Jack: And that’s it!

Twilight: You just created a gun that turns humans into ponies?

Jack: Yes! It also turns ponies into humans.

Twilight: I want to know how you made it.

Jack: I pulled it out of another dimension. I wanted this gun, and I wanted to test my dimension gate.

Twilight: Which parallel dimension?

Jack: The one where I decided to make a gun that turns humans into ponies.

Meanwhile in a parallel dimension...

Jack: Twilight, have you seen my gun that turns humans into ponies?

Twilight: You took it and left.

Jack: No I didn’t!

Twilight: The dimension gate is open.

Meanwhile back in our dimension...

Jack: So I just took it.

Twilight: You really just stole a gun from yourself. WHY?

Jack: I couldn’t make it myself!

Twilight: How does that work?

Jack: Think of it like a Venn diagram. You have two universes, those are the two circles. They overlap in certain areas; certain events happen in both universes. This crossover happens to be a weak spot in both universes. I made a device that makes a bridge over this weak spot.

Twilight: That sort of explains it.

(A tarantula scurries into the room, being chased by Fluttershy.)

Fluttershy: Oh Harry! Come back! Please? Oh, hi Jack, Twilight. I was just chasing my new pet tarantula, and he came in here.

(Doors slam shut)

Ryan (From TV): Hello! I have a fic here. Say hello to Fluttershy Becomes a Bathtub!

(Buzzer goes off)

All: We’ve got story sign!


Fluttershy awoke in a room that was darker than usual. She at least expected it to be light outside. As she tried to get out of bed, she noticed something felt odd.

Jack: She was a unicorn!

A light switch was flipped on randomly. Fluttershy soon realized that something really was wrong.

Fluttershy: I saw I was in another ponies bed.

She felt her heavy porcelain body bear weight on her four brass legs. She began to really freak out, in her head she was thinking ‘Oh no, no no no. Where am I? Why am I so cold?’

Twilight: Because it’s winter and you left the door open.

Jack: I really can't stay - Baby it's cold outside

I've got to go away - Baby it's cold outside

This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in

So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice.

She tried to shiver, but her body didn't react to her mind’s message. She was looking around in panic and could only see Pinkie Pie through a door way, and she was reading the paper and sipping on her normal over sweetened coffee. ‘Oh thank goodness, Pinkie is here.’

Fluttershy: Nothing ever goes wrong when Pinkie’s here!

Fluttershy tried to alert Pinkie that she was there. She finally noticed that she couldn't speak either. She began to freak out and tried so hard to move, but failed at the attempts.

Fluttershy: I wonder why.

She quickly looked down and could only see white porcelain that met up with a white tile. She felt a breeze of wind blow her curtains a little, and she began to become extremely embarrassed. She felt oddly nude, not the kind one pony would normally feel.

Jack: You are a bathtub.

Her eyes looked around to see a toilet and a sink with a mirror. The walls were a light yellow, and she could see a green shower curtain draped over the side of her new body. Gummy was asleep in his bed near the door.

Pinkie: As opposed to his bed under the sink and above the heater.

‘Oh, my…’ She calmed down a little, and tried to see what else she could feel. Before she could do any of that, Pinkie Pie yelled out.

“Bath Time! Hey Gummy are you ready to get all wet?!?”

Jack: Must. Resist. Joke.

Pinkie set down her coffee mug and paper, jumped up, and hopped over towards Fluttershy. Pinkie closed the door behind her and picked gummy up in her mouth by the tail. They hopped closer to Fluttershy. Pinkie tossed Gummy towards Fluttershy. ‘Eep! Why do I feel gummy’s feet inside me!’ Fluttershy was terrified, she had woken up to some sort of nightmare, only it was real.

Fluttershy: This is strange.

Then Fluttershy felt Pinkie’s hoove touch Fluttershy's insides; it made Fluttershy very uncomfortable. She felt such a churning sensation as she heard a squeak from a chrome handle. The turning of the handle felt uncomfortably arousing.


