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July 27th


Thanks for supporting the softball program by having your girls participate this summer!  It has been great having them play!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

July 15th 9:00 PM

July 14th 8 AM


June 29th 7:00 AM

Tournament Brackets are available by clicking on the word “Wabasha” under Softball tournaments at the left. You can click HERE for the concession Sign-Up

June 28 7:30 AM

Based on the hourly forecast and future radar Softball practice is cancelled for this morning.  Pictures will be taken tomorrow morning.

June 22 7:20 AM

8U practice is ON this morning.  Will update later on the other age groups.

June 13th 9:41 AM

Info for the 10U and 12U Elgin Cheese Days tournaments is posted on the schedule links at the left and under the “Softball Tournament” section on the left.

June 12th 3:23 pm

The Games at Elmwood are CANCELLED for tonight.

June 12th 3 PM

At this time Elmwood has NOT called the games.  I will update this as soon as I have any changes.

June 3rd

Online schedules have been updated. Click on your age group at the left. There will still be additional 8U games added with PEM and St. Charles.  Plus there will most likely be additional games for 12U and 14U with PEM.

May 30th

Morning Practices are Tues, Wednesday and Thursday Mornings at the Wabasha City Field.

March 2017

Below is Registration information for any late registrations:

Registration for 2017 is accomplished Online (Link at the bottom of this information).

  • T-Shirts (Are the same as last year)
  • Socks (Are the same as last year)
  • Visors (Are the same as last year)

Tentative Practice and Game schedule

 Registration is completed  ONLINE with the link listed at the bottom of this page.  Just follow these steps.

For a player to be fully registered the following must be completed.

  1. The online registration must be completed. (the link available below)
  2. TWO checks:
  1. One in the amount covering registration and any Apparel items ordered written out to “WKSA”. (If you have more than one player you can combine them into ONE Registration/Apparel Check)
  2. A Second for $50 as a Concession Stand deposit written out to "WKSA". (Look at the Waiver form for details) {If you have more than one player you can combine them into ONE Concession Stand deposit}
  1. Two Signed waiver forms
  1. The “WKSA waiver/release” Form
  2. The Concession Stand “Volunteer Deposit & Policy” form
  1. The Checks and Signed Waiver forms put in an envelope addressed to "WKSA Summer Registration-Mike Schumacher"
  2. The Envelope Delivered/Dropped-Off to one of these three school Offices (St. Felix, W-K Elementary, W-K High School)

If you need to Print the two Wavier forms you can click on the following link to get a copy of them. 2017 Waiver Forms

Here is the Link to register your player(s):   Sign up link: