工作者协会

Address: 156 Hezheng Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730000 甘肃省兰州市城关区和政路156号 730000

Tel.: 0931-4923960

● Qili He District Cultural Organization 兰州市七里河区文化馆

Address: 140 Xiao Xihu Dong Jie, Qili He District, Lanzhou, Gansu 730050  甘肃省兰州市七里河区小西湖东街140号 730050

Tel.: 0931-2614147

● Qinqiang Museum (秦腔博物馆)  [Qinqiang - 秦腔]

Address: Beibinhe North Road, #450, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China (北滨河中路450号 730070)

● Yongdeng County Cultural Organization 永登县文工团

Address: 49 Jiefang Jie, Yongdeng County Seat, Yongdeng County, Lanzhou, Gansu 730300 甘肃省兰州市永登县城关镇北街解放街49号 730300
Tel.: 0931-6423419

● Yuzhong County Cultural Troupe 榆中县文工团

Address: 88 Qiyun Nan Lu, Yuzhong County Seat, Yuzhong County,  Lanzhou, Gansu 730100 甘肃省榆中县城关镇栖云南路88号730100

Tel: 0931-5221146

~~~Gansu: Linxia 临夏市~~~

● Linxia Prefect Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 临夏州民族歌舞团

Address: 51 Bei Dajie, Linxia, Linxia Muslim Autonomous Prefect, Gansu 731100 甘肃省临夏回族自治州临夏市北大街51号 731100

Tel.: 0930-6213023

~~~Gansu: Longnan 陇南市~~~

● Cheng County Cultural Troupe 甘肃省成县文工团

Address:Shang Cheng / Above the Town, Cheng County Seat, Cheng County, Longnan, Gansu 742500   甘肃省陇南市成县城关镇成县城关镇上城 742500

Tel.: 0939-3212946, 13993962253

● Hui County Opera Troupe 甘肃省徽县剧团

Address: 20 Bei Jie, Hui County Seat, Hui County, Longnan, Gansu 742300  甘肃省陇南市徽县城关镇徽县城关镇北街20号 742300

Tel.: 0939-7527277

● Li County Opera Troupe 礼县剧团

Address: Inside the Chengguan Stadium, Li County, Longnan, Gansu 742200 城关体育场内 742200

● Liangdang County Worker Arts Troupe 两当县文艺工作团

Address: Lao Bei Jie, Liangdang County Seat, Liangdang County, Longnan, Gansu 742400 甘肃省陇南市两当县城关镇老北街 742400

Tel.: 0939-7122853

[Address sometimes given as 74 Guan Bei Jie 关北街74号]

● Longnan Region Wu-Yi (May First) Qinqiang Opera Troupe 甘肃省陇南地区五一秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔, Longnan Gaoshan 陇南高山]

Address: 210 Renmin Lu, Wudu County Seat, Wubu County, Longnan, Gansu 746000 甘肃省陇南市武都县城关人民路210号746000

Tel.: 0939-8212980

[Longnan is the home of Gaoshan Xi/Gaoshan Ju 高山戏/高山剧.  Other amateur groups in Wudu County 武都县 perform Gaoshan Xi.]

● Tian Yi Center for the Arts 天一艺术馆

Address: Dong Da Jie, Cheng County Seat, Cheng County, Longnan, Gansu 742500 甘肃省成县城关东大街 742500

Tel.: 0939-3218330

● Wencheng County Red Mansion Shaoxing Opera Troupe 文成县红楼越剧团 [Shaoxing Opera/Yueju 越剧]

Address: Qiongkou Village, Juyu Town, Wencheng County, Longnan, Gansu 甘肃省陇南市文成县巨屿镇穹口村

Tel.: 13868668823         

● Wencheng County Lucky Shaoxing Opera Troupe 文成县幸福越剧团  [Shaoxing Opera/Yueju 越剧]

Address: The Base of Yang Mountain (Yang Shan), Kengkou Village, Daxue Town, Wencheng County, Longnan, Gansu 甘肃省陇南市文成县大峃镇坑口村下垟山

Tel.: 13868679263

● Xihe County Opera Troupe 西和县剧团

Address: Qingnian Jie, Hanyuan Town, Xihe County, Longnan, Gansu 742100 甘肃省西和县汉源镇青年街 742100

Tel.: 0939 6621791

~~~Gansu: Pingliang 平凉市~~~

 ● Chongxin County Qinju Opera Troupe 崇信县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 23 Xin Xi Lu, Chongxin County Seat, Jinping Town, Chongxin County, Gansu 744200 甘肃省崇信县锦屏镇城关镇新西路23号 744200

Tel.: 0933- 6121275,  13830317709

● Huating County Qinju Opera Troupe 华亭县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 67 Dong Dajie, Huating County, Pingliang, Gansu 744100  甘肃省平凉地区华亭县东大街67号 744100

Tel.: 0933-7721275

 ● Jingchuan County People’s Opera Troupe 泾川县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Gaoping Square.  Gaoping Town, Jingchuan County, Pingliang, Gansu  744306 甘肃省平凉市泾川县高平镇泾川县高平镇高平广场744306

Tel.: 0933-3321890

 ● Jingchuan County Qinju Opera Troupe 泾川县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 17 Zhongshan Jie, Jingchuan County Seat, Jingchuan, Pingliang, Gansu 744300 甘肃省平凉市泾川县泾川县中山街17号 744300

Tel.: 0933-3326333, 3225890

● Jingchuan Theater 泾川影剧团

Address 1: 21 Zhongshan Jie, Jingchuan County, Pingliang, Gansu 744300 甘肃省平凉市泾川县泾川县中山街21号 744300

Address 2: Anding Jie, Jingchuan County Seat, Jingchuan County, Pingliang, Gansu 744300 甘肃省平凉地区泾川县县城安定街 744300

Tel.: 0933-3326333

● Jingning County Qinju Opera Troupe 甘肃省静宁县秦剧团 [QInqiang 秦腔]

Address: 112 Wenhua Jie, Jingning County Seat, Jingning County, Pingliang, Gansu 743400 甘肃省平凉市静宁县城关镇文化街112号 743400

Tel.: 0933-2521649

[Address also given as Shangye Jie, catty-corner to the Hall for the Families of the Post and Telecommuications Service 甘肃省平凉市商业街邮电家属院斜对面]

● Lingtai County Qinju Opera Troupe 甘肃省灵台县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 36 Xi Da Jie, Zhongtai Town, Lingtai County, Pingliang, Gansu 744400 甘肃省平凉市灵台县中台镇西大街36号 744400

Tel.: 0933-3622531

● Pingliang Region People’s Center for the Arts 甘肃省平凉地区群众艺术馆

Address: 146 Xi Dajie, Pingliang, Gansu 744000 甘肃省平凉地区平凉市西大街146号 744000

Tel.: 0933-8214124

● Pingliang Municipal Qinju Opera Troupe 平凉市秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 69 Beihou Jie, Pingliang, Gansu 744000 甘肃省平凉地区平凉市北后街69号 744000

Tel.: 0933 - 8213676

● Pingliang Region Qinju Opera Troupe 平凉地区秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 56 Dong Dajie, Pingliang, Gansu 744000 平凉市东大街56号

Tel.: 0933-8213036

[Address also given as 130 Dong Da Jie 东大街103号]

● Zhuanglang County Qinju Opera Troupe 甘肃省庄浪县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 8 Zhongxin Jie, Shuiming Town, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang, Gansu 744600 甘肃省平凉地区庄浪县水洛镇中心街08号 744600

Tel.: 0933-6621621

~~~Gansu: Qingyang 庆阳市~~~

● Heshui County Opera Troupe 合水县剧团

Address: Huancheng Xi Lu, Heshui County, Qingyang, Gansu 745400 甘肃省庆阳地区合水县环城西路 745400

Tel.: 0934-5521480

● Huachi County Opera Troupe 华池县剧团

Address: Shuangta Woods Public Park Wenhua Square, Rouyuan Town, Huachi County, Qingyang, Gansu 745600 甘肃省庆阳市华池县柔远镇华池县城双塔森林公园文化广场 745600

Tel.: 0934-5125506, 5121987

[Address also listed as 11 Zhong Jie 中街11号]

● Huan County Center for the Protection of Daoqing Shadow Puppet Theater 环县道情皮影保护中心

Address:  102 Huanjiang Dadao, Huan County, Qingyang, Gansu 745700 甘肃省庆阳市环县城镇环江大道102号745700

Tel.: 0934-4426400

Email: <>

[Possibly the same as Huan County Daoqing Shadow Puppet Theater Museum 环县道情皮影博物馆]

● Huan County Longju Opera Troupe 环县陇剧团 [Longju 陇剧]

Address: 55 Zhong Jie, Huan County Seat, Huan County, Qingyang, Gansu 745700 甘肃省庆阳市环县环城镇中街55号 745700

Tel.: 0934-4421411

[Possibly the same as Huan County Longju Opera Troupe Arts and Services Company 环县陇剧团艺苑服务公司]

● Huan County Longju Opera Troupe Arts and Services Company 环县陇剧团艺苑服务公司 [Longju 剧]

Address: Zhong Jie, Huan County Seat, Huan County, Qingyang, Gansu 745700 甘肃省庆阳地区环县环城镇中街 745700

Tel.: 0934 - 4421005

Luoning County Silver Sea Performance and Service Company 洛宁县银海演出服务有限公司

Address: 1 Xingning Lu, Luoning County 471700 洛宁县兴宁路1号471700

Tel.: 15138738689

● Ning County Qinju Opera Troupe 宁县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 12 Jining Lu, Xinning Town, Ning County, Gansu 745200 甘肃省庆阳市宁县新宁镇辑宁路12号 745200

Tel.: 0934 - 6624715, 13321236552

[Address is sometimes given as 7 Jining Lu 辑宁路7号]

● Qingcheng County Cultural Troupe

Address: 32 Be Dajie, Qingcheng Town, Qingcheng County, Qingyang, Gansu 745100甘肃省庆阳市庆城县庆城镇北大街32号

Tel: 0934-3226504, 3228330

[Apparently identical to Qingyang County Cultural Troupe 庆阳县文工团 whose address is sometimes listed as 30 Bei Dajie, Qingcheng Town, Qinqyang County, Qianyang, Gansu 745100 甘肃省庆阳地区庆阳县庆城北大街30号745100]

● Qingyang County People’s Theater 庆阳县人民剧院

Address: 31 Bei Dajie, Qing Cheng (Qing City), Qinyang County, Qinyang, Gansu 745100 甘肃省庆阳市庆阳县庆城北大街31号 745100

Tel.: 0934-3222194

● Qingyang Prefecture Repertoire Studio 庆阳地区行政公署剧目工作室

Address: 15 Xifeng Lane, Xifeng, Qingyang, Gansu 745000 甘肃省西峰市西峰巷15号 745000  

Tel.: 0934 - 8212458

[Address sometimes given as 15 Bei Dajie 北大街15]

● Qingyang Region Western Peak (Xifeng) Theater 庆阳地区西峰剧团

Address: 10 Nan Dajie, Xifeng, Qingyang, Gansu 745000 甘肃省庆阳地区西峰市南大街10号 745000

Tel.: 0934-8211290

[Also called: Xifeng District Theater 庆阳市西峰区剧团]

● Qingyang Region Longju Opera Troupe 甘肃省庆阳地区陇剧团 [Longju 陇剧]

Address: 46 Jiefang Xi Lu, Xifeng, Qingyang, Gansu 745000 甘肃省庆阳市西峰市解放西路46号 745000

Tel.: 0934-8212638

[Also listed as Qingyang Municipal Longju Opera Troupe 庆阳市龙剧团 with a telephone number of 8211159]

● Xifeng Municipal Qinju Opera Troupe 西峰市秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 12 Nan Dajie, Xifeng, Qingyang, Gansu 745000 甘肃省庆阳地区西峰市南大街12号 745000

Tel.: 0934-8213139

● Zhengning County Opera Troupe 甘肃省正宁县剧团

Address: 11 Beihuan Lu, Shanhe Town, Zhengning County, Qingyang, Gansu 745300 甘肃省庆阳市正宁县山河镇北环路11号 745300

Tel.: 13993465290, 0934-6121759, 0934-21910 [? too few digits, probably incorrect]

● Zhenyuan County Qinqiang Opera Troupe 镇原县秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 1 Xingwen Lane, Zhenyuan County Seat, Zhenyuan, Qingyang, Gansu 744500 甘肃省庆阳市镇原县城关镇县城兴文巷1号744500
Tel.: 0934-7121253

[Troupe name also given as Zhenyuan County Qinju Opera Troupe 镇原县秦剧团 with an address of 9 Zhong Jie 中街9号]

~~~Gansu: Tianshui 天水市~~~

● Gan’gu People’s Theater 甘谷县人民剧院

Address: 45 Bei Dajie, Daxiangshan Town, Gan’gu, Tianshui, Gansu 741200 甘肃省天水市甘谷县大像山镇北大街45号741200

Tel.: 0938-5621707

● Gan’gu County Qinju Opera Troupe 甘谷县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 5 Beiguang Jiangjia Lane, Gan’gu County, Tianshui, Gansu 741200 甘肃省天水市甘谷县北广蒋家巷5号 741200

Tel.: 0938-5622719

[Address also given as:  Bei Dajie, Daxiangshan Town, Gan’gu, Tianshui, Gansu 741200 甘肃省天水市甘谷县大像山镇北大街]

● Qin’an County Theater 秦安县剧院

Address: Xingguo Xinhua, Qin’an County, Tianshui, Gansu 741600 甘肃省天水市秦安县兴国新华 741600

Tel.: 0938-6521043

● Qin’an County Qinju Opera Troupe 秦安县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Central Square, Southwest Corner, behind the Xinhua bookstore, Qin’an County, Tianshui, Gansu 741600  秦安县广场西南面新华书店背面 741600


● Qingshui County Cultural Center 清水县文化馆

Address: 97 Yongqing Lu, Yongqing County, Tianshui, Gansu 741400 甘肃省天水市清水县永清镇永清路97号 741400

Tel.: 0938-7151407

● Qingshui County Qinju Opera Company  清水县秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 48 Yongqing Lu, Nanshe District, Yongqing Town, Qingshui County, Tianshui, Gansu 741400. 甘肃省天水市清水县永清镇城南社区永清镇永清路48号741400.

Tel.: 0938-7151212

● Tianshui Municipal Red Flag Theater 天水市红旗剧院
Address: 203 Jiefang Lu, Qincheng District, Tianshui, Gansu 741000 甘肃省天水市秦城区解放路203号 741000

Tel.: 0938-8214353

● Tianshui Municipal Qinju Opera Troupe 天水市秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 65 Guangming Lane, Qincheng DIstrict, TIanshui, Gansu 741000 甘肃省天水市秦城区天水市秦城区光明巷65号 741000

Tel.: 0938-8284717

[Address also given as 1 Fendou Lane, Minzhu Lu 民主路奋斗巷1号]

● Tianshui Municipal Song and Dance Troupe 天水市歌舞团

Address: 16 Ziyou Lu, Qincheng District, Tianshui, Gansu 741000 甘肃省天水市秦城区自由路16号 741000

Tel.: 0938-8213578

● Wushan County Opera Troupe 武山县剧团

Address: Wei Bei, Wushan County Seat, Wushan, Tianshui, Gansu 741300 甘肃省天水市武山县城关镇渭北 741300

Tel.: 0938-3424720

[Address is also given as 2 Fuqiang Lu 富强路2号 and also Ningyuan Lu 宁远路]

● Zhangjiachuan County Qinqiang Opera Troupe 张家川县秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Zhangchuan Renmin Xi Lu, Zhangjiachuan Muslim Autonomous County, Tianshui, Gansu 741500 甘肃省天水市张家川回族自治县张川人民西路 741500

Tel.: 0938-7882622 (cell) 13993817032

~~~Gansu: Wuwei 武威市~~~

● Gulang County Opera Troupe 古浪县剧团

Address: Changsong Lu, Guliang Town, Guliang County, Wuwei, Gansu 733100 甘肃省武威市古浪县古浪镇昌松路 733100

Tel.: 0935-5121159, 5121317

[Address also given as Qiche Lu 汽车路]

● Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County Folk Song and Dance Troupe 天祝藏族自治民族歌舞团

Address: Tuanjie Lu, Huazang Si Town, Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Wuwe, Gansu 733200 i甘肃省天祝藏族自治县华藏寺镇团结路 733200

Tel.: 0935-3121227

● Wuwei Municipal Qinqiang Opera Troupe 甘肃省武威市秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 82 Gonghe Jie, Liangzhou District, Wuwei, Gansu 733000 甘肃省武威市凉州区共和街82号 733000

