The NLS Pre-Launch Quick Start Guide!

*If you are a free member, and have not upgraded yet, you are currently being passed up right now, and your sponsor is not going to be able to help you build your organization.  So make sure you make a quick move on the information below.  This is not called a quick start guide for nothing ;)

1. The Amazing Products

Click here to view the products.

2. $50/month Now Lifestyle Member

50% immediate upfront payout.

40% goes to the binary.

Example income for you.

$25 payout x 10 members = $250/month

$25 payout x 50 members = $1,250/month

$25 payout x 100 members = $2,500/month

Binary payout:

Hundreds of thousands when done right.

3. $997 NLS University

40% direct commission

10% level one

10% level two

20% goes to the binary.

Level 1:

$400 payout x 10 members = $4,000

$400 payout x 50 members = $20,000

$400 payout x 100 members = $40,000

Level 2:

$100 payout x 10 members = $1,000

$100 payout x 50 members = $5,000

$100 payout x 100 members = $10,000

Level 3:

$100 payout x 10 members = $1,000

$100 payout x 50 members = $5,000

$100 payout x 100 members = $10,000

Binary payout:

Hundreds of thousands when done right.

4. The Binary

The binary is where your long term residual income will be created.  It’s slow and steady who wins the race in business, so don’t expect your binary to blow up quickly, but DO EXPECT through hard work, and consistency, that your binary will build so big that you will finally be able to “semi retire” in a way.  Where you won’t have to constantly grind, and you can just relax and watch the income roll in.

Click here for a detailed video on how the Binary works.

5. The “Coming Soon” or “Available Now” health products.

The image below is just to show you an example, these are not the final look or names yet.

20% direct, 5% second level is the current thought of commissions.


6.. Upgrade now & read my 3 simple steps.

Upgrade now and make sure you read my document on the 3 simple steps it will take for you to get your bank account right so money stops controlling your life.

Click here to access the document.

7. Now that you have upgraded, it’s time to take action.

1. Go to the reseller tools.

2. Go to the promo links/cpa stats.

3. Promote the pages.

Always promote the latest and greatest marketing pages because those are the pages and videos that will be seen all around the internet at the time.

Click here to download the marketing videos.

Remember to always watch the leaders inside of Now Lifestyle to see what they said, and how they are promoting.  You learned that in my 3 simple steps, you learned that was ALL I did when I started online, was copying the leaders, and paying attention to what they were doing.  Why?  They are making money, so they are doing something right… period, end of story.

Post on (facebook, youtube, instagram, linkedin, twitter, etc)

Post a new marketing video 3-5 times per week.

Post a new NLS capture page 3-5 times per week.  

Post a new entrepreneur/motivating status update 3-5 times per week.

Share Joel Therien fresh facebook page videos daily, steal whatever you need!

Pay attention to how I post and market on facebook daily, steal whatever you need!

Remember, I am not the only leader inside of NLS, go to our facebook group and follow the leaders!

This business is going to treat you how you treat it, if you “barely try” in this business, then you will barely make money.  The sad part is, it’s so easy, and so many people fail because they allow other people to drag them down in life.  Remember, if you wouldn’t gladly trade places with the person you are taking advice from, then stop listening to them right away.

Click here and make sure you read my 3 simple steps.

8.  Here is some quick copy and paste for an email, social media, text message etc...

Subject: How are you?


Hey my friend,

How are you?

I hope you are having a great day!

Ok, so random question, I just started my own online business, that is basically like an Amazon dot com for entrepreneurs, and part of my getting started training is to give three people my affiliate link everyday, so I can get their feedback on my new business.

Here is my affiliate link,

(affiliate link goes here)

You should be able to click that link above, or copy and paste it into your browser to check it out.  

Oh and an “affiliate link” is just my very own business website that was setup for me, right after I started my new business.

I am super excited about my new business because I just found out that hundreds of thousands of people are making a great part time, and even full time income, selling products and services online that people are already buying on Amazon right now!

So with this new business, all we do is become the middleman/woman in this new online shopping experience with our great products and services, and then we make the money instead of Amazon making all of the money.

Did you know that Amazon is now worth 500 billion dollars?

Amazon is going to become the first trillion dollar company in the world, and the wild part is, the entire company is all online.

All I know is, when I started thinking about the internet more and more, I started to realize that all of these online companies like Amazon are pretty much taking over the world, so I really started to pay attention to what was happening right at my fingertips on my phone and my computer.

They say that within the next 5 years, we won’t even be going to the store anymore for groceries, we’ll just be ordering everything online, and even more than that, our refrigerators and pantries, will automatically order the food and drinks we need, and then automatically deliver it to our door without us even thinking about it.

