(Philip) Cross-Referencing

If you find any Kamm tweets about people posted on the same day Cross edits their Wikipedia page please inform twitter.com/_jrvansant or twitter.com/Reg_Left_Media so we can add it to the list.

Confirmed names Oliver Kamm has tweeted about on the same day Philip Cross has edited their page:

Chris Hedges, Max Mosley, Mark Wadsworth, Peter Oborne, LabourLeave, David Ward, Ken Loach, Nick Timothy, Alex Salmond, Nafeez Ahmed, Owen Jones, Diane Abbott, Tim Hayward, Piers Robinson, Craig Murray, Alex Nunns, Glenn Greenwald, Media Lens, "Douma Chemical Attack", Robert Fisk (edited a day before, not the same day), George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn, Media Lens, Seumas Milne, Edward S. Herman, Paul Flynn, Afshin Rattansi, Mo Ansar, John Pilger, Andrew Murray, Jim Fetzer (tweeted the day before, not the same day).

Also notable: Neil Clark, who has had his wikipedia page deleted so cannot check this.

Note the list below is most definitely not definitive: there are many many more unlisted.


Same day Kamm tweets/Cross edits.

Chris Hedges

November 16, 2016: 9:30 am — Kamm tweets out regarding Chris Hedges, the only time he has done so. Two and a half hours later Philip Cross edits Hedges’ Wiki 14 Times that same day. (Tweet — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/798819958327164928) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Chris_Hedges&max=500&server=enwiki)

Max Mosley

February 27, 2018: 1:11pm — Kamm tweets about Max Mosley. Philip Cross spends all the next editing Mosley’s Wiki. (Tweet — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/968594388057280513) (Wiki- https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Max_Mosley&server=enwiki&max=)

Mark Wadsworth

April 26/27/28th, 2018 — Cross edits Marc Wadsworth’s wiki approximately 40 times. During the 27/28th of April Kamm tweets out three times re Wadsworth. (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Marc_Wadsworth&max=500&server=enwiki) (Tweet — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/989913742132633600)

Peter Oborne

21st November, 2016: Kamm sends out two attack tweets re Peter Oborne. Cross spends the next four days making over 70 edits to Oborne’s Wiki. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/800664809394044928) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Peter_Oborne&max=500&server=enwiki)

Labour Leave

29th July, 2017 — Kamm tweets out to Labour leave, warning “I’m not the sort of pundit who just lets this behaviour lie.” The next day Cross edits Labour Leave’s Wiki. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/891408284577615874) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Peter_Oborne&max=500&server=enwiki)

David Ward

April 25, 2017 — Kamm tweets a series of attacks against former Lib Dem MP David Ward over two days. During those same days Cross makes nearly 80 edits on Ward’s Wiki. Cross’s first edit precedes Kamm’s tweet.

(Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/856953949907288069) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=David_Ward_%28British_politician%29&max=500&server=enwiki)

Ken Loach

26th September, 2017 — Over the next two days Cross makes a small number of edits to Ken Loach’s Wiki. On the 27th, Kamm tweets re Loach. (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Ken_Loach&max=500&server=enwiki) (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/912966136974757893)

Nick Timothy

8th Feb 2018, 12:21pm -12:44pm: Cross makes 5 edits to Nick Timothy’s Wiki *6 minutes later* 12:50pm: Kamm tweets regarding Timothy. 13:23pm: Cross makes a final edit.The New Statesman article that Kamm links to in his tweet, is added to Timothy’s Wiki page only 7 minutes before Cross takes over editing and 36 minutes before Kamm first tweets it. (Wiki- https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Nick_Timothy&max=500&server=enwiki) (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/961583106120667137)

Alex Salmond

10/11 November, 2017: Kamm tweets links to articles written by him and others re Alex Salmond. 11 November, 2017: Cross makes over 30 amendments to Salmond’s Wiki that day. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/929257009060417536) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Alex_Salmond&max=500&server=enwiki)

Nafeez Ahmed

17 December 2015: Nafeez Ahmed insults Kamm twice and Kamm responds. The final tweet from Ahmed coming at 5:50pm. *10 minutes later* At 6pm: Cross starts editing Ahmed’s Wiki and continues to do so for the next two days. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/677544342953816064) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Nafeez_Mosaddeq_Ahmed&max=500&server=enwiki)

Owen Jones

20th April 2018: Kamm wants to know what comment Owen Jones has made. Cross then amends Jones’ Wiki over the next two days. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/987319297814028294)

29th June, 2017: Kamm again moans that he can’t see what is being said about Jones. Cross then amends Jones’ wiki the very next day. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/880545781609975808)

12th January 2016: Kamm posts to an economist article criticising Jones. During this day and the next three days Cross makes 6 amendments Jones’ Wiki. The first of which was 44 minutes before Kamm’s tweet.