Tel.: 0935-2214733

~~~Gansu: Zhangye 张掖市~~~

● Gaotai County Worker’s Cultural Troupe 高台县文艺工作团

Address: Jiefang Bei Lu, Gaotai County Seat, Gaotai, Zhangye, Gansu 734300  甘肃省高台县城关解放北路 734300

Tel.: 0936-6621832

● Shandan County Federation of Literature and Art 山丹县文学艺术界联合会

Address: 3 Shengli Jie, Shandan County Seat, Shandan, Zhangye, Gansu 734100 甘肃省山丹县城关镇胜利街3号 734100

Tel.: 0936-2721118

● Shandan County Song and Dance Troupe 山丹县歌舞团

Address: Huangmiao Jie, Shandan County Seat, Shandan, Zhangye, Gansu 734100 甘肃省山丹县城关镇皇庙街 734100

Tel.: 0936-2721552

● Zhangye Municipal Art Troupe 张掖市艺术团

Address: 89 Minzhu Xi Lu, Zhangye, Gansu 734000 甘肃省张掖市民主西街89号 734000

Tel.: 0936-8221458

● Zhangye Regional Seven-One (Qi-Yi) Qinqiang Opera Troupe 张掖地区七一秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 64 Xianfu Jie,Zhangye, Gansu 734000 甘肃省张掖地区张掖市县府街64号734000

Tel.: 0936-8212599

● Zhangye Regional Worker’s Literature and Art Federation 甘肃省张掖地区文学艺术工作者联合会

Address: 29 Huancheng Nan Lu, Zhangye, Gansu 734000  甘肃省张掖地区张掖市环城南路29号 734000

Tel.: 0936-8212886

Guangdong Province 广东省

~~~Guangdong: Heyuan 河源市~~~

Longchuan County Mountain Song (Hakka) Opera Troupe 广东省河源市龙川县山歌剧团 (Mountain Song / Hakka Opera 山歌戏/客家戏)

Address: 32 Feiren Xiang, Longchuan County, Heyuan, Guangdong 河源市龙川县丰稔巷32号

Postal code: 517300

Tel.:0762-6896131, 0762-6888109

Email: <>, <>

~~~Guangdong: Guangzhou 广州市~~~

● 广州京剧团

● Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater (广东粤剧院) - Yueju/Cantonese opera

Address: 703 East Dong Feng Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510080, China

Tel.: (020) 86664878, 87623262

~~~Guangdong: Meizhou 梅州市~~~

To do: 五华山歌剧团

● Meizhou Mountain Song Opera Troupe 梅州市(客家)山歌剧团 (Mountain Song / Hakka Opera 山歌戏/客家戏)

Address: 38 Dongjiao Chang, Meijiang District, Meizhou, Guangdong 广东省梅州市梅江区东教场侧38号

Tel.: 0753-2226099

● Guangdong Han Opera Theater (广东汉剧院) - Guangdong Hanju

Address: 4 Xuehai Rd, Dongshan Education Base, Meijiang, Meizhou, Guangdong, China (广东梅州市梅江区东山教育基地学海路4号; 邮编:514011)

Tel.: (0753) 2234872

Fax: 0753-2234872

Email: <>

~~~Guangdong: Shantou 汕头市~~~

● Guangdong Chaozhou Opera Theater (广东潮剧院) - Chaoju

Address: Shantou, Guangdong, China (广东省汕头市利安路24号南梯; 邮编:515011)

Tel.: (0754) 8272283

~~~Guangdong: Jieyang 揭阳市~~~


~~~Guangdong: Shenzhen 深圳市~~~

● Shenzhen Yueju (Cantonese Opera) Troupe (深圳市粤剧团) - Yueju/Cantonese opera

Address: Yuexing Industrial Zone, Liantang Panshan Rd., Luohu, Shenzhen 518000, Guangdong, China (深圳市罗湖区莲塘畔山路粤兴工业区)

Tel.: (0755) 25724221, (0755) 25724184

Guangxi Province 广西省

~~~Guangxi: Guilin 桂林市~~~

● Guangxi Zhuangju Opera Troupe - Zhuangju

Address: 24 Jiangzhenglu Road, Nanning 530023, Guangxi, China

Tel.: (0771) 530023

● Guilin Guijuyuan (桂林桂剧院) - Guiju

Address: Guilin, Guangxi, China

Guizhou Province 贵州省

~~~Guizhou: Guiyang 贵阳市~~~

● Guiyang Municipal Peking Opera Troupe - Jingju

Address: 3 Zhonghua Beilu, Guiyang, Guizhou 550001, China

Tel.: (0851) 6825329

Fax: (0851) 6825329

● Guizhou Qianju (Guizhou Opera) Troupe (贵州省黔剧团) - Qianju

Address: 170 Ruijin South Rd, Nanming, Guiyang, Guizhou, China (贵州省贵阳市南明区瑞金南路170号; 邮编:550003)

Tel.: (0851) 5812028

● 贵州省花灯剧团

Address: Guiyang, Guizhou, China (贵州省贵阳市外环东路64号; 邮编:550002)

Tel.: (0851) 5924982

Hainan Province 海南省

~~~Hainan: Haikou 海口市~~~

● Qiongju Opera Troupe of Hainan Province (海南省琼剧院) - Qiongju

Address: 69 Haifu Lu Road, Haikou 520307, Hainan (海南省海口市海府路69号; 邮编:520307)

Tel.: (0898) 5342652

Hebei Province 河北省

~~~Hebei: Shijiazhuang 石家庄市~~~



● Hebei Bangzi Opera Theater of Hebei Province (河北省河北梆子剧院) - Hebei bangzi

Address: 52 South Jianshe Street, Shijiazhuang 050011, Hebei, China (河北省石家庄市建设南大街52号; 邮编:050011)

Tel.: (0311) 6032780


● Peking Opera Theater of Hebei Province (河北省京劇院) - Jingju

Address: 223 East Yuhua Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Tel.: 0311- 86696096, 86046327


● Shijiazhuang Sixian Opera Troupe of Hebei (河北省石家庄市丝弦剧团)

Address: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Heilongjiang Province 黑龙江省

~~~Heilongjiang: Harbin 哈尔滨市~~~

● Heilongjiang Beijing Opera Theater (黑龙江省京剧院) - Jingju

Address: Heilongjiang, China

● 黑龙江省龙江剧实验剧院

Address: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China (黑龙江省哈尔滨市南岗阿什河街114号邮编:150001)

Tel.: (0451) 2542279

Henan Province 河南省

~~~Henan: Zhengzhou 郑州市~~~

● Henan Yuju (Henan Opera) Theater First Troupe (河南省豫剧一团) - Yuju

Address: 8 Guangdian South Road, Jinshui, Zhengzhou 450011, Henan, China (河南省郑州市金水区广电南路8号)

Tel.: 0371-60120887

● Henan Yuju (Henan Opera) Theater Second Troupe (河南省豫剧二团) - Yuju

Address: 1 Yousheng North Road, Jinshui, Zhengzhou 450053, Henan, China (河南省郑州市金水区优胜北路1号)

Tel.: 0371-65338808

● Henan Yuju (Henan Opera) Theater Third Troupe (河南省豫剧三团) - Yuju

Address: 32 Wenhua Rd, Jinshui, Zhengzhou 450002, Henan, China (河南省郑州市金水区文化路32号)

Tel.: 0371-63932735

● Quju Opera Troupe of Henan Province (河南省曲剧团) - Quju

Address: 57 Hongzhuang Rd, Jinshui, Zhengzhou, Henan 450002, China (河南省郑州市金水区红专路57号)

Tel.: (0371) 5952768

● Henan Hualong Yuju (Henan Opera) Troupe (河南省华龙豫剧团) - Yuju

Address: 168 Sanquan Rd, Zhengzhou, Henan, China (河南省郑州市三全路168号)

Tel.: 0372-8888888

~~~Henan: Zhoukou 周口市~~~

● 河南省越调剧团

Address: Zhoukou, Henan, China (河南省周口市中州路152号; 邮编:466000)

Tel.: (0394) 8223960


Hubei Province 湖北省

~~~Hubei: Wuhan 武汉市~~~


● Chuju Opera Theater of Hubei Province (湖北省楚剧院) - Chuju

Address: 40 Shouyi Xincun, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430060, Hubei, China (湖北省武汉市武昌区首义新村40号; 邮编:430060)

Tel.: (027) 88073581

● Peking Opera Theater of Hubei Province (湖北省京剧院) - Jingju

Address: 6 Jiedaokou South Road, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China (武汉市街道口南路6号,430070)

Tel.: (027) 87882531, 87863239

● Wuhan Hanju Theater (武汉汉剧院) - Hanju

Address: 74 Qianjin Fourth Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan 430021, Hubei, China (武汉市江汉区前进四路74号; 邮编:430021)

Tel.: 027-82815345, 82815340, 82815396

Fax: 027-82839805武汉汉剧院

Hunan Province 湖南省

~~~Hunan: Changsha 长沙市~~~

● Huagu Opera Theater of Hunan Province

Address: 626 Ren Min Lu Road, Furong District, Changsha 410011, Hunan, China

Tel.: (0731) 4113963

● Xiang Opera Theatre of Hunan (湖南湘剧院 or 湖南省湘剧院) - Xiangju

Address: 259 Renmin Zhonglu, Changsha, Hunan, China (长沙市人民中路259号); take bus No. 105 to Houjiatang stop (105路,侯家塘站)

Tel.: 0731-222 4346

Hours: 9 p.m.-12 a.m.

~~~Hunan: Chenzhou 郴州市~~~

● Hunan Kunju Opera Troupe (湖南昆剧团) - Kunqu

Address: 36 Renmin West Road, Chenzhou 423000, Hunan, China

 (湖南省郴州市人民西路36号; 邮编:423000)

Tel.: (0735) 2224395

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 内蒙古自治区

~~~Inner Mongolia: Hohhot (Huhehaote) 呼和浩特市~~~

● Hohhot (Huhehaote) Municipal Jinju Opera Troupe 呼和浩特市晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 188 Gongyuan Xi Lu, Yuquan District, Hohhot (Huhehaote), Inner Mongolia 10031 内蒙古自治区呼和浩特市玉泉区公园西路188号10031

Tel: 0471-6913084, 5952951

Jiangsu Province 江苏省

~~~Jiangsu: Nanjing 南京市~~~

● Jiangsu Performing Arts Group (江苏省演艺集团)

Address: Zijin Grand Theater (紫金大剧院), 20 Huowa Alley, Baixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (江苏省南京市白下区小火瓦巷20号)

● Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Beijing Opera Theatre (江苏省演艺集团京剧院) - Jingju

Address: Zijin Grand Theater (紫金大剧院), 20 Huowa Alley, Baixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (江苏省南京市白下区小火瓦巷20号)

Tel.: 025-84532138

● Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Opera Theatre (江苏省演艺集团昆剧院) - Kunqu; performs highlights, with English subtitles,@7:15 p.m. every Saturday except Chinese New Year, year round

Address: 4 Chaotian Palace, Baixia, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (江苏省南京市白下区朝天宫4号)  (江宁府学, near to the East Gate)

Tel.: 025-84217015

Email for English liaison: <>

● Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Pingtan Troupe (江苏省演艺集团评弹团)

Address: 5 Yanling Alley, Baixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (江苏省南京市白下区延龄巷5号)

Tel.: 025-84658292

● Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Yangju Troupe (江苏省演艺集团扬剧团) - Yangju

Address: Zijin Grand Theater (紫金大剧院), 20 Huowa Alley, Baixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (江苏省南京市白下区小火瓦巷20号)

Tel.: 025-84532129

● Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Wuxi Opera Troupe (江苏省演艺集团锡剧团) - Xiju

Address: 5 Yanling Alley, Baixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (江苏省南京市白下区延龄巷5号)

Tel.: 025-84658287

~~~Jiangsu: Suzhou 苏州市~~~

● Kun Opera Museum (昆曲博物馆; hosts occasional performances, typically between 1 and 4 p.m.) - Kunqu

Hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. daily

Address: 14 Zhongzhangjia Xiang (Zhōngzhāngjiā Xiàng, 中张家巷), near Pingjiang Lu, on the east side of the city, Suzhou, China. Bus nos. 5, 9, 47, 51, 68, 146, and 148 will all get you close.

Tel.: (86 512) 6727 3741


● Suzhou Kun Opera Theater of Jiangsu (江苏省苏州昆剧院) - Kunqu

Address: 9 Jiaochangqiao Rd., Pingjiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China (江苏省苏州市平江区平门校场桥路9号)

~~~Jiangsu: Wuxi 无锡市~~~

● Xi Opera Company of Wuxi (无锡锡剧院) - Xiju

Address: 23 Qingyang Rd., Nanchang, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (无锡市清扬路23号4楼)

Jiangxi Province 江西省

~~~Jiangxi: Nanchang  南昌市~~~

● Gan Opera Theatre of Jiangxi Province (江西省赣剧院) - Ganju

Address: Nanchang, Jiangxi, China (江西省南昌市象山南路263号)

Tel.: 0791-6268482

Jilin Province 吉林省

~~~Jilin: Changchun 长春市~~~

● 吉林省京剧院 - Jingju

Address: Changchun, Jilin, China (吉林省长春市安达街24号; 邮编:130061)

Tel.: (0431) 8544576

● 吉林省吉剧团 - Jiju

Address: Changchun, Jilin, China (吉林省长春市自由大路7号; 邮编:130021)

Tel.: (0431) 5643710-202

Liaoning Province 辽宁省

~~~Liaoning: Dalian 大连市~~~

● Dalian Beijing Opera Troupe (大连京剧团) - Jingju

Address: 1 West Qinlin Lane, Zhongshan District, Dalian 116001, Liaoning, China

Tel.: (0411) 82304155

~~~Liaoning: Shenyang  沈阳市~~~

● Shenyang Beijing Opera Theatre (沈阳京剧院) - Jingju

Address: Shenyang, Liaoning, China (辽宁省沈阳市于洪区鸭绿江衔10号; 邮编:110032)

Tel.: (024) 86896029

● Shenyang Pingju Opera Troupe - Pingju

Address: 17 Yingkou Xilu Road, Heping District, Shenyang 110002, Liaoning, China

Tel.: (024) 22722060

Ningxia Province 宁夏省

~~~Ningxia: Yinchuan 银川市~~~

● Qin Opera Troupe of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region - Qinqiang

Address: 10 Yuhuangge South Street, Yinchuan 750004, Ningxia, China

Tel.: (0951) 6023214

● Ningxia Performance Organization Qinqiang Opera Theater 宁夏演艺集团-秦腔剧院)  [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 88 Liqun Xi Lu, Ningxia, China (利群西街88号)

Tel.: (0951) 6043218

Fax: (0951) 6080645

Email: <>

Qinghai Province 青海省

~~~Qinghai: Guoluo (Golog) 果洛市~~~

● Guoluo Prefect Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 果洛州民族歌舞团

Address: Tuanjie Lu, Dawu Town, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Qinghai 814000 青海省果洛藏族自治州玛沁县大武镇团结路 814000

Tel.: 0975-8382551

~~~Qinghai: Haibei 海北市~~~

● Haibei Prefect Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 海北州民族歌舞团

Address: 20 Yintan Lu, Xihai Town, Haiyan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Qinghai 810200 青海省海北藏族自治州海晏县西海镇银滩路20号810200

Tel.: 0970-8642800, 8644394

~~~Qinghai: Haidong 海东市~~~

● Huzhu County An’na Song and Dance Performing Troupe 互助县安纳歌舞表演队

Address: 6 Nan Jie, Huzhu Tu Minority Autonomous County, Haidong, Qinghai 810500 青海省互助土族自治县南街6号810500

Tel.: 0972-322534

● Ledu County Cultural Inspectors’ Troupe 青海省乐都县文化稽查队

Address: Gucheng (Old City) Da Jie, Lubai Town, Ledu County, Haidong, Qinghai 810700 青海省海东地区乐都县碾伯镇古城大街 810700

Tel.: 0972-8622474, 0972-8622549

~~~Qinghai: Hainan 海南市~~~

● Hainan Prefect Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 海难州民族歌舞团

Address: 3 Wenhua Jie, Gonghe County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Qinghai 813000 青海海南藏族自治州共和县文化街3号813000

Tel.: 0974-6513546, 8512357

[Address also appears as 43 Wenhua Jie 文化街43号 or 48 Wenhua Jie 文化街48号]

~~~Qinghai: Haixi 海西市~~~

● Haixi Prefect Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 海西州民族歌舞团

Address: 17 Qilian Lu, Delinghe (Delhi), Haixi Mongol-Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, Qinghai 817000 青海省海西蒙古族藏族自治州德令哈市祁连路17号 817000


[Address also given as Qingxin Lu 青新路]

~~~Qinghai: Huangnan 黄南市~~~

● Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 青海省黄南藏族自治州民族歌舞剧团  

Address: 50 Tuanjie Nan Lu, Longwu Town, Tongren County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefect 811300 甘肃省黄南藏族自治州 同仁县隆务镇团结南路50号811300

