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Head Coaches must be at least 18 years old and Assistant Coaches must be at least 15 years old by June 1st of the upcoming season.

The following certifications are required of coaches serving on deck at any JSL sanctioned event:

ALL coaches on deck during JSL sanctioned events must have current certifications in the following:

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ALL coaches, 18 years old and older prior to June 1st of the upcoming  season on deck during JSL sanctioned events must have

-        a criminal background check by a JSL approved provider

Get a Criminal Background Check Here

At least ONE coach from each team on deck during JSL sanctioned events must have

-        a current Lifeguarding certification

Note that Federal Law and JSL require 15 year old Assistant Coaches to have a current lifeguard certification.

Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard Training Recertification


Coaches who are currently lifeguard certified and whose certification does NOT expire before the end of the season, are eligible to only take the online portion of the "Safety Training for Swim Coaches" at a cost of $25.00 and not do any in-water training at ACAC.  Do NOT contact ACAC as JSL will NOT pay for a lifeguard-certified coach to take the in-water training at ACAC.   JSL no longer reimburses coaches for the $25.00 online portion of Safety Training for Swim Coaches, but will pay ACAC for the in-water portion.  JSL will not pay any other providers for the in-water portion.

Coaches who are currently USAS certified meet all of JSL requirements except lifeguarding.

1.  Go to  www.usaswimming.org/deck-pass.

2.  Sign onto your Coaches Deck Pass Account.

3.  Look on the left side of the your Deck Pass page and you’ll see the option for your membership card.

4.  Click on that link.

5.  Create a pdf of your USAS ID.

6.  Email to advisor@jsl.org

More Information on how to sign up for various certifications may be found here:

JSL Coaches Certification Sign-up Instructions


You may direct any questions to Bob Garland at (434) 293-2045 or advisor@jsl.org.