Over the past few years, I have just realized the internet is truly taking over our lives.

I know so many people who have lost jobs to the internet now, because normal jobs just don’t need employees anymore, due to the fact, that software, combined with the internet can now replace a lot of jobs.

I mean look at the airport now, you barely even see employees there anymore, because we just check in through computers now.

The airport is just one example of the thousands of jobs the internet is taking over.

So I just really started to pay attention to this lately, simply due to the fact, that I know if I don’t pay attention to earning a living online, that eventually my job will be taken over as well.

Look, if you don’t have time to check out my affiliate link and give me feedback, no worries, that is the beauty of working an online business, because there are literally 7 billion other people online right now that I can share my link with.

Either way, please respond to this and let me know if you are checking it out, or if you just aren’t interested, because remember, I need to get at least 3 people’s feedback on my new website.  

You giving me feedback on my website will help me out so much!

Talk soon,

I hope you are having a great day!

Here is my affiliate link,

(affiliate link goes here)

You should be able to click that link above, or copy and paste it into your browser to check it out.  

(Your name goes here)

9. Message at least 25 people per day and make sure you follow up!

When you are starting a business, it’s easy to get excited to share information with people one time and expect them to get excited the first time, but did you know that NO ONE in our world usually buys or trys anything until they see it at least 7-11 times?

So if you don’t follow up on your facebook messages, emails, text messages, social media messages or however you contact people the first time, I promise you won’t win the game of creating a business that gives you true freedom.

10. Reach out to your new paid and free members and guide them.

If you don’t have a big team, there is no excuse for you to not reach out to your new team members that join Now Lifestyle, whether it’s free or paid.  You see, we were taught from school, that our hands need to be held for our level of commitment to keep going up.  

Sad?  Yes.  True?  Unfortunately.  So people will expect for you to reach out to them and guide them.

If you aren’t new, and you have a pretty big team, and list, then people will understand if you don’t reach out to them, and just keep plugging them into the back office.  For example, I can’t reach out to everyone who joins my organization because there is simply too many people, but that’s why I shoot guides and training videos like this so my assistant can at least get this in my new members hands.

Make sure you send at least 3-5 emails a week through your amazing email autoresponder in the back office, from the people who gave you their email addresses on the capture pages.

My advice is to setup 7-11 follow up emails as well, if you truly want to get some automation going, and we will teach you how to do all of that as you continue going through our training.

The good news is, we will follow up for you with all of your leads as well, who you are introducing to now lifestyle, and we will help you close sales all the time with those emails.

10. Watch all of Joel’s videos.

Watch all of Joel's videos about mindset, working out, etc, the more you become a product of the product, the more you will be able to sell this system and grow your business.  

Think about it?  You don’t buy things from people or videos, or anywhere, unless you see people using them before you purchased it.  This doesn’t mean that if you don’t do exactly what is taught in the backend you will fail, this just means work your best to become the best product of the product you can.

11.  Post value.

Post value on your social media that make people want to see you again, and come back to your pages.  If you are posting negative things, political things, or things they run across every single day, everywhere, no one is going to care about ya.

Follow the leaders of the community if you want to learn how to consistently post marketing and value.

12. Paid advertising/Free Advertising.

Guaranteed paid sign ups,

Facebook advertising,

Instagram advertising,

Solo advertising,

13. The “Amazon” Marketing thought process works.

-Compare what we do to amazon to open up people's minds.

-I make money online by selling products and services just like amazon.

-Have you ever bought anything on amazon?

-Have you ever bought anything online?

-We pay bigger commission percentage because we don’t have as much overhead as amazon.

-You don’t have to do anything, selling etc, and just put a link in front of people's faces, it is that simple.

-Hey rockstar, may I show you something that I am super excited about?  I value your opinion on it.

Click here to see a conversation I had on facebook.

14. Post your results in the fb group and become an active member.

Don’t be shy, stop by daily, welcome new members, interact and engage everyday, and post your results of the workouts, supplements, and like I teach you on my 3 steps guide, you need to keep your mind absorbed inside a community of winners, if you want to win!

15. Remember, do it for others, and not yourself.

Click here to watch a video from my multi-million dollar Momma.

There is a lot more coming soon…

Remember how many years you went to school?  

It was over two decades for most of you, so don’t expect to come in here and win in your first day, week, or even month, AND YES, some of you will, but if you take this seriously, and keep taking action daily for the next 6 months, I guarantee, even if you are brand new to this, after the 6 month mark, you will be pulling in the income that you need to replace your full time income and get to experience this freedom us full time online entrepreneurs get to enjoy almost everyday.