Tel.: 0973 - 8722030

[Also known as Qinghai Province Tibetan Opera Troupe 青海省藏剧团_

~~~Qinghai: Xining 西宁市~~~

● Qinghai Province Beijing Opera Troupe 青海省京剧团 [Beijing Opera 京剧]

Address: 20 Xi Dajie, Chengzhong District, Xining, Qinghai 810000 青海省西宁市城中区西大街20号810000

Tel.: 0971-8239397

● Xining Municipal Liberation Theater 青海省西宁市解放剧场

Address: 9 Jiefang Lane Chengzhong District, Xining, Qinghai 810000 青海省西宁市城中区解放巷9号 810000

Tel.: 0971-8248259, 8248339

● Xining Municipal Qinju Opera Troupe 青海省西宁市秦剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 22 Jiefang Lane Chengzhong District, Xining, Qinghai 810000 青海省西宁市城中区解放巷22号 810000

Tel.: 0971-8248325, 8248138

~~~Qinghai: Yushu 玉树市~~~

● Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefect Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe 青海省玉树藏族自治州民族歌舞团

Address: 1 Jiefang Lu, Jiegu Town, Yushu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefect, QInghai 815000 青海省玉树藏族自治州玉树县结古镇解放路1号 815000

Tel.: 0976-822138

Shaanxi Province 陕西省

~~~Shaanxi: Ankang 安康市~~~

● Ankang Municipal Culture Research Center 安康市文研室

Address: Laochengban (Old City) 126 Gulou Jie, Hanbin District, Ankang, Shaanxi 725000  陕西省安康市汉滨区老城办鼓楼街126号725000

Tel.: 0915-3212747

● Baihe County Hanju [Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄]

Address: Baihe County, Ankang, Shaanxi. 陕西省安康市白河县

[Amateur performances of Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄]

● Hanbin District Hanju Opera Troupe 汉滨区汉剧团 [Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄]

Address: 122 Jinzhou Bei Lu, Hanbin District, Ankang, Shaanxi 725000  陕西省安康市汉滨区金州北路122号 725000

Tel.: 0915-3213181

[Also called Hanjiang Da Ju Yuan 汉江大剧院]

● (Hanyin County) Li Xingru Shadow Puppet Exhibit (汉阴县)李兴儒皮影戏演技

● Hanyin County Hanju Opera [Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄剧]

Address: Hanyin County, Ankang, Shaanxi 陕西省安康市汉阴县

[Amateur performances of Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄剧]

● Pingli County Red Flag Opera Troupe 平利县红旗剧团 [Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄剧,Xianzi Qiang 弦子腔]

Address: 0462 Xicheng (West City), Pingli County Town (chengguanzhen), Pingli County, Ankang, Shaanxi 725500  陕西省平利县城关镇西城0462 725500

Tel.: 0915-8420499

[Pingli is the present day center for Xianzi Qiang 弦子腔]

● Shiquan County Hanju Opera Troupe 石泉汉剧团 [Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄剧]

Address: Shiquan County, Ankang, Shaanxi. 陕西省安康市石泉县

Troupe leader: 刘凤鸣

[May have been replaced by Shiquan Hanju Amateur Opera Troupe on Nov. 2011 汉调二黄业余剧团]

● Xunyang County Hanju  旬阳省汉剧 [Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄]

● Xunyang County Huaguzi/Flower-Drum Song 旬阳花鼓子]

Address: Xunyang County, Ankang, Shaanxi. 陕西省安康市旬阳县

[In Xunyang County there are amateur performances of Hanju (汉剧,汉调二黄) and Huaguzi/Flower-Drum Song 花鼓子。 Many portions of the Flower-Drum Song repertoire are unique to Xunyang - 大筒子,二栅子, 八岔, 七岔]

● Ziyang County Hanju Opera Troupe 紫阳县汉剧团 [Hanju 汉剧]

Address: Dong Chengmen (Eastern Gate), Ziyang Township (chengguanzhen), Ziyang County, Ankang, Shaanxi 725300 陕西省紫阳县城关镇东城们 725300

Tel: 0915-4493860, or 4422371

[Note: Address also given as Jumin San Dui 居民三队]

~~~Shaanxi: Baoji 宝鸡市~~~

● Baoji Municipal Opera Company, Ltd. 宝鸡市戏曲剧院有限公司 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Jintai District, Shenwu Lu, #1 . Baoji, Shaanxi, China 721001. 陕西省宝鸡市金台区神武路1号721001

Tel.: 0917-3515781

Fax: 0917-3515781

Email: <>

● Baoji County People’s Opera Troupe  宝鸡县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Dong Guan,  Guozhen Town,  Baoji County, Baoji, Shaanxi 721300.  陕西省宝鸡市宝鸡县虢镇镇东关721300.

Tel.: 0917-6212713

● Feng County Opera Troupe 凤县剧团  [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Tianshui Lu,  Shuangshipu Town, Feng County, Baoji, Shaanxi 721700.  陕西省宝鸡市凤县双石铺镇天水路721700.

Tel.: 0917-4764208

● Fengxiang County Opera Company 凤翔县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Dong Da Jie, #94 Fengxiang County Township -Guanzhen  Baoji, Shaanxi, China 721400 . 陕西省宝鸡市凤翔县城关镇东大街94号721400

Tel.: 0917-7217598

[Address sometimes given as: 陕西省宝鸡市凤翔县城东大街93号]

● Fufeng County People’s Opera Company 扶风县人民剧团 [Qinqiang  秦腔]

Address: Wenyi Lu #007, Fufeng Township-Guanzhen, Baoji, Shaanxi 722200.  陕西省宝鸡市扶风县城关镇文艺路007号

Tel.: 0917-5213504

● Fufeng County Wanwanqiang Shadow Puppet Company  扶风碗碗腔皮影戏

Performances and further information through the Fufeng County Cultural Organization 扶风县文化馆

● Linyou County People’s Opera Company 麟游县人民剧团 [Qinqiang  秦腔]

Address: Duyang Lu, #11.  Linyou County Town, Baoji, Shaanxi, 721500. 陕西省宝鸡市麟游县城杜阳路11号721500

Tel.: 0917-7962069

● Long County People’s Opera Company 陇县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔,Meihu 眉户,Xifu Oil Lamp / Xifu Dengzhan Opera 西府灯盏碗碗腔、Guanzhong Daoqing 关中道情]

Address 1: Dong Da Jie, #13. Long County Town - Guanzhen, Baoji, Shaanxi, China. 陕西省宝鸡市陇县城关镇东大街13号

Tel. 1: 0917-4601635

Address 2: Xi Da Jie, #7 . Long County Town - Guanzhen. Baoji, Shaanxi, China 721200 陕西省宝鸡市城关镇西大街7号 721200

Tel. 2: 0917-21635

● Mei County People’s Opera Company 陕西省眉县人民剧团  [Qinqiang  秦腔]

Address: Pingyang Jie, #37, Mei County Township-Guanzhen, Baoji, Shaanxi Province, China. 72230.  陕西省宝鸡市眉县城关镇平阳街37号  72230

Tel.:0917 5542465

● Qianyang County People’s Opera Troupe 千阳县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Dong Da Jie, #51.  Qianyang County Township-Guanzhen, Baoji, Shaanxi, China 721100. 721100 陕西省宝鸡市城关镇东大街51 ‎

Tel.: 0917 424 1806

● Qishan County Opera Troupe 岐山县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Qishan County,  Fengming Town, Fengming   Dong Lu, #62.  Qishan County, Baoji, Shaanxi, China  722400 陕西省宝鸡市岐山县凤鸣镇凤鸣东路62号722400

Tel.: 0917-8212535

● Taibai County People’s Opera Troupe  太白县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Bei Dalu #30, Jutou Town, Taibai County ,Baoji, Shaanxi, China 721600. 陕西省宝鸡市太白县咀头镇北大街30号 721600

Tel.: 0917-4951136

~~~Shaanxi: Hanzhong  汉中市~~~

● Chenggu County Opera Troupe 城固县剧团 [ Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Bowang Town, Wenhua Lu, #22.  Hanzhong, Shaanxi 723200. 陕西省汉中市博望镇文化路22号 723200。                

Tel.: 0916-7212962

Hanzhong Municipal Beijing Opera Troupe 汉中市京剧团 [ Beijing Opera 京剧]

Address: 104 Dong Dajie, Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China. 723000. 陕西省汉中市东大街104号723000

Tel.: 0916-2212659

[Since  5/2011 part of the Tianhan Cultural Performance Company 天汉文化演出公司]

Hanzhong Municipal Experimental Opera Troupe 汉中市实验剧团 [Hanju, 汉剧/汉调二黄]

Address: 198 Dong Dajie, Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China. 723000. 陕西省汉中市东大街198号 723000

Tel.: 0916-2231239

[This troupe has also been known as the Hanzhong Hanju Troupe 汉中市汉剧团.  On 5/2011, this troupe, along with the city’s Qinqiang and Beijing opera troupes were combined into the Tianhan Cultural Performance Company 天汉文化演出公司.   According to reports, the Hanju performances have ceased entirely.]

Hanzhong Municipal Qinju Troupe 汉中市秦腔团  [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 83 Dongguan Zheng Jie, Hantai District, Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China. 723000 陕西省汉中市汉台区东关正街83号. 723000

Tel.: 0916-2523955

[Since  5/2011 part of the Tianhan Cultural Performance Company 天汉文化演出公司]]

● Hanzhong Municipal Song and Dance Ensemble 汉中市歌舞剧团

Address: 184 Dong Da Lu, Hanzhong, Shaanxi 723000 陕西省汉中市东大路184好 723000

Tel.: 0916-2526300

Fax: 0916-2530320

Email: <>

● Hanzhong Tianhan Cultural Performance Company 天汉文化演出公司

● Hanzhong Municipal Qinju Opera Company Cultural Audio-Visual Deparmtent.  汉中市秦剧团文化音像租赁部 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Qianjin  Zhong  Lu ,  Hanzhong, Shaanxi 723000. 陕西省,汉中市,前进路723000

Tel.: 0916-2236114

● Mian County Culture and Entertainment Company 勉县文化娱乐公司

Address: Xi Guan (West Pass), Mianyang Town, Mian County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi 724200陕西省勉县勉阳镇西关 724200

Tel.: 0916-3212429

[Probably no longer offers opera.  There is an amateur group of Qinqiang 秦腔/秦剧 performers whose leader as of 6/2013 can be reached@0916-3212237].

● Nanzheng County Opera Company 陕西省南郑县剧团 [Handiao Guangguang 汉调桄桄, Wanwanqiang  碗碗腔]

Address:Xi Da Jie, #2.  Nanzheng County Town  Hanzhong City, Nanzheng County,   Shaanxi 723100.  陕西省汉中市南郑县城关镇西大街2号723100

Tel.: +86-916-5512408, 5457022

[One of two centers for Handiao Guangguang 汉调桄桄. The Youth Troupe division - 南郑县剧团青年服务部 - is@the same address, with the phone number 0916-5512725]

● Ningqiang County Opera Company 汉中市宁强县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address 1: 39 Xi Jie, Hanyuan Town,Ningqiang County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi   724400 .  陕西省汉中市宁强县汉源镇西街39号 724400

Address 2:Meizhou Lu, Central Section, next to the Cultural Center.  Ningqiang County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi. 美洲路中段文化馆隔壁。


● Xixiang County Cultural Troupe 西乡县文公团

Address: 84 Xi Dajie, Xixiang County Township (chengguangzhen), Xixiang County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi 723500 陕西省汉中市西乡县城关镇西大街84号723500

Tel.: 0916-6223117

● Yang County Opera Company 洋县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔,Handiao Guangguang 汉调桄桄,”Yang County” Wanwanqiang ”洋县“碗碗腔]

Address: Yangzhou Town, Zhongshan Lu #36.  Hanzhong, Shaanxi,  723300 陕西省汉中市洋县洋州镇中山街36号 723300

Tel.: 0916-8212124

[One of two centers for Handiao Guangguang 汉调桄桄. Center for ”Yang County” Wanwanqiang ”洋县“碗碗腔]

● Zhenba County Cultural Troupe 镇巴县文工团 [Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄]

Address 1: 6 Xin Jie, Zhenba County Township (chengguangzhen), Zhenba County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi 723600  陕西省汉中市镇巴县城关镇新街6号 723600

Address 2: Bei Men (North Gate), Jingyang Town, Zhenba County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi 723600 陕西省汉中市镇巴县泾洋镇北门 723600

Tel.: 0916-6712252

~~~Shaanxi: Shangluo 商洛市~~~

● Danfeng County Theatre 丹凤县剧院

Address: 35 Bei Xinjie, Danfeng County Seat, Danfeng County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 726200 陕西省商洛市丹凤县城北新街35号 726200

Tel.: 0914-3322378

[Address also given as Zhongjie Village, Longju Zhai Town, Danfeng County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 726200 陕西省丹凤县龙驹寨镇中街村 726200]

● Danfeng County Opera Troupe 丹凤县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 37 Bei Xinjie, Danfeng County Seat, Danfeng County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 726200 陕西省商洛市丹凤县城北新街37号 726200

Tel.: 0914-3321230

[Note that Danfeng County 丹凤县 is the home county for the novelist Jia Pingwa 贾平凹 and is the setting for his celebrated novel “Qinqiang” “秦腔”]

● Luonan County Opera Troupe 洛南县剧团 [Meihu 眉户,Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Zhong Jie. Luonan County Seat, Luonan County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 726100. 陕西省商洛地区洛南县城中街726100

Tel.: 0914-7322199

● Shangluo Regional Opera Troupe 商洛地区剧团 [Shangluo Huagu / Shangluo Flower-Drum Opera 商洛花鼓, Qinqiang 秦腔, Daoqing 道情, Meihu 眉户]

Address 1: 92 Bei Xinjie, Zhong Duan (Central Section), Shangzhou District, Shangluo, Shaanxi

Address 2:Central Park, North Side (Zhongxing Gongyuan, Beice), Shangzhou District Shangluo, Shaanxi  726000 陕西省商洛市商州区中心公园北侧 726000

Tel.: 0914-2312810

[Also the same as Shangluo Municipal Opera Troupe 商洛市剧团 (?)]

● Shangnan County Art and Creative Center 商南县文艺创作室

Address: 61 Dong Jie, Shangnan County Seat (chengguangzhen), Shangnan County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 726300 陕西省商南县城关镇东街61号 726300


● Shangnan County Opera Troupe 商南县剧团

Address: 45 Xi Jie, Shangnan County Seat, Shangnan County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 陕西省商洛市商南县城西街45号726300

Tel.: 0914-6323325

[Appears to be more of a song-and-dance troupe than an opera troupe]

● Shanyang County Opera Troupe山阳县剧团   [Manchuan Dadiao 满川大调]

Address: 55 Chengguan Dong Xie, Shanyang County, Shangluo,Shaanxi 726400  陕西省.商洛市山阳县城关东街55号 726400

Tel.: 0914-8380181

[Appears to be the center for Manchuan Dadiao 满川大调.  The old village of Manchuan满川古镇 has a twin pair of old outdoor stages that, in their “restored” condition are the site of community of performances.]