She felt fluids begin to rush up and out of her pipes, and slowly fill her body with warmth. The warm rushing water coming out of her faucet felt relaxing and arousing. Pinkie then turned another handle, and Fluttershy then felt a cooling sensation in her pipes. The water turned from a hot, to a warm which relaxed Fluttershy a lot more.

Jack: She’s relaxed now, not turned on?

Fluttershy was still extremely embarrassed and in her head she kept telling Pinkie to stop. She was unable to do any of that,

Fluttershy: Because I’m a bathtub.

and had to sit there and be filled with such a warm yet cooling sensation. Pinkie stepped inside Fluttershy and carefully let herself into the water. ‘My Pinkie is so warm’

Jack: I don’t want to know about your warm pinkie.

 Fluttershy would have shuttered at that thought, but she was unable to. As the warm water filled her up, she felt Pinkie and Gummy playing inside of her. Pinkie then dunked her head inside the water, Fluttershy felt a moment of ecstasy as the water slowly rose higher inside of her.

Twilight: How does that work?

Jack: I don’t know.

She was becoming increasingly embarrassed along with the increase in arousal.

Pinkie proceeded to add bubbles into Fluttershy’s fluid. The bubbles tickled Fluttershy’s insides as Pinkie churned around her fluids. It quickly began to turn Fluttershy on a little, as Pinkie slid her hooves up and down the opening of Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: Um, what?

Gummy was swimming under the water, making small waves inside of her, making the fluid inside her constantly move around and churn. Fluttershy could barely stand this type of teasing anymore. She was ready to burst but unable to do anything about it.

Jack: Because she’s a bathtub.

Pinkie began to scrub her hair and went deep into Fluttershy to rinse off the soap in her fluid. Fluttershy could barely contain herself anymore. She would have done anything to be out of this situation.

Fluttershy: “Excuse me, I’d like to be out of this situation, please.”

She was embarrassed beyond belief, but wanted more of it because her insides were just tingling with the warmth. She was a bath tub of ecstacy and became rather aroused as Pinkie flopped her leg over the side of her giant opening.

Jack: Okay then...

Pinkie let out a sigh, and there were still small waves and fluid movement being made by Gummy. Fluttershy was beginning to calm down as she got used to the ecstasy being made by the large amount of bubbly fluid inside of her. In fact she was starting to enjoy it.

Fluttershy: Of course I am.

Pinkie then stood up and began to wash her body, small drips of watery soap went running down the sides of Fluttershy. She had begun to get riled up at this new feeling of tickling trickling soapy substance flowing down her sides.

Pinkie: Do bathtubs really think like this? I wonder...

Pinkie then jumped deep into Fluttershy, making Fluttershy wince a little. It didn’t hurt, but her fluid went everywhere and was dripping down her sides. The warm fluid filled her up and she wanted to tremble in light of this extrodinary amount of arousal.

Jack: So she winced in pleasure. Just say that.

However, she was unable to do such a thing. Pinkie came up for breath, causing more fluid to splash and form waves. Fluttershy had begun to enjoy this type of sexual teasing. She doesn’t want to contain herself anymore; all of this teasing was driving her wild.

‘Oh my goodness’ Pinkie then

Jack: So did Fluttershy say that, or did Pinkie?

started to create waves by bobbing up and down playing with Gummy. Flutterhshy felt her fluids begin to slowly pour down her sides as they escaped her giant opening.

Pinkie: OH MAI!

She was begging to crack under the pressure; she just wanted more and more ecstasy filled wonder. She wanted to be back to normal to make this type of pleasure go away in one giant orgasm. Being a bath tub, she was unable to fulfill this desire.

Fluttershy: I’m fine with reading about myself as a bathtub, but not me getting off to my friend.

