Evernote Check List

Complete each of the tasks below. Once you’ve accomplished the task, place an “X” in the box to the right.


Create an Evernote account at and log in. You may need to verify your email address (Remember your password).

Download the Evernote App to your Chromebook: 

Download the Evernote Web Clipper: 

Log into the Evernote Web Clipper

Create a Notebook called “Tech Essentials.”

Create at least one more Notebook for a different class (math, social studies, etc.)

Create a stack of your classes by dragging on notebook on top of another and call it “GBS.”

Use the Web Clipper to “bookmark” the class website into the “Tech Essentials” Notebook. Add the Tag “Curriculum”

Create a new text note called: “Unit 1 - Research and Information Fluency - Notes”

***Bonus*** download the mobile app for your mobile device