● Shanyang County Worker’s Entertainment Club 山阳县工人俱乐

Address: #5 Fengyang Lu, Dongxi Duan, Shanyang County Township (chengguanzhen), Shanyang County, Shaanxi 726400 陕西省商洛市山阳县城关镇丰阳路东西段5号726400

Tel.: 0914 - 8321403, 0914-8686066

[Address also given as Kaji He/Kaji River 卡吉河。 The popular local form of opera in Shanyang County appears to be Hanju 汉剧/汉调二黄]

● Shangzhou District Cultural Troupe 商州区文工团

Address: 123 Dong Jie, Shangzhou District, Shangluo, Shaanxi 726000 陕西省商洛市商州区东街123号726000

Tel.: 0914-2312725

● Zhen‘an County Hanju Opera Troupe  镇安县汉剧团 [Shangluo Huagu/Shangluo Flower-Drum Opera 商洛花鼓, Hanju 汉剧]

Address: 54 Yongle Town, Zhen’an County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 711500 陕西省镇安县永乐镇54 711500

Tel.: 0914-5322779

[Address also appears as: #132 Xianchengqian Jie 县城前街132号]

● Zhen’an County Opera Theatre 镇安县剧院

Address: 54 Yongle Town, Zhen’an County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 711500 陕西省商洛市镇安县永乐镇52 711500

Tel.: 0914-5322230

[Address also appears as: Xianchengqian Jie 县城前街]

Zuoshui County Opera Troupe 柞水县剧团

Address: 33 Bei Jie, Zuoshui County Seat, Zuoshi County, Shangluo, Shaanxi 711400 陕西省商洛地区柞水县城北街33号 711400

Tel.: 0914-4323593

[Address also appears as Qianyou Town, Qianyou Zhong (Central) Jie 乾佑镇乾佑中街]

~~~Shaanxi: Tongchuan 铜川市~~~

● Yao County Qinqiang Opera Company 陕西省耀县秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Nanquan Jie, #108.   Yao County Town - Guanzhen, Tongchuan, Shaanxi, 727100. 城关镇南泉街108号 727100

Tel.: 0919-6181417

[Alternate address: Dong Jie 东街]

● Tongchuan Municipal Yuju Opera Company 铜川市豫剧团 守处 [Yuju 豫剧]

Address: Wangyi District, Miaopu Lu.  Tongchuan, Shaanxi 727000. 陕西省铜川市王益区苗圃路 727000

Tel.: 0919 2182696

[Alternate address: Yucai Lu 育才路]

● Tongchuan Municipal Qinqiang Opera Troupe 铜川市秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: East Wangyi Town / 东王益村 

Tel.: 0919 2182559

Address 2: 陕西省铜川市王益区大同路28号

Tel. 2: 0919-2184955

 Tongchuan Municipal Qinqiang Opera Troupe Labor Service Company 铜川市秦腔剧团劳动服务公司

Address: Qi Yi Lu, North Section.  Tongchuan, Shaanxi. 七一路北段铜川市

Tel.: 0919 2184505

~~~Shaanxi: Weinan 渭南市~~~

● Baishui County Opera Company 白水县剧院 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 21 Suyi Lu, Baishui County Township (Chengguanzhen), Baishui County, Weinan, Shaanxi, 715600 陕西省白水县城关镇粟邑路021号 郑中才 715600  

Tel.: 0913-6120888

● Baishui County Opera Troupe 白水县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 006 Xinxing Lu, Baishui County Township (chengguangzhen), Baishui County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715600 陕西省白水县城关镇新兴路006号 715600

Tel.: 0913-6120142

● Chengcheng County Opera Theatre 澄城县剧院

Address: 29 Bei Dajie, Chengcheng County Township, Chengcheng County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715200 陕西省澄城县城关镇北大街29号 张志忠 715200

Tel.: 0913 -6712220

[Address sometimes given as #22 22号]

● Chengcheng County Opera Troupe 陕西省澄城县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Bei Dajie, First Section, #2, Chengcheng County Township (chengguanzhen), Chengcheng County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715200 陕西省澄城县城关镇北大街西一路2号 715200

Tel.: 0913-6712363

● Dali County Opera Company 大荔县剧院 [Qinqiang 秦腔, Tongzhou Bangzi 同州梆子, Wanwanqiang 碗碗腔]

Address: Dong Dajie, #20, Dali County Township (Chengguanzhen), Dali County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715100 陕西省大荔县城关镇东大街20号 715100

Tel.: 0913-3222136

[Dali is the center for Tongzhou Bangzi 同洲梆子]

Fuping County A Gong Opera Troupe 富平县阿宫剧团 [A Gong Opera 阿宫腔, Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Zheng Jie #43, Old City, Ducun Town, Fuping County, Weinan, Shaanxi 711700 陕西省渭南市富平县杜村镇老城正街43号 711700

Tel.: 0913-8238085

[Fuping County 富平县 is the principal remaining center for A Gong Opera 阿宫腔]

● Fuping County Shadow Puppet Opera Troupe 富平县皮影剧团

Address: Zheng Jie #43, Old City, Ducun Town, Fuping County, Weinan, Shaanxi 711700 陕西省渭南市富平县杜村镇老城正街43号 711700

Tel.: 0913-8238754

● Hancheng Municipal People’s Arts Theater  韩城市人民艺术剧院

Address: 36 Jincheng Xi Lu, Hancheng, Weinan, Shaanxi 705400 陕西省韩城市金城区西城 36号  705400

Tel.: 0913-5212170

[Shares an address and telephone with the (possibly reorganized?)  Hancheng Municipal Opera Troupe 渭南市韩城市剧团]

[Hancheng County also has local performances of Hancheng Yangge 韩城秧歌 both in small operas 小戏 and sung in rhyming couplets 韩城秧歌联唱]

● Heyang County New Thunder Opera Troupe 合阳县新蕾剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 22 You Lane, Bei Dajie, Heyang County Township (chengguanzhen), Heyang County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715300 陕西省合阳县城关镇北大街油巷22  715300

Tel.: 0913-5512620

● Heyang County Opera Theater 合阳县剧院

Address: 59 Bei Da Jie, Heyang County Township (chengguanzhen), Heyang County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715300 陕西省合阳县城关镇北大街59 715300  

Tel.: 0913-5521344

● Heyang County Xianqiang Wooden Puppet Opera Troupe 合阳县线腔木偶剧团 [Xianqiang 线腔]

Address: #5 Dangjia Lane, Heyang County Township (chengguanzhen), Heyang County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715300 陕西省合阳县城关镇南街党家巷05 王红民 715300  

Tel.: 0913-5520310

[This is the only center for Xianqiang 线腔.  Sometimes called 合阳提线木偶]]

● Hua County Opera Troupe 陕西省华县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 132 Xinhua Dong Lu, Hua County Township (chengguangzhen), Hua County, Weinan, Shaanxi 714100 陕西省华县城关镇新华东路 132号 714100

Tel.: 0913-711174

● Huayin Municipal Mihu Opera Troupe 华阴市迷胡剧团 [Meihu / Mihu 眉户/迷胡]

Address: Taihua Lu, Huayin, Weinan, Shaanxi 714200  陕西省渭南市华阴市太华路 714200

Tel.: 0913-4618678

● Huayin Municipal Center for the Protection and Development of Huashan Laoqiang 华阴市华山老腔保护发展中心 [Laoqiang 老腔,Shadow Puppet Theatre 皮影戏]

Address: Huayin Municipal Government Building, Huayin, Weinan, Shaanxi 714200 陕西省华阴市政府院内 714200

Tel.: 0913—4616197

[Huayin is the center for Laoqiang 老腔 and Laoqiang Shadow Puppet Theater 老腔皮影]

[ Blog?: ]

● Pucheng County Opera Troupe 陕西省蒲城县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Yaoshan Lu, Pucheng County Township (chengguangzhen), Pucheng County, Weinan, Shaanxi 715500 陕西省蒲城县城关镇尧山路 7155000

Tel.: 0913-7222372

● Tongguan County People’s Opera Company 潼关县人民剧院 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Town Center, Tongguan County Township (Chengguanzhen), Tongguan County, Weinan, Shaanxi 714300   陕西省潼关县城关镇中心 714300

Tel.: 0913-3822129

● Tongguan County Qinqiang Opera Troupe 潼关县秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang秦腔]

Address 1: Taolin, Tongguan County Township (chengguanzhen), Tongguan County, Weinan, Shaanxi 714300 陕西省渭南市潼关县城关镇桃林 714300

Tel. 1: 0913-3877279

Address 2: Zhongxin Jie, Western Section, Tongguang County Township (chengguanzhen), Tongguan County, Weinan, Shaanxi 714300 陕西省潼关县城关镇中心街西段714300

Tel. 2: 0913-3923492

● Tongguang County Yellow River Laoqiang Shadow Puppet Art Troupe 潼关县黄河老腔皮影艺术团

● Weinan Culture and Arts Creative Hall 渭南文艺创作室

Address: 91 Dongfeng Jie, Linwei District, Weinan, Shaanxi 714000 陕西省渭南市临渭区东风街91号 714000

Tel.: 0913-2013775

● Weinan Municipal Qinqiang Opera Troupe 渭南市秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 15 Caoshi Lane, Linwei District, Weinan, Shaanxi 714000 陕西省渭南市临渭区草市巷15号 714000

Tel.: 0913-2012177

Address 2: Dongfeng Jie, Linwei District, Weinan, Shaanxi 714000 陕西省渭南市临渭区东风街714000

Tel. 2: 0913-8158013

● Weinan Municipal Youth Qinqiang Opera Troupe 渭南市青年秦腔剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 11 Minzhu Nan Lu, Linwei District, Weinan, Shaanxi 714000 陕西省渭南市临渭区民主南路11号 714000

Tel.: 0913-2013775

● Weinan People’s Shadow Theater Company 渭南市人民影剧院

Address: Qianjin Lu, #117, Linwei District, Weinan, Shaanxi 714000 陕西省渭南市临渭区前进路117号 714000

Tel.: 0913 - 2033491, 212090

~~~Shaanxi: Xi'an 西安市~~~

● Chang’an County Opera Troupe  长安县剧团 [Chang’an Daoqing 长安道情, Meihu / “Mihu” 眉户/迷胡, Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Dong Jie, #4, Weiqu Town, Chang’an County, Xi’an, Shaanxi 710100. 陕西省长安县韦曲镇东街4号710100

Tel.: 029-85292415

[Center for Chang’an Daoqing opera 长安道情]

● Chang’an District Opera Troupe 西安市长安区剧团 [Chang’an Daoqing 长安道情]

Address: 18 Weiqu Dong Jie, Chang’an, Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西省西安市长安区韦曲东街18号

[Note: Unclear whether this is distinct from the Chang’an County Opera Troupe 长安县剧团]

● Gaoling County People’s Opera Company  高陵县人民剧院 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Nan Zheng Jie,  Luyuan Town, Gaoling County, Xi’an , Shaanxi, 710200.  陕西省西安市高陵县鹿苑镇南正街 710200

Tel.: 029-6912043

● Gaoling County Opera Troupe 高陵县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Dongfang Hong Lu  #49, Luyuan Town, Gaoling County, Shaanxi 710200 陕西省西安市高陵县鹿苑镇东方红西路49

Tel.: 029-86910601, 13484590909

[Note: different from the Gaoling County People’s Opera Company  高陵人民剧院]

● Hu County People’s Opera Troupe 户县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Bei Dalu., #42. Ganting Town, Hu County, Xi’an Shaanxi, China 710300 陕西省户县甘亭镇北大街42号 710300

Tel.: 029-84812016

● Hu County People’s Opera Company 户县人民剧院 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Caotang Lu #73, Ganting Town, , Hu County, Xi’an , Shaanxi 710300 陕西省户县甘亭镇草堂73号 710300

Tel.: 029-84812343

[Note: different from the Hu County People’s Opera Troupe]

● Lantian County Opera Company  蓝田县剧院  [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Bei Jie. Languan Town, Lantian County, Shaanxi, 710500 陕西省蓝田县蓝关镇北街 潘锋 710500

Tel.: 029-82721537

● Lantian County Qinju Troupe  蓝田县秦剧团 [Qinqiang  秦腔]

Address: Bei Jie. Languan Town, Lantian County, Shaanxi, 710500 陕西省蓝田县蓝关镇北街 潘锋 710500

Tel.: 029-82721537

[Note: different (?) from Lantian County Opera Company 蓝田县剧院]

● [City of Xi’an] Lintong District Opera Troupe 西安市临潼区剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: North Ring Road, Lintong District, Xi’an, Shaanxi 710600.  陕西省西安市临潼区北环路. 710600

Tel.: 029-83812678

● (Xi'an) Qinqiang Museum (秦腔博物馆) - Qinqiang

Address: Beilin District, Xianning Xi Lu #28, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China (碑林区咸宁西路28号)

● Shaanxi Beijing Opera Troupe (陕西省京剧团) - Jingju

Address: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

● Shaanxi Traditional Opera Institute Theater (陕西省戏曲研究院)

Address 1: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China (陕西省西安市文艺路11号; 邮编:710054)

Tel.: (029) 7889483

Fat: (029) 7804456

Address 2: Wenyi Bei Lu, #133, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China (陕西省西安市文艺北路133号)

Tel.: (029) 87856083

Fax: (029) 87858456

Email: <>

Subordinate troupes have separate phone numbers listed:

- Qinqiang Troupe (陕西省戏曲研究院秦腔团) - Qinqiang

Tel.: (029) 87863542, 87863543

- Youth Experimental Troupe (陕西省戏曲研究院青年实验团)

Tel.: (029) 87863548, 87858138

- Meihu Wanwanqiang Troupe (陕西省戏曲研究院眉户碗碗腔团)

Tel.: (029) 87863544, 87863546

- Xiao Meihua Qinqiang Tuan (陕西省戏曲研究院小梅花秦腔团)

Tel.: (029) 87863614   87863417

● Xi’an School of Music and Dance 西安音乐舞蹈学院

Address: 196 Ziqiang Xi Lu, Beiguan, Xi’an, Shaanxi. 陕西省西安市北关自强西路196号

Tel.: 029-86243403  86257328 86252392 ,029-88407283, 88425639

[The school appears to have resident Qinqiang 秦腔 troupes which go out on tour]

● Xi'an Qinqiang Opera Theater (西安秦腔剧院) - Qinqiang

●Zhouzhi County Xiqiang Wooden and Shadow Puppet Art Troupe 周至县西秦木偶皮影艺术团

Address: Erqu Town, Zhouzhi County, Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西省西安市周至县县二曲镇

Address 2: Red Cross Collection Society Building, Sanmen, Zhouzhi County, Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西省西安市周至县三门十字收藏协会院内 

Tel.: 029-87112808

Email: <>


● Zhouzhi Shadow Puppet Theater 周至皮影戏 [Shadow Puppet Theater, 皮影戏]

Address: Huanle Village, Guangji Town, Zhouzhi County, Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西省西安市周至县广济镇西欢乐村

● Zhouzhi Youth Opera Troupe 西安市周至青年剧团

Address: 310 National Rd, Zhouzhi County, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 陕西省西安周至310国道

Tel.: 29 8510 4988

~~~Shaanxi: Xianyang 咸阳市~~~

● Bin County Opera Troupe 陕西省彬县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address:Xi Da Lu, #22, Bin County, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713500 陕西省咸阳市彬县西大街22号 713500

Tel.: 0910-4922302

● Changwu County People’s Opera Company 长武县人民剧团  [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Dong Zhan Jie.  Zhaoren Town, Changwu County, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713600  陕西省咸阳市长武县昭仁镇东站街713600

Tel.: 029-34203291

● Changwu County New Theater Company  (Managerial Offfce)长武县新剧院管理处

Address: Dong Zhan Jie, Zhaoren Town, Changwu County, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713600    陕西省咸阳市长武县城昭仁镇车站街713600

Tel.: 13991053536

● Chunhua County People’s Opera Troupe  淳化县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Zheng Jie.  Chunhua County Township, Xianyang, Shaanxi  711200 陕西省咸阳市淳化县县城正街711200

Tel.: 029-32775375

● Jingyang County People’s Opera Troupe  泾阳县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Wenyi Lu.  Jinggan Town, Jingyang County, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713700. 陕西省泾阳县泾干镇文艺路 713700

Tel.: 029-36223884, 13092959359

● Liquan County People’s Opera Troupe 礼泉县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔, Xianbanqiang 弦板腔]

Address: Nan Dajie . Liquan County, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China 713200 .陕西省咸阳市礼泉县南大街.713200

● Qian County People’s Opera Troupe 乾县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔, Xianbanqiang 弦板腔]

Address: Fengshuitai Jie. Qian County, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China 713300.  陕西省咸阳市乾县风水台街713300

Address 2: Bei Da Jie, Qian County Township-Chengguangzhen, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713300. 陕西省咸阳市乾县城关镇北大街. 713300

Tel.: 0910-5521491

[Qian County 乾县 is now the principal center for the performance of Xianbanqiang 弦板腔]

● Sanyuan County People’s Opera Company  三原县人民剧院 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Chiyang Jie, Central Section, Sanyuan County Township, Xiangyang, Shaanxi 713800 陕西省咸阳市三原县城关镇池阳街中段 713800

Tel.: 0910-2282682

● Sanyuan County Opera Troupe  [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address 1: Nan Da Jie, Sanyuan County Township, Xianyang,  Shaanxi 713800.  陕西省咸阳市三原县城关镇南大街713800

Tel. 1: 029-32266351

Address 2: Guanjia Lane, Sanyuan County Township, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713800.  陕西省咸阳市三原县城关镇管家巷713800.

Tel .2: 0910-2282682

[Note: Tel. 2 number is the same as for Sanyuan County People’s Opera Company 三原县人民剧院]

● Wugong County (People’s) Opera Troupe 武功县(人民)剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Puji Town, People’s [?]. Wugong County, Xianyang, Shaanxi 712200. 陕西省咸阳市武功县普集镇人民[?]  712200

Tel.: 029-72922222

● Xianyang Muncipal Performance Company People’s Troupe 咸阳市演艺公司人民剧团[Qinqiang 秦腔, Xianbanqiang 弦板腔]

Address: Zhongshan Jie, #157, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China 712000. 陕西省咸阳市中山街157号712000。

Tel.: 029-33277806, 13809103218

Email: <>

[Formed in 2010 from the local 人民剧团  and 大众剧团]

● Xingping Municipal People’s Opera Company 兴平市人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔, Xianbanqiang 弦板腔]

Address: Dong Dajie, #59.  Xingping City, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China.  713100陕西省咸阳市兴平市东大街59号713100

Tel.: 029-38827432

● Xunyi County Opera Troupe 旬邑县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Zhongshan Lu, Xunyi County Township, Xianyang, Shaanxi 711300. 陕西省咸阳市旬邑县城关镇中山街 711300.

