WFCA Elections 2017

WFCA Spring Elections are right around the corner. With all that currently faces high school football in our state, now would be great time to get involved in the decision making process and serve the WFCA in one of the positions up for election. The 2017 Spring Election is for the positions of President Elect, Northern Vice President, and District Reps for the EVEN numbered districts. All positions are three-year terms. Please refer to the WFCA website to determine what district your school is in.

Responsibilities for the President Elect (6-Year Term) include:

Responsibilities for the Northern Vice President (3-Year Term) include:

District Rep (3-Year Term) responsibilities include:

Nomination and Voting Process as Follows:

Nomination Process

All Candidates should self-nominate themselves. E-mail your intent to Tony Biolo, WFCA President, at 

Please provide the following information:


All voting will be done on the WFCA Website,

Members can access the Election link from the e-mail that will be sent to your school’s Head Coach.

Once you enter the Election link, you will be asked to supply your Name, E-Mail, & School. The elections you are eligible for will pop up for you to vote in. For instance, Northern Districts (1-12) will vote for NVP, Pres. Elect & respective Dist. Election, if EVEN District.  The Southern Districts will vote for President Elect and their Dist. Reps (if EVEN Dist.).


The following time-line will be observed:

Now – March 30th : Candidates nominate themselves by e-mailing Tony Biolo ( ) the above information.

April 3rd – April 14th  : WFCA members can vote by entering the WFCA website ( Election link. Please refer to the above voting information to cast your vote(s).

April 17th: Election results will be available on the website.