(Twitter -https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/686844077321633792)

(Wiki —  https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Owen_Jones_%28writer%29&max=500&server=enwiki)

Diane Abbott

28th May, 2017. Kamm tweets “Diane Abbott is unfit for public office let alone the Home Office.” Same day Cross then edits abbott’s wikipedia page 14 times. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/868748711626715141) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Diane_Abbott&max=500&server=enwiki)

Tim Hayward and Piers Robinson

19th April, 2018 —  Edits are made on both Tim Hayward’s and Piers Robinson’s Wiki Pages following The Times’ useful idiots article. The next day Tim Hayward and Piers Robinson are attacked by Kamm on Twitter. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/987406964220194816 / https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/987405524005277697) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Piers_Robinson&max=500&server=enwiki / https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Tim_Hayward_%28academic%29&server=enwiki&max=)

Douma Chemical Attack

18th April, 2018: Kamm tweets about Douma chemical attack after hit piece in The Times. Over the next few days 21 edits on the Douma Chemical Attack Wiki. (Twitter — https://t.co/YndDC25o85) (Wiki- https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Douma_chemical_attack&server=enwiki&max=)

Craig Murray and Julian Assange

6th March 2018: Kamm tweets “I’m not sorry to have been brutal about Murray on our first (and doubtless last) encounter.” with an radio link. Cross edits Craig Murray wiki page 6 times that day and twice the next.

(Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/971017274722258945) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Craig_Murray&server=enwiki&max=)

19th May, 2017: Kamm shares article on Assange and links interview with Craig Murray. “And I debated the point with the absurd Assange supporter Craig Murray.” Cross edits Julian Assange’s page 8 times.

20th May: Cross edits murray’s page 6 times. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/865512256448090114) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Craig_Murray&server=enwiki&max= / https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Julian_Assange&max=500&server=enwiki)

3rd January, 2017: Kamm tweets “Given that Assange’s defenders include Craig Murray, who I debated here, I doubt they’re capable of embarrassment.” cross edits Craig Murrays page twice. (Twitter: https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/816249659811385344) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Craig_Murray&server=enwiki&max=)

Alex Nunns

6th June, 2017 — Kamm has twitter spat with Alex Nunns, defending The Times. That same day Cross edits Nunns’ Wiki page four times. (Twitter — https://twitter.com/alexnunns/status/871866861998272515) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Alex_Nunns&max=500&server=enwiki)

Glenn Greenwald

19th April, 2018 — Glenn Greenwald has a go at Kamm on Twitter, brings up Iraq war. The next day Cross edits, Glenn’s wiki four times.

(Twitter — https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/986930168634765313) (Wiki — https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Glenn_Greenwald&max=500&server=enwiki)

Robert Fisk

17th April, 2018—Cross edits Fisk's page 6 times.

18 April, 2018—Kamm shares article attacking Fisk’s Douma report.



George Galloway

Thread on Galloway (will transcribe later), contains five separate incidents. Two edited by Cross before Kamm’s tweet on the same day in the ones I’ve found.



Jeremy Corbyn

11 August, 2017—Kamm tweets about Corbyn a lot, including one tweet at 2:11pm. At 2:24pm Cross edits Corbyn’s page 4 times.

(Twitter—https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/895996031229460481) (Wiki—https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Jeremy_Corbyn&max=500&server=enwiki)

Media Lens

82 Cross edits on the same day as Kamm tweets. Far, far more (240++) on neighbouring days. Collected here, will transcribe later. https://pastebin.com/E9Q3SfDi 


Seumas Milne

29th October, 2015—Kamm attacks Seumas Milne, citing a Neil Clark article in two tweets before 2pm. Four hours later Cross makes 9 edits to Milnes Wiki, the last being at 8:19pm. Six minutes later Kamm then tweets one final time re Milne.

Screenshots of Kamm’s tweets: https://twitter.com/Reg_Left_Media/status/999997161805877249

23rd October, 2015—Cross spends day making 17 edits to Seumas Milne's wiki. He has a break between 1:19pm & 4:46pm. Kamm tweets citing Milne at 1:45pm. About four hours after the final Wiki edit, two more Twitter attacks on Milne from Kamm. 24 more edits the next day.

Screenshots of Kamm’s tweets: https://twitter.com/Reg_Left_Media/status/1000002886661758976 

20th October, 2015Cross makes close to 20 edits of Seumas Milne's Wiki, the final one coming at 8:19pm. 11 minutes later at 8:31pm Kamm tweets attacking Milne.