Tel.: 0910-4421621

● Yangling District People’s Opera Troupe 阳陵区人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Xi Nong Lu, Yangling District, Xianyang, Shaanxi 712100 陕西省咸阳市杨陵区西农路 712100.

Tel.: 0910-7012113

● Yongshou County Opera Company 永寿县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address 1: Bei Lu.  Yongshou  Township, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713400. 陕西省咸阳市永寿县城北街713400

Tel. 1: 029-09107663082

[No longer appears to perform Xianbanqiang 弦板腔]

Address 2: New construction [?], Jianjun Town, Yongshou County, Xianyang, Shaanxi 713400.  陕西省咸阳市永寿县监军镇新勤[建设] 713400.

Tel. 2: 13892068296 (cell)

~~~Shaanxi: Yan’an 延安市~~~

● Ansai County Folk Singing Ensemble 安塞县曲艺队

Address: Fumin Jie, Zhenwudong Town,Ansai County, Yan’an, Shaanxi 717400 陕西省延安市安塞县真武洞镇富民街 717400

Tel.: 0911-6213069, 0911 - 6214540

● Baota District People’s Opera Troupe 延安市宝塔区民众剧团

Address: 54 Xinshi Jie, Baota District, Yan’an, Shaanxi 716000 陕西省延安市宝塔区新市街54号 716000

Tel.: 0911-2137387

● Huangling County Qinqiang Opera Troupe 黄陵县秦腔剧团  

Address: Bei Jie, #70. Huangling County Township District”(“Out of Region”/Banshiwai) Yan’an, Shaanxi  727300.  陕西省延安市黄陵县城区街道办事处北街070号 727300

Tel.: 0911-5212838

[Alternative address: Qiaoshan Town, Xigui 桥山镇西洼]


● Huanglong County Yuju Troupe 黄龙县豫剧团 [Yuju 豫剧]

Address: 89 Zhongxin Jie, Shipu Town, Huanglong County, Yan’an, Shaanxi  陕西省延安地区黄龙县石堡镇中心街89号

Tel.: 0911-5981678

[Unclear whether troupe still exists]

● Luochuan County People’s Opera Troupe 洛川县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Fuqian Jie.  Luochuan County, Yan’an, Shaanxi  727400 陕西省延安市洛川县府前街 727400

Tel.: 0911-3622278

● Wuqi County Opera Troupe 吴旗县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Hou Jie.  Wuqi County Township, Yan’an District, Shaanxi  717600. 陕西省延安地区吴旗县县城后街 717600

Tel.: 0911-7612007

● Yan’an Lu Xun School for the Arts 延安鲁迅艺术学校

Address: Qiaogou Town, Baota District, Yan’an, Shaanxi 716000. 陕西省延安市宝塔区桥沟镇 王延光 716000

Tel.: 0911-2293471

● Yan’an Municipal Folk Art Hall 延安市曲艺管

Address: 291 Fenghuang Shan,  Baota District , Yan’an, Shaanxi 716000 陕西省延安市宝塔区凤凰山291号 716000

Tel.: 0911-2112091

● Yanchang County People’s Opera Troupe 延长县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Zhong Jie. Yanchang Town, Yanchang County,  Yan’an , Shaanxi 71710. 陕西省延安市延长县延长镇城中街717170

Address 2: Qilicun Town Center, Yanchang County, Yan’an, Shaanxi 717100 陕西省延安市延长县七里村镇中 717100

Tel.: 0911-8614372

● Yanchuan County Daoqing Art Troupe 延川县道情艺术团 [Daoqing 道情]

Address: Hedong (East River), Yanchuan Town, Yanchuan County, Yan’an, Shaanxi 71720 陕西省延川县延川镇河东 717200

Tel.: 0911-8415945

● Yichuan County Puju Opera Troupe 陕西省宜川县蒲剧团 [Puju 蒲剧]

Address: 150 Nan Dajie, Danzhou Town, Yichuan County, Yan’an, Shaanxi 716200 陕西省延安市宜川县丹州镇南大街150号 716200

Tel.: 0911-4623321

● Yichuan County Shadow Puppet Theatre 宜川县影剧院

Address: 28 Nan Dajie, Danzhou Town, Yichuan County, Yan’an, Shaanxi 716200 陕西省宜川县丹州镇南大街28号 冯延宝 716200

Tel.: 0911-4622813

● Zhidan County People’s Opera Troupe  陕西省志丹县人民剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: 52 Yi Dao Jie,  Bao’an Town, Zhidan County, Yan’an District, Shaanxi 717500. 陕西省延安地区志丹县保安镇一道街52号717500

Tel.: 0911-6623514

● Zhidan County Bureau of Cultural Heritage 志丹县文化文物局

Address: Bao’an Town, Zhidan County, Xi’an, Shaanxi 717500 陕西省西安市志丹县保安镇 717500

Tel.: 0911-6622292

~~~Shaanxi: Yulin 榆林市~~~

● Dingbian County People’s Opera Troupe 定边县人民剧团

Address: Third Neighborhood Committee Hall, Dingbian Town, Dingbian County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718600 陕西省榆林市定边县定边镇第三居委会 718600

Tel.: 0912-4228361

● Hengshan County Shengbao Art Speaking and Singing Troupe 横山县生宝艺术说唱团 [North Shaanxi Daoqing 陕北道情,North Shaanxi Recitation 陕北说书, Modern Small Plays 现代小剧,Xiaopin Small Plays 小品小戏 Er Ren Tai (two people) Meihu 二人台眉户]

Tel: 13629223834

Tel.: 15529937867

● Jia County Jinju Opera Troupe 佳县晋剧团 [Jinju 晋剧]

Address: 3 Xi Jiao (West Suburb), Jialu Town, Jia County, Yulin, Shaanxi 719200  陕西省榆林地区佳县佳芦镇西郊3号 719200

Tel.: 0912-6723683

● Jingbian County Tianciwan Village Cultural Center 靖边县天赐湾乡文化站

Address:Tianciwan Xiang, Jingbian County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718500 陕西省榆林市靖边县天赐湾乡718500

Tel.: 0912-4850033

● Jingbian County Longzhou Village Cultural Broadcast and Service Center 靖边县龙洲乡文化广播服务站

Address: Longzhou Village, Jingbian County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718500  陕西省榆林市靖边县龙洲乡 718500

Tel.: 0912-4830077

● Mizhi County Literature and Art Creation and Research Center 米脂县文学艺术创作研究室

Address: Dong Juwei (East Neighborhood), Yinzhou Town, Mizhi County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718100 陕西省米脂县银洲镇东居委 718100

Tel.: 0912-6221379

● Mizhi County Opera Troupe 米脂县剧团 [Qinqiang 秦腔]

Address: Nan Juwei (South Neighborhood), Yinzhou Town, Mizhi County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718100 陕西省米脂县银洲镇南居委 718100

Tel.: 0912-6222125

● Qingjian County Cultural Troupe 清涧县文工团 [Qingjian Daoqing 清涧道情]

Address: #5, Kuanzhou Town, Qingjian County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718300 陕西省清涧县宽洲镇五 718300

Tel.: 0912-5223729

[Also called Qingjian County Daoqing Troupe 榆林市清涧县道情剧团]

[Qingjian County 清涧县 is the principal center for Qingjian Daoqing 清涧道情, a variant of North Shaanxi Daoqing 陕北道情]

● Shenmu County Jinju Troupe 神木县晋剧团 [Jinju 晋剧]

Address: Dongxing Jie, West Road, Shenmu Town, Shenmu County, Yulin, Shaanxi 719300 陕西省榆林地区神木县神木镇东兴街路西 719300

Tel.: 0912-8314565, 13991092550 (cell)

[Note: the street address is also sometimes given as  Bei Guan 北关 or 北街]

● Suide County Jinju Opera Company 绥德县晋剧团 [Jinju 晋剧, Meihu 眉户]

Address: 60 Wenhua Lu, Mingzhou Town, Suide County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718000 陕西省榆林市绥德县名州镇文化路60号 718000

Tel.:0912 - 5621753

[Note, Xishan Lu 西山路 is sometimes given as an address.  Additional cell number: 13772906688]

● Suide County Opera Theater 绥德县剧院

Address: 57 Xishan Lu Beipan, Mingzhou Town, Suide County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718000 陕西省榆林市绥德县名州镇西山路背畔57号 718000

Tel.: 0912-5638945

● Suide County Yellow Earth Art Troupe 绥德县黄土地艺术团

Address: 62 Xishan Lu, Mingzhou Town, Suide County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718000 陕西省榆林地区绥德县名州镇西山路62号 718000

Tel.: 0912-5611723

● Wubu County Cultural Creation and Research Center 吴堡县文艺创作研究室

Address: Xinjian Jie, Songjiachuan Town, Wubu County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718200. 陕西省吴堡县宋家川镇新建街 718200

Tel.: 0912-6521383

● Wubu County Jinju Opera Troupe 吴堡县晋剧团 [Jinju 晋剧]

Address: 19 Wenyi Lu, Songjiachuan Town, Wubu County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718200  陕西省吴堡县宋家川镇文艺路19号718200

Tel.: 0912-6523373

● Yulin Municipal Art Creation and Research Center 榆林市艺术创作研究中心

Address: 3 Zhonglouxia Lane, Yuyang District, Yulin, Shaanxi 719000 陕西省榆林市榆阳区钟楼下巷3号 艾绍青 719000

Tel.: 0912-3260964

● Yulin Municipal Cultural Troupe 榆林市文工团 [Qiniqang 秦腔]

Address: 2 Zhoulouxia Lane, Yuyang District, Yulin, Shaanxi 719000 陕西省榆林市榆阳区钟楼下巷2号 719000

Tel.: 0912-3282484

● Yulin Municipal People’s Art Troupe 榆林市民间艺术团

Address: 2 Wenhua Nan Lu, Yuyang District, Yulin, Shaanxi 719000 陕西省榆林市榆阳区文化南路2号719000

Tel.: 0912-3851804

● Yulin Municipal Qingjian Daoqing Research Group 榆林市清涧道情研究会 [North Shaanxi Daoqing 陕北道情, Er Ren Tai 二人台, Meihu 眉户, Xiao Pin 小品, Yangge 秧歌]

Troupe leader: Wang Baosheng, cell phone: 15029388548 道情团长:王宝生 电话:15029388548

QQ: 1402529950

[Also sometimes called Yulin Municipal North Shaanxi Daoqing Research Group 榆林市清陕北情研究会, Daoqing Art Troupe 道情艺术团, and Suide Daoqing People’s Art Troupe 陕北绥德道情民间艺术团]

● Yulin Opera Theater 榆林剧团

Address :2 Xinjian Nan Lu, Yuyang District, Yulin, Shaanxi 719000 陕西省榆林市榆阳区新建南路2号 719000

Tel.: 0912-3282441

● Yuyang District Cultural Troupe 榆阳区文工团

Address: 5 Puhuiquan, Yuyang District, Yulin, Shaanxi 719000 陕西省榆林市榆阳区普惠泉5号719000

Tel.: 0912-3282346

● Zizhou County Cultural Troupe 子洲县文工团

Address: Shuanghuyu Town, Zizhou County, Yulin, Shaanxi 718400 陕西省子洲县双湖峪镇 718400

Tel.: 0912-7221076

Shandong Province 山东省

~~~Shandong: Jinan~~~

● 山东省京剧院 - Jingju

Address: Jinan, Shandong, China (山东省济南市历山路36-2号; 邮编:250013)

Tel.: (0531) 6963081

● 山东省吕剧院

Address: Jinan, Shandong, China (山东省济南市历下区解放路25号; 邮编:250013)

Tel.: (0531) 8933062

~~~Shandong: Qingdao~~~

● Qingdao Municipal Peking Opera Group - Jingju

Address: 76 Yan'an Yilu Road, Qingdao 266023, Shandong, China

Tel.: (0532) 2731741

Fax: (0532) 2731741

~~~Shandong: Yantai~~~

● Yantai Municipal Peking Opera Troupe - Jingju

Address: 177 Shengli Road, Yantai 264001, Shandong, China

Tel.: (0535) 6222346

Shanghai Municipality 上海市

● Shanghai Huju (Shanghainese) Opera Troupe (上海沪剧院) - Huju

Address 1: Shanghai, China (上海市常德路545弄72号; 邮编:200040)

Tel.: (021) 62587681

Address 2: Tianping Lu #38.  Shanghai, China 200030 上海市天平路38号甲

Tel.: (021) 62821616

Email: <>

● Shanghai Jingju Company or Shanghai Beijing Opera Theater (上海京剧院) - Jingju

Address: 168 Yueyang Rd., Shanghai 200031, China

Tel.: 02164333836

Email: <>

● Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe (上海昆剧团) - Kunqu

Address: Shanghai, China

● Shanghai Oriental Art Center (上海东方艺术中心, Shànghǎi Dōngfāng Yìshù Zhōngxīn)

Address: Shanghai, China

● Shanghai Yueju Opera House (上海越剧院) - Yueju/Shaoxing opera

Address: Shanghai, China (上海复兴西路10弄16号)

● Yi Fu Theatre (上海天蟾逸夫舞台; largest and oldest Chinese opera theater in Shanghai)

Address: Shanghai, China


Shanxi Province 山西省

~~~Shanxi: Changzhi 长治市~~~

● Changzhi County Red Flag Opera Troupe 长治县红旗剧团

Address: 2 Kuang Nan Lu, Changzhi County Seat, Changzhi County, Shanxi 047100 山西省长治市长治县城关矿南巷2号 047100

Tel.: 0355-1395871

[Address also given as 5 Huayuan Lane, Changzhi 长治市城内花园巷5号]

● Changzhi County Work-Study (Hong Chuan) Opera Troupe 山西省长治县红专剧团

Address: 38 Xinshi Jie, Handian Town, Changzhi County, Changzhi, Shanxi 047100 山西省长治县韩店镇新市街38号047100

Tel.: 0355-8081002

[Includes the Changzhi County Folk Singing Troupe 山西省长治县曲艺队]

● Changzhi Experimental Laoziju Opera Troupe 长治实验落子剧团 [Laozi Opera / Northeast Folk Opera 落子剧]

Address: 2 Xi Dajie, Changzhi, Shanxi 山西省长治市西大街2号

Tel.: 0355-8774101, 15935505026

Fax: 0355-8660079

● Changzhi Municipal Laoziju Opera Troupe 长治市落子剧团 [Laozi Opera / Northeast Folk Opera 落子剧]

Address: 44 Jiefang Xi Jie, Shicheng District, Changzhi, Shanxi 046000 山西省长治市城区解放西街44号 046000

Tel.: 0355-3030817

● Changzhi Municipal Laoziju Opera Troupe, Second Troupe 长治市落子剧团第二演出团 [Laozi Opera / Northeast Folk Opera 落子剧]

Address: 42 Jiefang Xi Jie, Shicheng District, Changzhi, Shanxi 046000 山西省长治市城区解放西街42号 046000

Tel.: 0355-2020984

● Changzhi Municipal Shangdang Clapper Opera Troupe 长治市上党梆子团 [Shangdang Clapper Opera / Shangdang Bangzi 上党梆子]

Address: 29 Beicheng Jie, Changzhi, Shanxi 046000 山西省长治市北城街29号 046000

Tel.: 0355-2042702, 2028233

● Changzhi Municipal Song and Dance Troupe 长治市歌舞团

Address: 38 Changxing Nan Lu, Changzhi, Shanxi 046000 山西省.长治市长兴南路38号 046000

Tel.: 0355-3034742, 3023437

[Address also given as 52 Changxing Nan Lu 长兴南路52号]

● Changzhi Municipal Yuju Opera Troupe 长治市予剧(豫剧)团 [Yuju 豫剧]

Address: 22 Xiying Jie, Changzhi, Shanxi 046000 山西省长治市西营街22号046000

Tel.: 0355-2022157

● Jiao District Shangdang Laoziju Opera Troupe 长治市郊区上党落子剧团 [Shangdang Laoziju 上党落子剧]

Address: Zhangyi Village West, Laodingshan Town, Changzhi, Shanxi, 046011 山西省长治市郊区老顶山镇漳沂村西 046011

● Licheng County Liming Opera Troupe 黎城县黎明剧团

Address: 49 Hexia Xi Jie, Lihou Town, Licheng County, Changzhi, Shanxi 047600 山西省长治市黎城县黎侯镇河下西街49号047600

Tel.: 0355-6581232, 6566768

[Address also given as 27 Xi Jie 西街27号]

● Lucheng Municipal Red Flag Opera Troupe 潞城市红旗剧团

Address: Gu Nanguan Neighborhood Committee, Lucheng, Changzhi, Shanxi 047500 山西省长治市潞城市古南关社区居委会 047500

