Anti Bullying

RIS fosters a school environment that is warm and caring, safe and comfortable. Bullying is not accepted within this community at RIS.

Bullying is repeated violent and/or nonviolent, verbal and/or non-verbal, actions that cause fear, distress or harm, committed by an individual or group towards a less powerful individual or individuals.

Students who are bullied suffer repeated harmful actions from other students or groups of students. These actions may take place in classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, canteens, toilets, buses; in fact anywhere inside or outside school.

Examples of bullying include:

The school encourages all members of the school community to report incidences of bullying. Students should be able to trust and confide in teachers, administrators, siblings and parents who in turn can help the student report the matter. The school understands that students are often afraid to report and will implement protective measures. The safety of the student who reports the incident of bullying will be addressed by the student being part of decision making process as it relates to future action.

Depending on the nature and severity of the incident reactive measures will include counseling, parent involvement and possible consequences, ranging from detention through to expulsion.

Please refer to the following sites for more information on bullying.