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We are more than excited to get to see all of our athletes and their families and to be getting back in the gym!

As always everyone's health and safety is most important.  We will be practicing very strategic cleaning and class structure as we always have and will continue to do.

We all know the saying “change is hard” however we couldn't be more excited about getting back TOGETHER:) and to be implementing some lasting changes that will raise safety & awareness. And the fun that we are going to have working to implement new systems with our amazing families has us even more pumped up !!!

You will notice a few differences when you return and to make for a strong, smooth experience for everyone we have a few things that you can expect listed below...


 * Awesome Elbows *

* Happy Hands Station *

* The floor set up will be different *

* Warm Ups will run a little different *

NOTE: As always we host open enrollment year round with no contracts so it is always the best time to get started and if you need to discontinue classes for any reason you can do so. (see discontinuation policy below)

As we know life is beautiful and ever changing. Our class structure is designed so that our athletes are trained as individuals that learn and grow in their own amazing way.  With that being so we are able to make changes to your athletes' classes at any time to fit the needs of your family.  

As we work hard to keep a consistent schedule our classes do tend to fluctuate every now and then, mainly due to changes in multiple families schedules at once that we experience for things like ball, dance and/or summer break starting and/or stopping to name a few.

If there is going to be a change to your class we will reach out to set up an alternate date and time that works for you. And we are always happy and able to make changes to your class at any time as needed to make your life as smooth as possible.

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All active or future PowerHouse athletes must have proof of accepted policies on their account.

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