Tel.: 0355-6926201, 6767646

[Address also given as 426 Nanhua Xi Jie 南华西街426 with a cell phone number 13994604803 ]

● Lucheng Municipal Red Flag Laoziju Opera Troupe 潞城市红旗落子剧团  [Laozi Opera / Northeast Folk Opera 落子剧]

Address: Lushan Nan Lu, Lucheng, Changzhi, Shanxi 047500 山西省长治市潞城市卢山南路 047500


● Qin County Zhang River Opera Troupe 山西省沁县漳河剧团

Address: Renmin Lu, Second Lane #32, Xiyuan Community, Dingchang Town, Qin County, Changzhi, Shanxi 046400 山西省长治市沁县定昌镇西苑社区人民路二巷32号 046400

Tel.: 0355-7023552,

● Qinyuan County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省沁源县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 33 Shengli Lu, Qinhe Town, Qinyuan County, Changzhi, Shanxi 046500 山西省沁源县沁河镇胜利路33号 046500

Tel.: 0355-7835686

● Xiangyuan County People’s Opera Troupe 山西省襄垣县人民剧团

Address: 山西省襄垣县古韩镇南关 046200

Tel.: 0355-7227396

~~~Shanxi: Datong 大同市~~~

● Datong Municipal Jinju Opera Theater 大同市金剧院

Address: 18 Xinjian Nan Lu, Nanjiao District, Datong, Shanxi 037006 山西省大同市南郊区新建南路18号037006

Tel.: 0352-2023039

● Datong Municipal Northern-style Clapper Opera Troupe 山西省大同市北路梆子剧团 [Northern-style Clapper Opera / Beilu Bangzi 北路梆子]

Address: 18 Fodianmiao Jie, Shicheng District, Datong, Shanxi 037004 山西省大同市城区佛殿庙街18号037004

Tel.: 0352-2424334

[Also called Datong Municipal Yanju Opera Troupe 大同市雁剧团]

● Datong Municipal Shuahai Opera Troupe 大同市耍孩剧团 [Datong Shuahaier Opera 大同耍孩儿剧]

Tel.: 1 Gengdao Jie, Shicheng District, Datong, Shanxi 037004  山西省大同市城区更道街1号 037004

Tel.: 0352-2052088

[Shuahaier Opera 耍孩儿剧  is particular to the Datong 大同  area]

● Guangling County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省广灵县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Xinjian Xi Lu, Guangling County Datong, Shanxi 037500 山西省大同市广灵县新建西路 037500


● Hunyuan County Jinju Opera Troupe 混源县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Xi Dajie, Yongan Town, Hunyuan County, Datong, Shanxi 037400 山西省大同市浑源县永安镇西大街 037400

Tel.: 0352-8324878

● Lingqiu County Luoluoqiang Opera Troupe 灵丘县罗罗腔剧团 [Luoluo Qiang 罗罗腔]

Address:Xiguan Village, Wuling Town, Lingqiu County, Datong, Shanxi 034400 山西省大同市灵丘县武灵镇西关村 034400

Tel.: 0352-8523100

● Xinrong District Jinju Opera Troupe 大同市新荣区晋剧团  [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Xinkai Bei Lu, Xinrong District, Datong, Shanxi 037002 山西省大同市新荣区新开北街 037002

Tel.: 0352-3072639

[Address also given as Changcheng Bei Lu, Xinrong Town 新荣镇长城北路]

● Yanggao County Jinju Opera Troupe 阳高县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 2 Qiaobei (North of the Bridge), Longquan Town, Yanggao County, Datong, Shanxi 038100 山西省阳高县龙泉镇桥北2号038100

Tel.: 0352-6622359 13934752808

● Zuoyun County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省左云县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Dong Jie, Yunxing Town, Zuoyun County, Datong, Shanxi 037100 山西省左云县云兴镇东街 037100

Tel.: 0352-3822758, 3821887 and/or 3826265

~~~Shanxi: Jincheng 晋城市~~~

● Gaoping Municipal Shangdang Clapper Opera Troupe 高平市上党梆子剧团 [Shangdang Clapper Opera / Shangdang Bangzi 上党梆子]

Address: 91 Xuanshi Jie, Gaoping, Jincheng, Shanxi 048400 山西省晋城市高平市泫氏街91号 048400

Tel.: 0356-5223971

● Gaoping People’s Opera Troupe 高平人民剧团

Address: 26 Gucheng Lu, Gaoping, Jincheng, Shanxi 048400 山西省晋城市高平市古城路26号 048400

Tel.: 0356-5222633

[Address and telephone also given as Changping Dong Lu 长平东路 0356-5226860]

● Jincheng Municipal Shangdang Clapper Opera Troupe 晋城市上党梆子剧团  [Shangdang Clapper Opera / Shangdang Bangzi 上党梆子]

Address: 183 Xi’an Jie, Jingcheng, Shanxi 048001 山西省晋城市西安街183号048001

Tel.: 0356-6963722 (or 6963733)

● Lingchuan County Shandang Clapper Opera Troupe  陵川县上党梆子剧团 [Shangdang Clapper Opera / Shangdang Bangzi 上党梆子]

Address: forthcoming

● Lingchuan Powerful Jade (Yu Qiang) Art Troupe 陵川玉强艺术团 [Shangdang Bayinhui 上荡八音会]

Address: Lingchuan County, Jincheng, Shanxi 山西省晋城市陵川县

Tel.: 0356-6213848 13835690528 13403563911

● Qinshui County Puju Opera Troupe 沁水县蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera / Puju 蒲剧]

Address: 239 Xiancheng Xi Jie, Qinshui County, Jincheng, Shanxi 山西省晋城市沁水县县城西街239号

Tel.: 13333569333, 13620643111

● Qinshui County Shangdang Clapper Opera Troupe 沁水县上党梆子剧团 [Shangdang Bayinhui 上荡八音会]

Address: Xunhua Neighborhood Committee, Qinshui County, Jincheng, Shanxi  048200 山西省晋城市沁水县宣化居委会 048200


● Yangcheng County Shangdang Clapper Opera Troupe 阳城县上党梆子剧团 [Shangdang Clapper Opera / Shangdang Bangzi 上党梆子]

Address: 20 Bei Jie, Fengcheng Town, Yangcheng County, Jincheng, Shanxi 048100 山西省晋城市阳城县凤城镇北街20号048100

Tel. :0356-4222680, 4222788

● Yangcheng People’s Opera Troupe 山西省阳城县人民剧团

Address: 79 Fenghuang Bei Jie, Fengcheng Town, Yangcheng County, Jincheng, Shanxi 048100 山西省晋城市阳城县凤城镇凤凰北街79号048100

Tel.: 0356-4227533

● Zezhou County Shangdang Clapper Opera Troupe 泽州县上党梆子剧团 [Shangdang Clapper Opera / Shangdang Bangzi 上党梆子]

Address: 168 Lüzhai Lane, Xinshi Xi Jie, Jincheng, Shanxi 048000 山西省晋城市新市西街吕宅巷168号0480000

Tel.: 0356-3039932, 13509764033 also maybe 3034021

[Address also given as Xi’an Jie, Zezhou Count 泽州县西安街 and as 9 Lüzhai Lane, Shicheng District 市城区吕宅巷9号 ]

~~~Shanxi: Jinzhong 晋中市~~~

● Heshun County “Yuhong” Jinju Opera Troupe 和顺县豫宏晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 18 Xi Dajie, Heshun County, Jinzhong, Shanxi 032700 山西省晋中地区和顺县西大街18号032700

Tel.: 0354-8122225

● Jiexiu Municipal “Jin Shan” Jinju Opera Troupe 介休市锦山晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 275 Dong Dajie, Jiexiu, Jinzhong, Shanxi 031200 山西省晋中市介休市东大街275号 031200

Tel.: 0354-5580608, 7224373

[Address also given as 105 Dong Dajie 东大街105号, Postal code sometimes given as 032000]

● Jinzhong Xiaomingqin Jinju Opera Troupe 晋中市小鸣琴晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 2 Credit Union, Ge Bei Jie, Yuci, Jinzhong, Shanxi 030600 山西省晋中地区榆次市阁北街信用社2号030600

Tel.: 0354-2021336

● Jinzhong Municipal Jinju Opera Troupe 晋中市晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 13 Nan Dajie, Yuci, Jinzhong, Shanxi 030600  山西省晋中市榆次区南大街13号

Tel.: 0354-2022375

● Jinzhong Qitai Yangge Arts Troupe 晋中市祁太秧歌艺术团 [Yangge 秧歌]


Tel.: 0354-5114738 13935417672

● Jinzhong Taigu Yangge Arts Promotional Association 晋中市太谷秧歌艺术促进会 晋中市太谷秧歌艺术促进会 [Yangge 秧歌]

Address: 114 Yanghao Jie (Jinzhong Municipal Bureau of Culture), Jinzhong, Shanxi 030600 山西省晋中市羊毫街114号(晋中市文化局)030600


● Jinzhong Youth Jinju Opera Troupe 晋中市青年晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 42 Xinji Jie, Jinzhong, Shanxi 山西省晋中市新集街42号

Tel.: 0354-2087490

● Lingshi County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省灵石县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 5 Xinjian Jie Nan, Cuifeng Town, Lingshi County, Shanxi 031300 山西省晋中市灵石县翠峰镇新建街南5号031300

Tel.: 0354-7621501, 0354-7612348

● Pingyao County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省平遥县晋剧团  [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 4 Shuyuan Jie, Gutao Town, Pingyao County, Jinzhong, Shanxi 031100 山西省晋中市平遥县古陶镇书院街4号031100

Tel.: 0354-5684525, 5683230

● Qi County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省祁县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 16 Yingbin Lu, Zhaoyu Town, Qi County, Shanxi 030900 山西省祁县昭馀镇迎宾路16号 030900

Tel.: 0354-5222217

[Address also given as 12 Xinjian Nan Lu 新建南路12号]

● Shouyang County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省寿阳县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 70 Dongguan Jie, Shouyang County, Jinzhong, Shanxi  031700 山西省晋中地区寿阳县东关街70号 031700

Tel.: 0354-4623126

● Xiyang County Jinju Opera Troupe 昔阳县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 28 Pingshangcheng Jie, Xiyang County, Jinzhong, Shanxi 045300 山西省昔阳县乐平上城街28号 045300

Tel.: 0354-4121990, 4123146

● Yuci District Yangge Opera Troupe 榆次区秧歌剧团 [Yangge 秧歌]

Address: 55 Taoyuan Lane, Xinhua, Yuci, Jinzhong, Shanxi 030600 山西省晋中市榆次区新华桃园巷55号030600

Tel.: 0354-2023255

[Address and telephone also given as 40 Qinshanmiao Lu 泰山庙路40号 0354-2087345]


● Yuci Municipal Central-style Clapper Opera Troupe 晋中地区榆次市中路梆子剧团 [Central-style Clapper Opera 中路梆子]

Address: Inside the Jinzhong Jinju Opera Troupe Building, Yuci, Jinzhong, Shanxi 030600 山西省晋中地区榆次市晋中晋剧团院内 030600

Tel.: 0354-2023371

● Yuci Municipal Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省榆次市晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 2 Choutou Lane, Yuci, Jinzhong, Shanxi 030600 山西晋中地区榆次市抽头巷2号 030600

Tel.: 0354-2026048

● Zuoquan County Little Flower Play Art Troupe 左权县小花戏艺术团 [Little Flower Play 小花戏]

Address: 1 Chengliaoshan Lu, Zuoquan County, Jinzhong, Shanxi 032600 山西省晋中地区左权县城辽山路1号032600


~~~Shanxi: Linfen 临汾市~~~

● Experimental Puju Opera Troupe of the Linfen Puju Opera Theater 临汾蒲剧院实验蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address:  15 Guangxuan Jie, First Section, Linfen, Shanxi 41000 山西省.临汾市广宣街一段15号 410000

Tel.: 0357-2014092

● Fenxi County Puju Opera Troupe 山西省汾西县蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: Bei Jie, District Administration Building, Neighborhood Committee, Fenxi County, Linfen, Shanxi 山西省临汾市汾西县社区管理委员会北街

Tel.: 0357-5188575

[Address also given as Nan Jie, Shui’an Town 永安镇南街, telephone also given as 13994986290 ]

● Fushan County Morning Brilliance (Xuguang) Opera Troupe 浮山县旭光剧团

Address: Tiantan Xi Lu, Tiantan Town, Fushan County, Linfen, Shanxi 042600 山西省临汾市浮山县天坛镇天坛西路 042600


● Great Scholartree (Dahuaishu) Puju Opera Troupe 大槐树蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: Fuqian Jie, Linfen, Hongdong County, Shanxi  041600 山西省洪洞县临汾市府前街 041600

Tel.: 0357-6229949

[Address also given as Nan Dajie, Dahuaishu Town 大槐树镇南大街]

● Hongdong Daoqing Company of the School for Culture and the  Arts 山西省临汾地区文化艺术学校洪洞道情班 [Daoqing 道情]

Address: Chengdong Village, Hongdong County Seat, Hongdong County, Linfen, Shanxi 山西省临汾市洪洞县城关镇城东村


● Houma Municipal Puju Opera Troupe 侯马士蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: Jindu Lu, Houma, Linfen, Shanxi 043000 西省临汾市候马市晋都路 043000

Tel.: 0357-4221862

● Huozhou Municipal Puju Opera Troupe 霍州市蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: Jia Village, Dazhang Town, Houzhou, Linfen, Shanxi 山西省霍州市大张镇贾村


● Ji County Puju Opera Troupe  山西省吉县蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: 4 Xinhua Dong Jie, Jichang Town, Ji County, Shanxi 042200 山西省吉县吉昌镇新华东街4号042200


● Linfen “Little Plum Blossom” Puju Opera Troupe 临汾市小梅花蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

[Possibly a  troupe in residence@the Linfen Municipal Puju Opera Theater 山西省临汾市蒲剧院]

● Linfen Municipal Meihu Opera Troupe  山西省临汾市眉户剧团 [Meihu Opera 眉户剧]

Address: 2 Nanhui Lane, Yaodu District, Linfen, Shanxi 041000  山西省临汾市尧都区商会巷2号041000

Tel.: 0357-2014090, 0357-2018102

● Linfen Municipal Puju Opera Theater 山西省临汾市蒲剧院 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: 15 Guangxuan Jie, First Section, Linfen, Shanxi 41000 山西省.临汾市广宣街一段15号 410000

Tel: 0357-2012810

● Linfen Municipal Puju Opera Troupe 临汾市蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: 29 North Green Liongate (Bei Qing Shizikou),  Jiefang Lu, Linfen, Shanxi 041000山西省临汾市解放路北青狮子口29号041000

Tel.: 0357-217246

● Pu County Puju Opera Troupe 蒲县蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: Xi Dajie, Pu County, Linfen, Shanxi 041200 山西省临汾地区蒲县西大街 041200


● Quwo County Wanwan Qiang Opera Troupe 曲沃县碗碗腔剧团 [Wanwaqiang 碗碗腔]

Address: 3 Xihuan Lu, Quwo County, Linfen, Shanxi 043400 山西省临汾市曲沃县 西环路三号 043400

Tel.: 0357-4525693

[Address also listed as Nanjie Village, Lechang Town 乐昌镇西南街村]

● Xiangfen County Puju Opera Troupe 襄汾县蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: Yingbin Lu, Xincheng Town, Xiangfen County, Shanxi 041500 山西省襄汾县新城镇迎宾路 041500


● Xiangning County Puju Opera Troupe 乡宁县蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: 10 Nan Ge Dong, Chengnei, Xiangning County, Linfen, Shanxi 042100 山西省临汾地区乡宁县城内南圪洞10号042100


● Yicheng County Puju Opera Troupe 翼城县蒲剧团 [Puzhou opera/Puju 蒲剧]

Address: 45 Hongqi Jie, Tangxing Town, Yicheng County, Linfen, Shanxi 043500 山西省临汾市翼城县唐兴镇红旗街45号043500

Tel.: 0357-4924028,

[Address also given as 21 Xinghua Jie, behind the Assembly Hall]

● Yicheng County Qinju Opera Troupe 翼城县琴剧团 [Qin opera/Qinju 琴剧]

Address: Beiguan Village, Tangxing Town, Yicheng County, Linfen, Shanxi 043500 山西省翼城县唐兴镇北关村 043500

Tel.: 0357-4925516

[Address also given as Ximiao Village 西庙村]

~~~Shanxi: Lüliang 吕梁市~~~

● Jiaocheng County Jinju Opera Troupe  交城县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 117 Shahe Jie, Tianning Town, Jiaocheng County, Lüliang, Shanxi 山西省吕梁市交城县天宁镇沙河街117号

Tel.: 0358-3522661

● Xiaoyi Municipal Wanwanqiang Opera Company 山西省孝义市碗碗腔剧团

Address: Xiaoyi, Lüliang, Shanxi 山西省吕梁市孝义市

Tel.: 0358-7621278

~~~Shanxi: Taiyuan 太原市~~~


● Gujiao Municipal Jinju Opera Troupe 古交时晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Taoyuan Lu, Gujiao, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030200 山西太原市古交市桃园路 030200

Tel.: 0351-5141442

● Jinyang Jinju Opera Troupe 晋阳晋剧团  [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Jinxin Lane, Construction Management Office, She District, Yangqu County, Taiyuan 30100 山西省太原市阳曲县社区建设管理办公室金鑫巷 30100

Tel.: 0351-5522444

● Qingxu Jinju Opera Troupe 太原市清徐晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 15 Chengnanmen Dajie, Qingxu County, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030400 山西省太原市清徐县城南门大街15号030400

Tel.: 0351-22336 [?]

