MAY 2017  Ms. Kelly and Ms. Patecha

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*CEMCO Teacher Appreciation Week*

April 30th - May 5th

Let’s show how much we appreciate our teachers and teacher assistants for their dedication to our children.

Sunday April 30 - Sidewalk Chalk Sunday: Cover the sidewalks with messages to our teachers and assistants!  No Crayon or markers please!!

Monday, May 1st - Bring a Breakfast Dish: Drop off a dish for a delicious breakfast for our teachers and assistants.. Label all dishes/utensils so we may return them to you.

Tuesday, May 2nd - Say it in a note: Students send in homemade cards/note to say thank you.

Wednesday , May 3rd - Make their day: Students bring in flowers for their teachers and assistants.

Thursday, May 4th - A cool afternoon cool treat teachers and all staff provided by the


Friday May 5th - Lunch with a gift is provided to all teachers and staff , courtesy of the PTO

LE 5 is in need of:




  Thank you LE5 families!!!