Edward S. Herman

20th April, 2018—Cross edits Edward S. Herman’s page at 7:51pm. At 8:10pm Kamm tweets as part of a thread attacking Philip Hammond, Tim Hayward and Piers Robinson, saying “I have myself written about Edward S. Herman, who died last year. I termed him a racist, misogynistic fraudster & genocide denier. He never visited Bosnia but he systematically defamed the victims of Srebrenica massacre by denying they ever existed.”



Paul Flynn

23rd November, 2015—Kamm tweets “I'll be blowed. I helpfully told @PaulFlynnMP he'd innocently [my word] RTd a Holocaust denier. He responds by blocking me. Unwise, comrade.” at 6:03pm. Starting from 6:32pm Cross makes 8 edits of Paul Flynn’s wikipedia page.



Afshin Rattansi

7th October, 2015—Kamm tweets, deriding @afshinrattansi for insulting @bbclaurak. 3 hours later Cross makes four edits to Rattansi's Wiki.



Mo Ansar

25th January, 2016—Kamm jumps into a thread where @MoAnsar is being challenged by Hadley Freeman. Mystery man confronts Kamm and Kamm responds. Kamm's last tweet at 6:12pm. One minute later, 6:13pm, Cross begins to edit and for the next hour makes 11 changes to Ansar's wiki.



John Pilger

26th August, 2016—Cross makes a series of edits to @johnpilger's wiki page, the final edit at 11:27am. Ten minutes later Kamm starts a 20-tweet thread attacking Pilger, finishing at 12:11pm. An hour later Cross begins a series of further edits.



Other Cross-reference events

Andrew Murray

Full thread here: https://twitter.com/ricarduscaseus/status/1001108714936459264 

Murray’s page has 126 edits from Cross, 41% of total page edits.

27 October 2015 

04:14 to 04:17, Kamm tweets three times about @apdmurray and his book "The Communist Party of Great Britain: A Historical Analysis to 1941".

11:45-11:55 Philip Cross edits Murray's page 5 times.


9th September, 2016—Philip Cross restarts work on Wikipedia page of Andrew Murray @apdmurray after 8 months. Adds hostile quote calling Murray a Stalinist, "reliable source" Nick Cohen's arse in the Spectator.

19th September, 2016—At 12:01am The Times publishes a hit piece against Murray by Kamm. The angle is Stalinism. At 1:26am Kamm tweets the article. At 9:39am Cross edits Murray’s page 6 times and cites this article as a “reliable source”, quoting an insult.


14th May, 2017—Kamm tweets link to his 2016 Times hit-piece on Murray and screenshots (presumably his own) new anti-Murray leader at The Times ("Stalin's Sycophant").


15th May, 2017 

07:02 - 20:49 Cross edits Murray’s page 9 times.

23:32 Kamm tweets a link to leader for the 16th May.


16th May, 2017 12:01 Times officially publishes the leader

23:42  Another Kamm hate tweet against Murray.


17th May, 2017 

01:42, 06:29, 06:43, 07:15, Kamm tweets 4 times sneering at Murray's privileged background including aristocratic ancestry, giving source. (One of the tweets linked, more in the thread linked at the beginning of this section.)

11:08-22:00 Philip Cross edits page to add Kamm's "source for full name, DoB & er, [sic] background" (per his edit summary)


7th June, 2017 Kamm tweets 5 times bashing Corbyn's circle for supposed communism including retweeting his CapX hit piece against Murray


9th-10th June, 2017 Cross edits Murray's page 8 times, adding further communism references.

Jim Fetzer

7th September, 2016 Kamm tweets “The "expert" interviewee is Truther & Holocaust denier James Fetzer.”


8th September, 2016 Cross edits Fetzer’s page seven times.


Peter Wilby

3rd December, 2016. 7.04pm - Kamm can't help but have a dig at ex NS editor (who oversaw Neil Clark's time at NS) @WilbyPeter 8.39pm - Cross 'tidies' Wilby's Wiki page.

The next time Kamm tweets about Wilby:

20th March 2017, 6:27pm - Kamm has another dig. The next time Cross edits Wilby: 20th March, 2017, 8.04pm - Cross obliges with another edit.

31st May, 2018. 12.18 pm @leftworks1 mentions in his research on Cross he has found editing by him relating to @WilbyPeter. *16 mins later* 12:34pm Cross begins some heavy editing on Wilby's Wiki.





