(Originally published 4/11/14)

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced visual artist, there are good rules to follow when looking for your next opportunity to sell or show your artwork.

Due to the many free technology services that are available, organizations can connect with larger audiences more effectively.

Some organizations choose not to use these resources and may have good reasons for doing so, but a savvy visual artist must question how well that organization can promote their artwork.

Here are a few things to consider when applying for calls-for-artists in a technology friendly environment:

This applies to submitting payments as well.  Mailing checks creates another barrier to entry.  There are many types of free (or almost free) secure payment systems.

Consider: Who owns the submissions once they have been sent in? Does your artwork translate to their medium? How will you be compensated and recognized as the artist?

Consider: What is their primary value proposition (it is most likely not promoting and selling artwork)?  Do their values align with your artwork? Do they have a factual quantitative track record for selling and showing artwork?

Making good decisions about which calls to apply to will translate to promoting and selling your artwork and crafts more effectively.