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Become An AYSO Team Parent

The AYSO Team Parent is a pivotal part of every team. They are the coach's assistant, cheerleader and traffic director all in one. These are things you will already be doing if your child is on the team, so take it one more step and help the entire team operate more smoothly!

Every coach needs help arranging snacks and water for games, making calls when rain or snow makes practice impractical, and keeping an energetic team in line on the sidelines. You're making a difference for a whole team - a team that includes your child. It's a great way to make your child's team a family experience!

Another important role a Team Parent can play is the unofficial Kids Zone™ representative at every game. Kids Zone™ is one of the ways AYSO makes sure all its players and volunteers are having fun. The program encourages spectators to use good language, show good sportsmanship in attitude and behavior, and create an enjoyable day for every player. The Kids Zone™ button, parent pledge form and sign, remind those on the sidelines to act appropriately, and a Team Parent can wear and share these important tools with everybody watching the game.

Please step up at the beginning of the season and offer the coach your help as Team Parent!

One Call Now

Update is $42.42 for 25 numbers for 6 mos that can be split up between fall and spring season if we can get 8 teams to sign up. Contact Debbie Farmer if you would like to take part in this special price. This is less than $4 for a U12 team and a great way to get information out to your team quickly.


We’ve received some questions about the new AYSO-Shutterfly Team Share site program. We’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions link to better explain it. We believe it will answer most of your concerns.

Please visit AYSO-Shutterfly Team Share Site FAQ.

If you don’t find your question or concern addressed, email it to with “Shutterfly Question” in the subject line. We will get the answer and add it to the FAQ.

Thanks for your help in supporting the Shutterfly sponsorship program. This is a new benefit that AYSO coaches and families will find very handy, but its success will depend on the help of our volunteer leadership. If your Region forms its teams in eAYSO, please help us encourage your coaches to activate the team sites. They can hand it off to the Team Parent or another volunteer to manage, but the coach is the only consistent team contact in eAYSO.

Thanks for your help and support!

Lynn Berling-Manuel

Chief Marketing Officer

American Youth Soccer Organization