TERM 4 :

My Term four highlights, first i’m going to explain all our trips that I liked, first of all my favourite trip was going to Farm Cove Intermediate because I got to see what my new school would be like and because I saw some of the old Year sixes (who are now year 8).

My second highlight would probably be visiting Pakuranga Intermediate because I saw some more old year sixes and we ACTUALLY got to join in with the activities like their custom tennis game (which I completely ruined).

My favourite student teacher probably would’ve been Whea(Fire) Annabel, because she was nice and mostly because she taught me a lot about angles and also she would kind of let us be free when Matua Faenza was teaching the class.

My Reflection :

I found this fun because I had to reflect.  I think I could make this more detailed but I don’t know how.  My next step is to ACTUALLY use different words to describe.