This is a quick start guide for setting up your Infinite Campus account. The full length guide can be found here.

Student Portal Sign In

To sign in to the Infinite Campus Portal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Username
  1. Enter your Password
  1. Click on Sign In

At this point you may be asked to re-enter your information. The screen should look similar to this:

Fill in the requested information.

Student will be forced to change their password

  1. Enter New Password
  1.  Verify New Password by retyping the password used above
  2. Enter Current Password 

During setup, you will be asked to update your security preferences. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Answering these questions will allow you to self-reset your password, should you forget it.

Selecting “Yes” will direct the user to the User Settings editor where preferences can be set (see image below). Selecting “Not Now” will allow the user to access their account, however, the Update Your Security Preferences confirmation screen will continue to appear for the user each time they log into their account. After the third login, the user will be forced to update their security preferences.

In order for a user to recover their forgotten password, a valid Security Email address must be provided and eight Dislike and Like images must be selected. Dislike and Like images are used to confirm the user's identity during password recovery.

Users must select eight Dislike images and eight Like imagines in order to save. The email address entered must be valid in order to recover a forgotten password.

The 8 Like and Dislike images are used for confirming your identity during recovery and reset of your account password. You are NOT expected to identify all 8 Like or Dislike images during the password recovery process. Instead, you will be asked to identify 4 Like or Dislike images based on the 8 Like and Dislike images set in your security preferences.

For a list of frequently asked questions related to Campus user account passwords and the password reset process, see the
Password Reset FAQ article.

Problems AFTER your account has been created:

Once you’ve created an account, if you forget your password, username or have other issues logging in, please return to the portal ( and click on the applicable link circled in red below.