● Shanxi Province Beijing Opera Theater 山西省京剧院 [Beijing Opera 京剧]

Address: 69 Wenyuan Lane, Taiyuan, Shanxi 山西省.太原市文源巷69号

Tel: 0351-2027467, 4072369

[Address also given as 9 Wenyuan Lane 文源巷9号 with a phone number of 0351-4061523. t

● Shanxi Province Jinju Opera Theater 山西省晋剧院 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 18 Xinjian Nan Lu, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030001 山西省太原市新建南路18号030001

Tel.: 0351-4073077

[Alternate address 8 Xinjian Nan Lu 新建南路8号 and phone number: 0351-4073563.  For English introduction, see]

● Taigang Jinju Opera Troupe 太钢晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Jiancaoping Taigang Workers’ Movement Center, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030003 山西省太原市杏花岭区尖草坪太钢职工活动中心 030003

Tel.: 0351-3043879

● Taiyuan Experimental Jinju Opera Theater 太原市实验晋剧院 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 223 Fu Xi Jie, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030002  山西省.太原市府西街223号030002

Tel.: 0351-3190626

[Address sometimes given as 87 Fu Xi Jie  府西街87号]

● Taiyuan Municipal Song and Dance Troupe 太原市歌舞团

Address: 121 Taoyuan Second Lane, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030002 山西省.太原市桃园二巷121号030002

Tel.: 0351-2020124

[Address sometimes given as 2 Taoyuan Second Lane 桃园二巷2号]

● Taiyuan Municipal Yuju Opera Troupe 太原市豫剧团 [Yuju/Yu opera 豫剧]

Address: 65 Taoyuan Second Lane, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030002 山西省太原市太原市杏花岭区桃园二巷65号030002

Tel.: 0351-4225303

[Address sometimes given as 107 Taoyuan Second Lane 桃园二巷107号]

~~~Shanxi: Yangquan 阳泉市~~~

● Pingding County Jinju Opera Troupe 平定县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Dong Dajie, Guanshan Town, Pingding County, Yangquan, Shanxi 045200 山西省阳泉市平定县冠山镇东大街 045200

Tel.: 0353-6074700

[Address also given as Primary Labor Union, First Floor 原工会一楼]

● Xingyang County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省星阳县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: Nanlou Village, Nanlou Town, Xingyang County, Yangquan, Shanxi 045000 山西省阳泉市星阳县南娄镇南娄村 045000

Tel: 0353-8050066

● Yangquan Municipal Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省阳泉市晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 15 Bei Dajie, Shicheng District, Yangquan, Shanxi 745000 山西省阳泉市城区北大街15号745000

Tel.: 0353-2022281

[Address sometimes given as 140 Bei Dajie 北大街140号, telephone sometimes given as 0353-222281]

● Yangquan Municipal Song and Dance Troupe 山西省阳泉市歌舞团

Address: 140 Bei Dajie, Shicheng District, Yangquan, Shanxi 745000 山西省阳泉市城区北大街140号745000

Tel.: 0353-2023664

● Yangquan Municipal Yuju Opera Troupe 阳泉市豫剧团 [Yuju 豫剧]

Address: 21 Taonan Dong Lu, Yangquan, Shanxi 045000 山西省.阳泉市桃南东路21号045000

Tel.: 0353-2022436  

[Address sometimes given as 42 Taonan Dong Lu 桃南东路42号]

● Yu County Jinju Opera Troupe 山西省盂县晋剧团 [Jinju/Shanxi Opera 晋剧]

Address: 152 Xinjian Dong Lu, Yu County, Yangquan, Shanxi 045100 山西省阳泉市盂县新建东路152号 045100

Tel.: 0353-8083454

[Telephone also given as 882167[?]]

Sichuan Province 四川省

~~~Sichuan: Chengdu 成都市~~~

● 四川省川剧院 - Chuanju

Address: Chengdu, Sichuan, China (四川省成都市状元街20号; 邮编:610016)

Tel.: (028)6658400

~~~Sichuan: Zigong~~~

● 自贡市川剧团 - Chuanju

Address: Zigong, Sichuan, China (四川省自贡市自流井区自由路108号; 邮编:643000)

Tel.: (0813) 2201612

Tianjin Municipality 天津市

● Tianjin Peking Opera Theater (天津京剧院) - Jingju

Address: Tianjin, China

Tel.: 23520158

Email: <>

● Tianjin Grand Chinese Theater (天津中国大戏院)

Address: Tianjin, China (和平区哈尔滨道104号; 邮编:300022)

Tel.: 022-27121315, 022-27116331, 022-27123118

● Tianjin Theatres Union (天津市剧院联盟) - contains information about upcoming performances of Chinese opera@several different theaters in Tianjin

● Tianjin Young Artists Beijing Opera Company (天津市青年京剧团) - Jingju

Address: Tianjin, China (天津市河西区友谊路天津宾馆小礼堂; 邮编:300061)

Tel.: (022) 28351717

Tibet Autonomous Province 西藏自治区

~~~Tibet: Lhasa~~~

● Tibet Zang Opera Troupe (西藏藏剧团)

Address: 188 Beijing West Street, Lhasa, Tibet, China (西藏自治区拉萨市北京西路188号; 邮编:850001)

Tel.: (0891) 6823810

Yunnan Province 云南省

To do: 云南山歌剧团

~~~Yunnan: Dali~~~

● Baiju Opera Troupe of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province - Baiju

Address: 25 Tiaobaojie Street, Xiaguan, Dali 671000, Yunnan, China

Tel.: (0872) 2125471

~~~Yunnan: Kunming~~~

● Peking Opera Theater of Yunnan Province - Jingju

Address: 213 Baoshijie, Kunming 650021, Yunnan, China

Tel.: (0871) 3139100

Fax: (0871) 3173183

● Yunnan Dianju Theatre (云南省滇剧院) - Dianju

Address: 云南省昆明市东寺街276号; 邮编:650032

Tel.: (0871)3187420

~~~Yunnan: Yuxi~~~

● Yuxi Huadeng Opera Troupe of Yunnan Province

Address: 31 Yujianglu Route, Yuxi 653100, Yunnan, China

Tel.: (0877) 2023807

Zhejiang Province 浙江省

~~~Zhejiang: Dongyang 东阳市~~~

Dongyang Municipal Wuju Opera Troupe 东阳市婺剧团 [Wuju 婺剧]

Address: Wuning Jie, Chengkuo Nan Long (South Alley) #35, Dongyang, Zhejiang, China.  东阳市吴宁街道城廓南弄35号

Tel.: 0579-86631902

[Young Performers Troupe possibly called: White Dragon Bridge Youth Wuju Troupe 白龙桥青年婺剧团]

~~~Zhejiang: Hangzhou 杭州市~~~

● Zhejiang

● Zhejiang Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera Art Theater - Jingju, Kunqu

Address: 118 Shangtang Road, Hangzhou 310014, Zhejiang, China

Tel.: 0571-85236399

Fax: 0571-85330022

● Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe (浙江越剧团) - Yueju/Shaoxing opera

Address: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (浙江省杭州市延安路279号; 邮编:310006)

Tel.: (0571) 7081938


● Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe (浙江小百花越剧团) - Yueju/Shaoxing opera

Address: 95 Jiaogong Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Tel.: 86-571-88839262

Email: <>

~~~Zhejiang: Jiande 建德市~~~

● Jiande Municipal Wuju Opera Troupe 建德婺剧团 [Wuju 婺剧]

Address: Xinlin Lu, #25.  Xin Anjiang Town, Jiande, Zhejiang, China 311600. 建311600 德市新安江镇新林路25号.

Tel.: 0571—64721853

[Unclear whether this is identical to the Jiande Municipal Xiaobaihua Wuju Opera Troupe 建德市小百花婺剧团]

~~~Zhejiang: Jiangshan 江山市~~~

● Jiangshan Municipal Wuju Opera Troupe 江山市婺剧团 [Wuju 婺剧]

Address: Jiefang Lu, #10.  Jiangshan, Zhejiang, China 324100  江山市解放路10号

Part of the Jiangshan Jiefang Lu Cultural Center 江山市解放路文化馆.

Tel.: 0570-4222144, 0570-4022349

~~~Zhejiang: Jinhua 金华市~~~

● Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe (浙江婺剧团) [Wuju 婺剧]

Address: Jinhua, Zhejiang (浙江金华市马路里 80号 / 金华市人民大会堂旁)321000)

Tel.: 0579- 82328993, 82337320, 82338794

Email: <>

~~~Zhejiang: Lanxi 兰溪市 ~~~

● Lanxi Municipal Wuju Opera Troupe 兰溪市婺剧团 [Wuju 婺剧]

Address: Dianshan Lu, #37.  Lanjiang Town, Sanxi, Jinhua, Zhejiang 321100.  浙江省金华市兰溪市兰江镇殿山路37号

Tel.: +86-0579-88823447

~~~Zhejiang: Lishui 丽水市~~~

● Lishui Municipal Wuju Opera Troupe 丽水市婺剧团 [Wuju 婺剧]

Address: Daqiao Xi Lu, #27.  Wuyun Town, Lishui, Zhejiang, China. 五云镇大桥西路27号

Tel.: 0578-3122850

[This is also the address and number listed for the Jinyun County Wuju Opera Company 缙云县婺剧团。  It also seems to be known under the name of its current head Shi Yonglai 施勇来 as the Yonglai Wuju Opera Company 勇来婺剧团]

~~~Zhejiang: Ningbo 宁波市~~~

● Ningbo Municipal Yongju Opera - Yongju

Address: 121 Lantian Road, Ningbo 315010, Zhejiang, China

Tel.: (0574) 7113095

● Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yueju Opera Company #2 宁波小百花越剧二团 [Shaoxing Yueju 越剧]

Address: Jiangdong District, Baizhang Dong Lu, #934.  Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. 浙江省宁波市江东区百丈东路934

~~~Zhejiang: Pujiang Country 浦江市~~~

● Pujiang County Wuju Opera Troupe (浦江县婺剧团)

Address: Heping Bei Lu, #56.  Puyang Town, Pujiang County, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China 322200.  322200浙江省金华市浦江县浦阳镇和平北路56号

Tel.: +86-0579-4106087

~~~Zhejiang: Quzhou 衢州市~~~

● Quzhou Municipal Wuju Opera Troupe - 衢州市婺剧团 [Wuju 婺剧]

Address: Hehua San Jie, #22.  Quzhou, Zhejiang, China. 浙江省衢州市荷花三路22号

Tel.: 0570-3025149 3052340(办)

Fax: 8555307

~~~Zhejiang: Shaoxing 绍兴市~~~

● Shaoxing Xiaobaihua Opera Art Training Center (绍兴县小花越剧艺术中心)[Yueju/Shaoxing Opera - 越剧]

Address: #1 Baihua Lu, Keqiao Dadao, Keqiaojin, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang, China 浙江省绍兴县柯桥金柯桥大道百花路1号

Tel.: 0575-84128525, 0575-85272177

Email: <>

● Xinchang Diaoqiang Troupe of Zhejiang (浙江新昌调腔剧团) - Diaoqiang

Address: Xinchang, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China

● Zhejiang Shaoju Opera Troupe - Shaoju

Address: 491 Yan'an East Road, Shaoxing, Zhejiang 312000, China

Tel.: (0575) 88656462

~~~Zhejiang: Yiwu 义乌市~~~

● Yiwu Wu Opera Troupe 义乌婺剧团 [Wuju - 婺剧]

Address: Zongze Bei Lu, Lane #109, #8.  Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang.  Zhejiang, Jinhua, Yiwu 宗泽北路109巷8号

~~~Zhejiang: Yongkang 永康市~~~

● Yongkang Municipal Wuju Opera Troupe [Wuju - 婺剧]



● Chinese Opera Festival (中國戲曲節)

Performances are held at various venues throughout Hong Kong

Tel.: +852 2268 7325

● The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (香港演藝學院)

Address: Hong Kong

● Jingkun Theater (京崑劇場)[Beijing Opera 京剧, Kun Opera 昆曲]

Address: Unit 18, 12/F, Metro Centre Ⅱ, 21 Lam hing St., Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

九龍灣臨興街21號美羅中心Ⅱ期12 樓1218室

Tel.: 28052577

Email: <>, <>

● Xiqu Centre (戲曲中心) - scheduled to open in late 2018


● Kim Giak Low Choon (金玉楼春潮剧团) - Chaoju, Chaozhou rod puppet theater

Address: Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia

Email: <>

● Pat Woh Association Malaysia (馬來西亞八和會館)
Association of  Professional Cantonese Performers in Malaysia
Address : No. 12A,  Jalan Brunei Utara, Off Jalan Pudu,

55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

● Yim Yeong Tin Cantonese Opera Troupe (艳阳天粤剧团)
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (马来西亚吉隆坡)

演出地点 : 马来西亚(全国 )
Troupe leader: Mdm. Choy Yim Heong (剧团领导:蔡艳香师傅)  

Mobile number/电话: +60122995797


● Bukit Panjang Hokkien Konghuay Opera Troupe - Xiangju

Address: Bukit Panjang Hokkien Konghuay, 794 Upper Bukit Timah Road,

Singapore 678133

Tel.: 67623720 (office), 90612958 (cell)

Email: <>

● Chinese Opera Institute (新加坡戏曲学院)- Jingju, Yueju/Cantonese opera, Huangmei xi, Chaoju, Qiongju, Gezai xi

Address: Singapore

● Chinese opera performances in Singapore

● Chinese Theatre Circle (敦煌劇坊)

Sponsors performances every Friday and Saturday

Address: Chinese Opera Teahouse, 5 Smith Street, Singapore 058919 (Chinatown)

Tel.: 63234862, 96302886

● Kong Chow Wui Koon - Yueju/Cantonese opera

Address: 321 New Bridge Road, Singapore 088758 (新加坡冈州会馆,新桥路门牌三百二十一号)

Tel.: (65) 62239806

Fax: (65) 62232596

Email: <>

● Singapore Chinese Opera Museum (新加坡华族戏曲博物馆)

Address: 100 Sultan Plaza #01-27, Singapore 199001

Tel.: 62923393

Email: <>

● Tung On Wui Kun - Yueju/Cantonese opera

Address: 21 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089835

Tel.: (65) 6223 4416

Fax: (65) 6224 5668

Email: <>


~~~Kaohsiung 高雄~~~

● Chun Mei Opera Troupe (春美歌劇團) [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Tel.: (07) 766-7922

Email: <>

● Kaohsiung Fengshan Yiren Opera Company (高雄鳳山藝人歌劇團) [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Placeholder: Information forthcoming.

● Taiwan Yu Opera Company (台湾豫剧团) - [Yuju - 豫剧]

Address: Zuoying District, Shijian Lu #102, Kaohsiung 81343, Taiwan (左營區實踐路102號)

Tel.: 07-5828753

~~~Miaoli County~~~

● Rom-Shing and Hakka Opera (榮興客家採茶劇團) [Hakka / Kejia Opera 客家/菜茶剧]

Address:  Fengfuli Silin Xindong Lu 47/1, Houlong, Miaoli County, Taiwan 35649 (苗栗縣後龍鎮豐富里4鄰新東路47之1號)

Tel.: +886 3 772 5099, 730262

Email: <>

~~~Nantou 南投~~~

● Ming Chu Women's Opera Company (明珠女子歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Dunhe Lu, Daming Alley, Lane 7, #9, Caochun, Nantou County, Taiwan 542 (南投縣草屯鎮敦和路大明巷七弄九號, 542)

Tel.: +49 2320 627

Email: <>

~~~Pingtung County~~~

● Shen-Xian Taiwanese Opera Troupe (神仙歌仔戲團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Pingtung Country, Taiwan (屏東縣)

