197. Mai and magic

 Mai-san and the previous Demon Lord―

 talked using fists, unfolding strong offense and defense.

「As one would expect of captain, those are frightful offense and defense.」

 Aya continually admires the movements of Mai-san.

 However, Mai-san has gradually become the one in defensive.


 Captain has gradually come in a pinch.」

 The previous Demon Lord has probably begun to use【Body reinforcement magic】.

 Although Mai-san resists somehow or another, her situation gradually getting worse and worse.


 Mai-san, a girl mustn't say『shit』!

 In order to overturn the pinch, Mai-san who became irritated―

 let out her『trump card』!

「【Exploding fist】!!」

 The previous Demon Lord was surprised at the flame that suddenly went toward his face―

 he leaned his body backward, managing to dodge the flame.

「There's an opening!!」

 Taking advantage of the opening, Mai-san let out an『axe kick』toward the previous Demon Lord's face!

「Very good, enough!」

 The previous Demon Lord blocked the axe kick―

 took just enough distance and released his stance.

 It seems the talking using fists is over.

「However, fire magic is rare!

 As expected of my grandchild!」

 Mai-san is praised for her【Exploding fist】and her mouth breaks into a smile.


 why did you not use【Body reinforcement magic】?」

「What is it? That【Body reinforcement magic】!?」

「You mean, you don't know what【body reinforcement magic】is!?」


「I say, Mai.

 I know that you are strong in your own way.

 However, you'll become stronger if you use【body reinforcement magic】.」


「Yeah, did you not learn【body reinforcement magic】properly?」

「Since there wasn't anyone who could use magic around me......」

「I see, you grew up in a human country. No wonder......

 How about this? Would you like me to train you for a while?」

「Er, well. No.

 I can't stay here for a long time......」

「I see.」

「I'll come again once I can use【Body reinforcement magic】and becomes stronger.」

「Umu, I'm waiting.」

 Mai-san and the previous Demon Lord shook hands tightly.

 Rather than grandfather and granddaughter―

 this is something like sports.


 When we left the house of the previous Demon Lord―

 we came into a tea shop and have a little rest.

「Captain's fight was amazing~.」


 Mai-san is somehow a little down.

 I wonder what's wrong?

 At such a time like this, she is not going to cheer up even if she sees a beautiful demonkind onee-san's horn!

「Captain, what's wrong?」


 A teardrop from Mai-san's eyes......

「Mai-san, what happened?」



「What is frustrating?

 You've won against the previous Demon Lord...your ojii-san!」

「He was holding back......」

 She noticed, huh......

 After a while......

 When Mai-san raised her face with *ku*―

「I have a favor to ask, onii-san.」

「What is it?」

「I want to become stronger.

 So that ojii-san won't hold back......

 No, so that I can win!」

「O-, Oh.」

「Please teach me『magic』!」


 No, but......」


 I'll do anything you want!!」

 Huh? Seriously!?


「N?  Yes, what is it?」

「That bit under your nose is getting longer!」

 I continued to talk while covering the lower area of my nose with my hand.

「I have to ask everyone's opinion......

 hey, what do you think everyone?」

「I will follow Seiji-sama's decision.」

「I will also follow Seiji-onii-san.」

 Elena and Hilda are like this.

「I approved~.

 The adventure seems to be fun if it's with captain.」

 It will roughly be decided by my opinion in the end......

 The current main members are―

 Elena and Hilda as rear guard and Aya and me as the vanguard.

 There's going to be three vanguards once Mai-san joins, huh.

 Is it fine, I wonder.

 But, the problem is......

「I have one concern, Mai-san.」

「What is it?」


 It's about Yurie-san.」


 Isn't this unrelated to Yurie-kun?」

「Well, in order to learn magic―

 you need to act together with us on Sundays and Saturdays every week.

 Then, Yurie-san will become like the odd one out......」

「I see......

 that seems to be troublesome.」

「You should bring Yurie-san along too~.」

「Aya, that's still......」

「What's wrong with it?」

「Absolutely nothing―

 Let her lick the horn of the beautiful demonkind onee-san!

 That's what you're proposing, right?」

「Although it's Yurie-san, there's no guarantee that she'll do that, right?」

 No, I know it!

 I'm sure it will be so!!