Gilad Atzmon/John Mearsheimer

26th September, 2011. 8.22pm: Kamm not happy thay John Mearsheimer defends @GiladAtzmon. *5 mins later* 8.27pm - 9.00pm: Cross makes his first ever edits to Mearsheimer's Wiki page. *half an hour later* Cross goes on to makes three edits to the Wiki page of @GiladAtzmon

27th September, 2011. Kamm makes 3-tweet thread re @GiladAtzmon. Later that day Cross makes a series of edits to Atzmon's Wiki.






28th November, 2016. 

12.32pm - 12.58pm: Kamm tweets, and gets into a conversation decrying Paul Nuttall of UKIP's views on abortion.

12.59pm - 1.05pm Cross makes five edits to Nuttalls Wiki

1.05pm - 1.20pm. Kamm resumes his Twitter conversations re Nuttall & Abortion.


5th February, 2017. 

5.35pm: Kamm retweets someone making fun of Paul Nuttall's atire and joins in with a dig of his own. Just over an hour later, Cross makes five significant edits to Nuttall's Wiki page.


WIKI - https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Paul_Nuttall&max=500&server=enwiki


11th December, 2011. 

1.09pm Kamm tweets out link to an article of a "propagandist" praising Seymour Hersh.

*40 mins later* Cross makes his first ever edits on Hersh's Wiki. Spending an hour making 12 amendments.




23rd & 24th October, 2014. Kamm sends out his first ever tweets to @rustyrockets, tweeting links to poor reviews of his book.

25th - 29th October, 2014. Cross spends the next four days making over 25 edits to Brand's Wiki page.


1st November, 2014. 

1.10pm - Cross makes two edits (adds nearly 800 words) to @rustyrockets' Wiki page.

*4.5 hours later* Kamm tweets, calling Brand a "buffoon".


WIKI- https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Russell_Brand&max=500&server=enwiki


2nd December, 2014. 

Kamm jumps into a thread on @Nigel_Farage and UKIP, stating "Will certainly do what I can to persuade British Jews that UKIP is not for them.

*1 day later* Cross makes 7 edits to Farage's Wiki page.


WIKI - https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Nigel_Farage&max=500&server=enwiki


10th March, 2017.

3.49pm Philip Cross edits the Wiki page of @KTHopkins. *6 mins later*

3.55pm Kamms mate Nick Cohen starts a thread on Hopkins.

*Approx an hour later*

5.00pm Kamm jumps in on the thread with his two cents worth.  


2nd January, 2017.

AM. Kamm refers to @KTHopkins in a Twitter disagreement.

PM. Cross makes two edits to Hopkins's Wiki page.


WIKI - https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Katie_Hopkins&max=500&server=enwiki


20th of January, 2012.

1.54pm - 2.07 pm: Cross makes 6 edits to Press TV's Wiki page.

*2.5 hours later* Kamm tweets out mentioning Press TV.

Later that same night, Cross makes two more edits - he will eventually make a total of thirty over that four day period.




26th March, 2016. 11.05am - Kamm tweets about @BorisJohnson's chequered past.

*4 hours later*

Cross spends the next hour and a half making seven edits to Johnson's Wiki page.



Kate Buffery

6th March 2018—Kate Buffery shares a Craig Murray article about Sergei Skripal.


7th March 2018—Cross edits Buffery’s page 6 times.

25th May 2018—Kate Buffery posts in a Twitter discussion about Philip Cross about the edit above at 1:11am. From 10:49am until 12:15pm Cross edits her page 7 times.



Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett.
18th April 2018—Kamm tweets about Bartlett. “... though you'll never have heard of her, it's far from the first time she's ventilated these conspiracy theories.”


20th, 28th April 2018 and 4th, 12th May 2018—Kamm attacks @VanessaBeeley on Twitter on over "Media on Trial" conference.

“Here, inter very much alia, is Tim Hayward of Edinburgh Univ describing himself as a "respected academic". He admits he has "great respect" for one Vanessa Beeley, who our leader described as an obscure blogger & obsequious pro-Assad activist.”

“Diana Darke, a genuine expert, referred to obscure blogger Vanessa Beeley as "some sort of lunatic woman" for her calumnies against White Helmets.”

“...Likewise the pro-Assad blogger Vanessa Beeley complaining she & her comrades (incl academics we reported on last month) are victims of Zionists because Leeds Council preferred not to host their event.”

“These speakers, who will now not be appearing, are a couple of pro-Assad bloggers, Vanessa Beeley & Patrick Henningsen (who also claims Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax). Amazing they were ever invited.”

(20th April—https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/987405524005277697)

(28th April—https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/990169583251283969)

(4th May—https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/992451548197392385)

(12th May—https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/995374511842299904)

3rd May 2018—Cross edits Beeley’s page 21 times and Bartlett’s page twice.

