Mrs.Hill’s  6th Grade Class   

Math & Science

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The link in RED are the lessons in your packet that you will be getting next. There are two links on this packet. You will get the printed copy. These Google Slides have videos to help refresh your memory on each task and a copy of the work. It also has the answer key because we want you to make sure you are still doing these skills correctly. Please try to continue to do a little work each day.  Please stay safe. I miss seeing you guys and make sure you go to the google classroom if you have questions or need your Prodigy Username or password.

6th Grade Math Packet #4A

6th Grade Math  Packet #4B

Hill TN Ready Review   Packet #1

Eakins TN Ready Review Packet #1

Geometry Packet #2

6th Grade Math  Packet #3

Chapter 1 GCF & LCM & Ratios - If you click on this it will take you to all of the videos and information for this Chapter

Chapter 2 Fractions, Decimals, & Percents - This takes you to all the videos and links for Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers -Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide Decimals Videos

Chapter 4 Multiply and Divide Fractions Videos

Chapter 5 Integers and the Coordinate Plane Videos

Chapter 6 Expressions Videos

Chapter 7 Equations Videos

Chapter 8

Functions & Inequalities Videos

Chapter 9 AREA Videos

Chapter 10 Volume and Surface Area Videos

Chapter 11 Statistical Measures Videos

Chapter 12 Statistics

6th Grade Math   TN Ready Week 35

6th Grade Math TN Ready Review Week 36

6th Grade Math TN Ready Review Week 37

Geometry Review 

Prodigy  - Students have log-in information so they can use this site to help with anything they may not understand.

Reflex Math is also available for students to do. This site will help them get better at multiplication.

The following links are the Google Slides that we would have used in class for the last Unit of Science. No work is in your take home pack for this.  Enjoy reading the notes you will not have to take :)

Weather - Links

Unit 8 Lesson 1 Elements of Weather; pages 458-466

Unit 8 Lesson 2 Clouds and Cloud Formation; Pages 470-480

Unit 8 Lesson 3 What Influences Weather? Pages 488-500

Unit 8 Lesson 4 Severe Weather & Weather Safety; Pages 504-516