Pinkie finally stopped the waves, and put Gummy out of the tub. She then pulled the drain plug. Fluttershy was relieved, but still wanted more. Now she felt her fluid escape through her drain in a vortex, and she felt the water rush down her. It wsa moment of relief, but she was still extremely aroused.

Jack: Wsa? What’s that?

Pinkie: The Western Swimming Academy! Don’t know what that has to do with the rest of the sentence...

“Had a fun bath time Gummy?” Pinkie hopped out of the shower. She was wet, her hair was flat and dripping, and she shook out the bubbly fluid that was inside Fluttershy. Fluttershy was extremely embarrassed to see her friend like this, to feel her friend pleasure her so deeply.

Jack: She’s a bathtub! Pinkie won’t know it’s her!

Embarrassed she closed her eyes.

Fluttershy opened them thirty minutes later back in her bed. Looking around in panic, she soon calmed down and thought ‘oh it was just a dream.’

“That was no dream, my sweet Fluttershy” Discord’s face appeared on her ceiling. He then morphed out of it and hovered above Fluttershy.


David Tennant: BARROWMAN!

Jack: What?

David: Barrowman. Everything is his fault.

John Barrowman: David. I’ve got cake.

David: WOO HOO!

“Discord, I should have known. You’re such a meanie face.” Fluttershy blushed terribly.

Jack: Reason?

“Ah, you don’t have to lie to little ole me. I know how amazing that felt to you. I’m sorry it was all teasing, but I figured you could find pleasure out of that.” Discord gave Fluttershy an innocent smile.

Fluttershy: Perfect plan. No flaws!

“No, I…” Fluttershy paused “Well, I actually didn’t mind that too bad…” Fluttershy looked away and was extremely red.

“Oh good! I’m so glad to give that little gift to you. After all I am your friend now. Who said friends can’t have some fun with each other.”

Jack: Woah Discord! Back away from the Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: It’s very nice of you to be worried about my safety.

Jack: It’s what friends are for.

Discord wrapped his arms around Fluttershy and gave her a hug.

“That isn’t exactly fun to me…”

Pinkie: “But I’d like to do that again.”

Fluttershy was still bright red “But, I wouldn’t mind doing that every once in a while, if that's okay with you.” She looked down in her red state. Fluttershy didn’t want to do it again but it was unlike any feeling she had ever gotten before. It felt so amazing to her that next time she might just close her eyes or something and would just focus on the feeling.

Fluttershy: I might try to get Discord to do this to me. I’d like to be Jack’s computer.

Jack: What did you say?

Fluttershy: Nothing!

“Well, just let me know when and with whom.” Discord smiled and then disappeared. “until then!” his voice trailed off to create some more mischievous adventures.

Jack: And sequel hook.


Ryan (From TV): So, how was that?

Jack: That was... different.

Fluttershy: I don’t like reading about me getting off to my friends, even non-directly.

Pinkie: It was weird. Why would Discord turn Fluttershy into a bathtub?

Ryan: Anyway. Pinkie, you can take control of the riffs here. I’ll be leaving. (Walks out of picture, leaving the door open on his way out. Doors open and Pinkie leaves. She walks into frame.)

Fluttershy: Jack, did you check the front doors?

Jack: Oh, I need to do that. (Walks out of the room.)

Fluttershy: Pinkie, I don’t know how to tell him how I feel about him.

Pinkie (From TV): You’ll think of something.

Fluttershy: But I’m too nervous to say it.

Pinkie: Just make some subtle and not-so-subtle hints about your feelings. Sit next to him. Agree with him more. When he tells a bad joke, don’t hit him as much. You know, things he’ll notice.

Fluttershy: Okay, I’ll do it.

Jack (Walking back in): I fixed it. So Pinkie, how did you get across town so fast?

Pinkie: I don’t know. I just did.

Fluttershy: Jack, can we watch some more Doctor Who? We still need to finish the Tennant era.

Jack: Sure. I’ll get the CD out.

Pinkie: I’ll leave you to it.

(TV turns off with a blip.)