4th May 2018—Cross edits Beeley’s page 9 times.

7th May 2018—Cross edits Beeley’s page once and Bartlett’s page once.

13th May 2018—Cross edits Beeley’s page twice and Bartlett’s page once.

14th May 2018—Cross edits Beeley’s page once and Bartlett’s page once.

(Beeley’s wiki—https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Vanessa_Beeley&max=500&server=enwiki)

(Bartlett’s wiki—https://tools.wmflabs.org/sigma/usersearch.py?name=Philip+Cross&page=Eva_Bartlett&max=500&server=enwiki)

John McDonnell

19 January 2016 Kamm twice calls McDonnell a "terrible" MP in a thread about someone else. 23 Jan, Cross edits McDonnell's page 18 times to diminish achievements as MP and leadership bids.

24 January, demotes Corbyn from leader: "no reason to mention Corbyn's current status here"

15, 18, 19 September 2016. Kamm abuses @johnmcdonnellMP on Twitter over Thatcher assassination joke. Also bitter abuse on 24, 25, 30 September.

23 September, Cross edits McDonnell's page to add second source for Thatcher joke.

Chris Williamson

20-21 August 2017, Kamm abuses @DerbyChrisW 6 times on Twitter.

23-24 August, Cross edits Chris Williamson's Wikipedia page 7 times to add hostile reshuffle links, criticism from Jess Phillips/S Creasey over women-only carriages.


23 July 2016 00:01 The Times publishes vicious hit-piece against Momentum 3:49 a.m. Kamm tweets link to Times piece saying "Corbyn is a shambolic, rather dim, man at the head of a cult" https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/756803460385898496 …

13:47 Cross edits Momentum page after 7 month break

24 July Cross edits Momentum page twice

25 July Momemtum supporter replies challenging Kamm to write about Momentum without using the word "cult."

26 July 02:43 Kamm replies with screenshot of his Times anti-Momentum hit piece of 12 October 2015 - in which "cult" is not used https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/757873947123806208 …

12:11 Cross edits Momentum page to add a link to Kamm's article and include a hostile quote from Kamm

More to look into on Momentum’s page - 106 edits by Philip Cross on Momentum (organisation) (16.56% of the total edits made to the page)

Ian Lavery

19 October 2017 "This is staggering" - Kamm quote tweets John Sweeney about 165K payment from union to Ian Lavery https://twitter.com/OliverKamm/status/921123850598875137 … 

20 October Cross edits Lavery's page 6 times. Rewrites mention from someone who got in first, adds Sweeney source, then Independent source

RT (news network)

15, 16 October 2016 Oliver Kamm tweets abuse at RT

17 October 00:01 The Times publishes Oliver Kamm attack piece against RT

03:56 Kamm tweets about his article with screenshot

04:49 Kamm tweets about RT's UK banker closing its accounts

05:06, 05:37, 07:14, 07:31, 07:42, 07:50, 07:53, 11:51 Kamm tweets against RT

15:06-15:22 Philip Cross edits RT page 4 times adding abuse from Luke Harding and Shaun Walker

18 October 00:01 The Times publishes another Kamm attack piece against RT over banking repression

00:26 Kamm tweets his latest article with an insult against RT

05:34 Kamm tweets against RT again

06:02-17:42 Cross edits page 20 times. Adds link and quote to his hit piece of 17 October. Adds hostile coverage of UK banking repression. Edit summaries are venomous.

19 October 11:19-11:28 Cross edits page thrice

12:04, 12:06 Kamm accuses RT of fake news for correctly reporting Clinton campaign rorting of primary election

20 October 04:54 Kamm tweets against RT

06:44-07:29 Cross edits page 4 times

07:30 (one minute later) Kamm tweets against RT

21 October 04:09 Cross edits page for last time in this binge

23 October Kamm tweets against RT 11 times

14 November 2016 00:01 Times publishes Kammesque leader vilifying RT

05:28 Kamm tweets against RT

06:12 Kamm tweets against RT with screenshot of leader

10:57 Kamm tweets against RT over John Wight article

13:08-13:46 Cross edits page 4 times. First tidies & joins the two (!) hateful Kamm quotes on the RT page. Then regretfully removes one citing repetition. Edit summaries abuse RT and personally insult editor M Simonyan. Adds hostile quote and link from Nick Cohen.

15 November Cross edits page for the last time in this binge

16 November Kamm tweets against RT thrice over Chris Hedges

Journalists who follow Cross on Twitter who have had their wikipedia page edited by them.

Thread: https://twitter.com/ricarduscaseus/status/1000615636089716736.