#14 - For Azeroth!: “#14 - For Azeroth!: “The Dragon Aspects”


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Fel Kitty raises over $2.5 Million dollars for Make a Wish

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WoW’s Monthly Active Users are up

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Love is in the Air 2017

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Creation of the Dragon Aspects

After the fall of the Black Empire and the ordering of Azeroth (Episode 8 of FAZ), the Pantheon departed Azeroth, leaving the Keepers in charge of the World. The imprisonment of the Old Gods allowed life on the world to flourish, but soon a new power would rise to threaten Azeroth.


Creation of the Dragonflights 

Alternate/Lesser Dragonflights

Fate of the Aspects



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Greetings Garrett and Jocelyn

Jubikus here and i was listening to your podcast and when you mentioned the next expansion i got ideas for the next races they could add alongside it.

First up is Ogres. Contrary to what i think most people would immediately think, I believe Ogres should be the Alliance race. My main reason for this is Ogres and Orcs have had a long history as enemies so it makes sense for them to be of use to the alliance.The other reason for this race being alliance is the alliance could use another race that wasn't of titan origin.

Next we have the horde race of the Vry'kul. This race fits really well into the horde as their ancestry-based spirituality, and their reverence for honor on the battlefield are are extremely similar to orcs. Another reason i would like this race to be horde is simply the closest thing the horde have to a race that descended from titan constructs is the forsaken and that's only because humans are descended from titan constructs.

Brian L

Hello Garrett and Joce,

My name is Brian and I have been a follower of this podcast since its debut on Embrace the Spoilers, even though, at the time, I had not played WoW. The only experience I had with Warcraft was Warcraft 3, the cinematics, and all of the lore stuff my buddy kept telling me about whenever we were in a car together. I started listening to this podcast, developed more interest, then bit the bullet when my buddy got me a gift card for a first month of WoW. Since Warlock was all he ever talked about, and some of my other friends said I would be disowned if I chose Horde, I started leveling a human Affliction Warlock and can proudly say that as of yesterday I have finally hit max level and am starting Suramar. Yay!

My question is, what should I do next? I have realized that I am a huge lore nerd, and spending time on my meteor in the twisting nether-I mean class hall- has shown that I get really involved in all the small storylines. What would you recommend? I am going to do Suramar, but should I go back and do old content, (and if so, what should I look for), or should I focus on pvp, or 5mans, or raids?

Thank you for doing this show, without it I doubt I would have gotten either the courage or drive to start playing WoW in the first place.

Btw are all of the other class halls as badass as the Warlock one?


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