Tel.: 0915-168609, 0953-389056, 08-7757261, 08-7752945!oIbamd.GRUUdtK5qZTc-

~~~Taichung 台中~~~

● Guoguang Taiwanese Opera Company (國光歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Rehe Lu, Third Section, #192, Taichung, Taiwan (台中市熱河路三段192號)

Tel.: 手機/cell:0910-427878 家電/landline:04-2245-3370

Fax: 04-2243-9939

Email:  <>!J5HROhmTQkWGgJtMew1WS6Q-/

● Taichung Ming Li Yuan Beiguan Company (台中明梨園北管團) - [Beiguan 北管]

Address: Taichung, Taiwan

Tel.: +886 928 341 355

Email: <>

~~~Tainan 太南~~~

● Ming Feng Qin Taiwanese Opera Troupe (明鳳琴歌仔戲) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Tainan, Taiwan

Tel.: 0970038555!22iKaeiTQEelYaMgZGTHdUj99A--

● Shiang-Cheng Taiwanese Opera Troupe (鄉城歌仔戲劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Yunong Lu, Lane 345, Alley 5, #2, 1st Floor, Tainan, Taiwan (台南市裕農路345巷5弄2號1樓)

Tel.: 0929-603152

Email: <>

● Shiukim Taiwanese Opera Company (秀琴歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Chongshan First Road, #66, 14th Floor, Tainan, Taiwan (台南市崇善一街66號14樓之一)

Email: <>

● Tainan Ying Yi Taiwanese Opera Troupe (鶯藝歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

General Manager, Lin Jin-Ying 團主林金鶯

Address: Tainan, Taiwan

Tel.: 06 2684295, 06 2684419

Email: <>

There are three associated troupes:

-Tainan Wen-Jun Taiwanese Opera Troupe. Luo Wen-Jun, manager. Tel.: 09 37666167 台南文君歌仔戲[錄音團].團主羅文君 电话0937666167

-Tainan Luo Family Opera Troupe. Luo Yu-Zhong, manager. Tel.: 09 38694364 台南 羅家班戲劇團. 團主 羅育忠. 0938694364

-Wen-Xi Taiwanese Opera Troupe.  Tel.: 09 29853221. 文惜歌劇團 0929853221/

● Wei-Lin Taiwanese Opera Troupe (威霖歌劇團) - [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Tainan, Taiwan

● Wei Shan Taiwanese Opera (為善歌仔戲) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Bo'ai Jie #61, Xiaying Township, Tainan County, Taiwan (台南縣下營鄉博愛街61號)

Tel.: ﹝06﹞689-4488

Fax: ﹝06﹞689-4486

Email: <>

~~~Taipei 台北~~~

● Chen Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Troupe (陳美雲歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Sanchong District, Zhongyin Nan Lu #98, Xinbei, Taipei County, Taiwan 24142 (新北市三重區中央南路98號)

Tel.: +886 2 2978 9566

Email: <>

● Contemporary Legend Theatre (當代傳奇劇場) [Beijing Opera 京剧]

Address #1:No. 40, 3F-1, Ting Zhou Road Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan 10077 10075

Tel.: +886 2 2369 2616

Fax: +886 2 2369 2667

Address: #2 Zhongzheng District, Ningbo West Street #72 (use Exit 2 from the Chiang Kai Shek Hall subway stop) 台北市中正區寧波西街72號(近牯嶺街口,中正紀念堂捷運站2號出口)

Tel.: +886 02-2392-3868

Fax: +886 02-2392-3867

Email: <> (English)

● Dadaochen Theater (大稻埕戲苑)

Address: No. 21迪化街一段 (Dihua Lu, First Section) Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103.

Tel.: +886 2 2556 9101

[Gezai xi 歌仔戏, Nanguan 南管, Puppet theater 布袋戏, Beiguan 北管, and Kunqu 昆曲.  Auditorium is on the 9th floor.  Puppet theater and museum is on the 8th floor.]

● Formosa-Zephyr Opera Troupe (臺灣春風歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

● Gang-a-tsui Theater (江之翠劇場)  - [Nanguan 南管]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Tel.: +886  2 2253 9712

Email: <>

● GuoGuang Opera Company (國光劇場) [Beijing opera 京剧]

Address: 5F., No. 77, Sec. 3, Muzha Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City 116, Taiwan (台北市文山區木柵路三段77號5樓)

Tel.: +886-2-29383567

Most performances are a block away@the  

Taiwan School for Opera, Mushan District (台灣戲曲學院木柵校區)

No. 8之1號, Lane 66, Section 3, Mùshān Road, Wenshan District , Taipei City, Taiwan 116

Tel.: +886 2 2936 7231

● HanTang YueFu (漢唐樂府) [Nanguan 南管]

Address:  6F, No. 287-1, Ziqiang Rd., Danshui Town, New Taipei City 25162, Taiwan (新北市淡水區自強路287-1號6樓)

Tel.:     886-2-28093890-1 (O), 886-2-28093822 (F)

Email: <>

● Han-Yang Beiguan Opera Company (漢陽北管劇團) [Beiguan 北管]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

● High Sun Taiwanese Opera (海山戲館) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Longjiang Lu, Lane 281, #3, B1, Taipei, Taiwan, 104 (104 台北市龍江路281巷3號B1)

Tel.: +886 02-25162318

● Holo Taiwanese Opera (河洛歌子戲團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Beitou District, Bade Lu, Lane 120, #21, 2nd Floor, Taipei, Taiwan 11259 (北投區立德路120巷21號2樓,11259)

Tel.: +886 02-2896-1338

Email: <>

● Hongsheng Opera Company (宏聲歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

● Lanting Kunqu Opera Troupe (蘭庭崑劇團) [Kunqu 昆曲]

Address: Liaoning Jie, Lane 185, Alley 7, #3, 2nd floor, Taipei, Taiwan 10487 (台北市遼寧街185巷7弄3號2樓,10487)

Tel.: +886 02-8770-5509

Email: <>

● Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Cultural Group (明華園戲劇總團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Wanhua District, Dali Jie #132-7 Taipei, Taiwan 108 (萬華區大理街132-7號)

Tel.: +886 02-2306-2121

Email: <>

● Mingxia Taiwanese Opera Company (明霞歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Tel.: +886 02-27608890

Email: <>


● Minkuan Taiwanese Opera Troupe (民權歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Banqiao District, Rui'an Jie #60, 7th Floor, Xinbei, Taiwan 220 (新北市板橋區瑞安街60號7樓, 220)

Tel.: +886 (02)2968-8841

Email: <>

● National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (國立臺灣戲曲學院)

Neihu Branch: Neihu Lu, Second Section, #177, Taipei, Taiwan 11464 (台北市內湖路二段177號)

Tel.:+886 (02) 2796-2666

Muzha Branch: Muzha Lu, Third Section, Lane 66, No. 8/1,  Taipei, Taiwan 11648 (台北市木柵路三段66巷8之1號 )

Tel.: +886 (02) 2936-7231

● New Xieying Taiwanese Opera Troupe (新協興歌劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Placeholder: further information to follow!ArZT7IqBQE4PSH1mZSwrRaYKFg--/

● Chen Hwang Chuangyi Taiwanese Opera Troupe (千凰創意劇團) [Gezaixi / 歌仔戏]

Email: <>, <>

● Shadow Legend Opera Company 影子傳奇劇團 [Shadow Puppet Theater 皮影戲]

Address: Wanhua District, Qingnian Lu, Lane 30, #6, 9th Floor, Room 2, Taipei, Taiwan 108 (台北市萬華區青年路30巷6號9樓之2)

Tel.: 0928-117-467 ; 0911-228-150

Email: <>

● Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre (台北新劇團) [Beijing opera 京剧]

Address:110 B1, 3 Sung-Shou Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Tel.: +886-2-2722-4302, ext.7504

Email: <>

● Taipei Puppet Theater (台北木偶劇團) [Puppet theater 布袋戏]

Address: Bali District, Dingliao Second Street, Lane 121, #18-28, Xinbei, Taiwan 24946 (新北市八里區頂寮二街121巷18-28號)

Tel.: 886-2-26181948

Fax: 886-2-26182171

Email: <

● Taiwan Kun Opera Company (臺灣崑劇團) [Kunqu 昆曲]

Address: Wenshan District, Xinglong Lu, Second Section, Lane 95, #8, 10th floor, Taiwan, Taipei 11687 (文山區興隆路二段95巷8號10樓)

Tel.: +886 (02) 2934-6110

Email: <>

● Taiwan Opera (台灣歌仔戲班劇團) [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Zhongshang Lu, Second Section, Lane 491, #12, First Floor, Banqiao, Taipei County, Taiwan (台北縣板橋市中山路二段491巷12號1樓)

Tel.: +886 (02) 2956-7716

Email: <>


● TaipeiEYE (臺北戲棚) [Mixed programs]

Address: Taiwan Cement Hall, 113 Zhongshan North Road, Sec. 2, Taipei City (Jinzhou Street entrance; nearest MRT Station: Shuanglian), Taiwan

Tel.: +886-2-2568-2677

● Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company (唐美雲歌仔戲團) [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Tel.: +886 (02) 2949-5005

Email: <>

● Wenhe Legend Opera Company (文和傳奇戲劇團) - Hakka Opera (客家剧)

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Email: <>!lQnrhDmRGB4LNdlDgFkT8tCksQ--

● Wuayi Taiwanese Opera Troupe (華藝戲劇團)  [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

● Xiao Fei Xia Taiwanese Opera Troupe (小飛霞歌劇團)  [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

● Xinfu Taiwanese Opera Troupe (薪傳歌仔戲劇團)  [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Shilin District, Chongqing North Road, Fourth Section, #97, 3rd floor,  Taipei, Taiwan 11165 (台北市士林區重慶北路四段97號3樓, 111-65)

Tel.: +886 02-28122121

Email: <>

● Xinxin Nanguan Ensemble (心心南管樂坊) [Nanguan 南管]

Address: Datong District, Xingcheng Jie, Lane 10, #16, 1st Floor.  Taipei, Taiwan 103.  103 台北市大區興城街10巷16號1樓

Tel.: +886 02-25578239

Fax: +886 02-25578907

● Xiqu Center Taiwan (臺灣戲曲中心)

Address:  Taipei, Taiwan
Tel.: +886 2 8866 9600

Email: <>

● Xu Ya Fen Taiwanese Opera Troupe (許亞芬歌子戲劇坊)  [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Chongqing North Road, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan 10371 (10371台北市重慶北路三段)

Tel.: +886 02-2585-5022

Email: <>

● Yan Le Xuan Beiguan Opera Troupe (延樂軒北管劇團) - [Beiguan 北管]

Address: Luzhou District, Chang An Street #248, 6th Floor, Taipei County, Xinbei City, Taiwan (新北市蘆洲區長安街248號6樓)

Tel.: (02) 2629-1669

Fax: (02) 2621-2110

● Ye Lizhu Three Sisters Taiwanese Opera Troupe (葉麗珠三姐妹劇團) [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Placeholder.  Updated information forthcoming

● Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe (一心戲劇團)  [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Tel.: 0930-312-428(簡小姐)

● Zhishan Elegant Taiwanese Opera Company (芝山雅韻戲劇團)  [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Address: Taipei, Taiwan

Email: <>

~~~Yilan 宜蘭~~~

● Wuyuan Opera Company / Xiuxian Taiwanese Opera (悟遠劇坊-休閒歌仔戲之家)  [Gezaixi 歌仔戏]

Tel.: 09 86242156, 09 86062765


● Sai Yong Hong Giah Tuang 賽榮豐劇團 ไซ้ย่งฮงเกียะท้วง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao Dong Zian Sung Heng 老中正順興 เล่าตงเจี่ยสูงเฮง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Die Giah Dong Zian Sung Hiang 潮劇中正順香 เตียเกียะตงเจี่ยสูงเฮียง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Sing Dong Zian Sung Hiang 新中正順香 ซิงตงเจี่ยสูงเฮียง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

Email: <>

● Lao I Lai Heng 老怡梨興  เล่าอี่ไล้เฮง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Sing I Lai Heng 新怡梨興 ซิงอี่ไล้เฮง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● I Lai Heng Giah Tuang 怡梨興劇團 อี่ไล้เฮงเกียะท้วง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Die Giah I Lai Heng 潮劇怡梨興 เตี่ยเกียะ อี่ไล้เฮง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Sheng Ghoi Die Giah Tuang  升藝潮劇團 เซงโหง่ยเตี่ยเกียะท้วง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao Bhuang Ni Cung 老萬年春 เล่าบ่วงนี้ชุน [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao Bhuang Ni Heng 老萬年興 เล่าบ้วนนี้เฮง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao Bhuang Ni Giah Tuang 老萬年劇團 เล่าบ่วงนี้เกียะท้วง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao Sai Poh Heng 老賽寶豐 เล่าไซ้ป้อฮง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Sai Poh Heng Die Giah Tuang 賽寶豐潮劇團 ไซ้ป้อฮงเตียเกียะท้วง  [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao San Zian Sung 老三正順 เล่าซาเจียสูง  [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao Gheg Lao Cung 老玉楼春 เล่าเง็กเล่าชุน [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Chae Lang Gheg Lao Cung 青囊玉楼春 แชลั่งเง็กเล่าชุน [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Tai Dong Giah Tuang 泰中剧团 ไท้ตงเกียะท้วง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Lao Buay Jia Heng 老梅正興 เล่าบ้วยเจียเฮง [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● Sing I Lai Cung 新怡梨春 ซิงอี่ไล้ชุน [Chaoju/Teochew Opera 潮剧]

● 金龙琼剧团 คณะมังกรทอง [Hainan Opera/Qiongju 琼剧]

● 二南琼剧团 คณะยี่หน่ำ [Hainan Opera/Qiongju 琼剧]

● 南艺琼剧团 คณะนำศิลป์ [Hainan Opera/Qiongju 琼剧]


~~~New South Wales: Sydney~~~

● Australia China Peking Opera Group

~~~Victoria: Melbourne~~~

● Gangzhou Society Cantonese Opera Group (Gangzhou Yueju Quyishe, 冈州粤剧曲艺社 or 澳洲墨尔本冈州粤剧曲艺社)


~~~Ontario: Mississauga~~~

● Chinese Opera Group Toronto (多倫多國劇社) - Jingju

Address: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

~~~Ontario: Toronto~~~

● Starlight Chinese Opera (寶新聲劇團) - Yueju/Cantonese opera, Jingju

Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


~~~California: Monterey Park~~~

● Chinese Kwun Opera Society (美西崑曲研究社) - Kunqu

Address: Monterey Park, California, United States

~~~California: Oakland~~~

● California Cantonese Opera Troupe (加州實驗音樂曲藝團) - Yueju/Cantonese opera

Co-founded by Jeffrey K. Wong (黄国山) and Rickson Cheng

Address: Oakland, California, United States

● Red Bean Cantonese Opera (紅荳戲曲) - Yueju/Cantonese opera

Address: Oakland, California, United States

~~~California: Sunnyvale~~~

● Cantonese Opera Association - Silicon Valley (矽谷粵劇研究會) - Yueju/Cantonese opera

Address: Sunnyvale, California, United States

~~~Maryland: Silver Spring~~~

● The Society of Kunqu Arts (崑曲藝術研習社) - Kunqu

Address: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

~~~Massachusetts: Boston~~~

● Gwan Jee Lau (君子樓) - Cantonese opera club

● Gwong Dong (廣東音樂社) - Cantonese opera club

● Mass Pike Towers Tenant Association (公路村文娛組) - Cantonese opera club

● Ngon Leung (安良; Chinatown Merchants Association) - Cantonese opera club

● Que Shing Chinese Music and Opera Group (僑聲音樂劇社) - Cantonese opera club and company

Address: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

● SamSing (心聲) - Cantonese opera club

● Sin Ngai (仙藝) - Cantonese opera club

~~~Massachusetts: Newton~~~

● Chat Yin Ngok Yuen (七絃樂苑) - Cantonese opera club

~~~Massachusetts: Quincy~~~

● Canton Music Association (廣東音藝硏究社) - Cantonese opera club

● Ngai Ching (藝青) - Cantonese opera club

~~~New York: New York~~~

● The Kunqu Society (海外崑曲社) - [Kunqu 昆曲]

Address: Whitestone, Queens, New York, New York, United States

● The New York Chinese Opera Society 纽约梨园社 [Beijing opera 京剧]

Address: NYCOS Office (Attn: Office Manager) 120 Broadway, Suite 3650, New York, New York 10271

Tel.: (917) 951-5964

Twitter: @NYCOS1, @NYCOSYouth

● New York Ok Wan Cantonese Opera Song Society  紐約樂韻曲藝社 [Cantonese Opera 粤剧]

Address: 24 Pell St., 2nd Floor, Chinatown, New York, NY 10013 紐約華埠披露街24號二樓, 10013

Tel: (845)-309-3570

Email: <>

● Tong Xiao Ling Chinese Opera Ensemble 童小苓剧场公演 [Beijing Opera 京剧]

Address: New York, New York, United States

Tel.: 646-286-3327

Email: <>


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