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7/23/18 8:50 AM

Pepin Tournament information is posted. Click on the link at the left or Click Here

7/20/18 3:00 PM

League Tournament information is posted.  Click on the link at the left or Click Here


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7/13/18 10 PM

Note: For the 12U Tournament on Sunday.  The Brackets have been updated because an eighth team did not develop so Wabasha will only have one team to make a Six-Team bracket:

Groups 1 & 2 will play the first game

Groups 2 & 3 will play the second game

Groups 1 & 3 will play the third game

Tournament updates Click Here

7/13/18 7:20

Tournament updates Click Here

First round of games start at 10AM, Second round of games start at 11AM

Concession Schedule will also run with a one hour delay.

7/13/18 5:30 AM

Tournament updates Click Here

Heading to field right now, need Grain Shovels and help carrying buckets of water.  It will all help start the tournament sooner.

6/29/18  (By Mike Schumacher)


The WK Summer Softball tournament (in its present state) is available on the left of this Menu.  It will show the the brackets and have a link for Concession Sign-up at the bottom of the page:

Here is another link to the information Click Here

Note: I will update info on July 8th when I return from Canada.

6/18/18 (By Mike Schumacher)


Updates were made to the field locations at the left but if your web browser does not show them you need to right-click in the left area and choose “Reload Frame”.



Parents, you can follow the WK Summer Softball page on facebook for weather updates and schedule updates. They will also be posted on here.


Monday’s game 7/9/18 is HOME with Durand

10U-5pm         (G1&G3

12U-5:45pm    (G1&G3)


Wednesday 7/18/18 AWAY game at Galesville

10U-6pm         (G2&G3)

12U-NO Game

14U- 7pm

All levels will play on the WK softball fields for home games!



Red                                                        White

Anna Quade                                                Arianna Hanf                                Addisyn Quade                                                Millie Anderson                                        Jorgia Oxendine                                        Rylan Gosse

Ava Stark                                                Aleaya Becker

Ava Scheel                                                Jada Fries
Ava Wingert                                                Thea Durand

Jenny Hill                                                Lucy Traun

Jess Adams                                                Aaliyah Siegele

Lilah Lackey                                                Sarah Munns

Natalie Sandwick                                        Madelyn Dornink

                                                        Emma Rieck


Group 1                                Group 2                                Group 3

Eve Pavelka                                Hailey Arens                                Lizzy Passe

Piper Wobbe                                Raegan Hoffman                        Sapphire Beisell        

Sophie Meurer                                Ava Laska                                Kassidy Juliot

Ellie Sandwick                                Elizabeth Graner                        Abby Hill                Mia Zomok                                Teagan Lillie                                Lilly Hall


Group 1                                Group 2                                Group 3

Ella Stark                                Ava Frost                                Madelynn Popham

Hannah Johnson                        Sam Gusa                                Gabrielle Jewson

Autumn Caneff                                Lauren Stumpf                                Katie Loechler

Hayden Hawkins                        Natalie Meyer                                Marnice Willers

Brielle Adams                                Gracelyn Leichtnam                        Lucy Wallerick

Rachel Kropp                                Jorja Heins                                Jaylee Freihammer

Aleiah Rieck                                Sadie Schjolberg                        Ada Walch


18U Parents:  To complete player registration do the following:

  1. Print out the waiver forms, (link at the left)
  2. Complete both waiver forms.
  3. Fill out the online Registration. (link at the left)
  4. Write out a check to “WKSA” for registration and apparel
  5. Write out a check to “WKSA” for concession deposit
  6. Put both waiver forms and both checks in and envelope addressed to “WKSA-18U registration - Mike Schumacher”
  7. Drop envelope off at W-K HS Office or directly to Coach Schumacher


Due to weather predictions Varsity will be having a morning practice meaning there will be NO coaches available. Therefore all 8u-14u practices cancelled on Wednesday May 30th


Dear Parents,

The current summer schedules are posted with the links at the left.  Note that 8U is not part of the League as the other age groups so that age group is not complete yet.  They will have home and away games as in the past with St. Charles and PEM.



Registration for 2018 is accomplished Online (Link at the bottom of this information).

  • T-Shirts (Are the same as last year)
  • Socks (Are the same as last year)
  • Visors (Are the same as last year)

Tentative Practice and Game schedule

 Registration is completed  ONLINE with the link listed at the bottom of this page.  Just follow these steps.

For a player to be fully registered the following must be completed.

  1. The online registration must be completed. (the link available below)
  2. TWO checks:
  1. One in the amount covering registration and any Apparel items ordered written out to “WKSA”. (If you have more than one player you can combine them into ONE Registration/Apparel Check)
  2. A Second for $50 as a Concession Stand deposit written out to "WKSA". (Look at the Waiver form for details) {If you have more than one player you can combine them into ONE Concession Stand deposit}
  1. Two Signed waiver forms
  1. The “WKSA waiver/release” Form
  2. The Concession Stand “Volunteer Deposit & Policy” form
  1. The Checks and Signed Waiver forms put in an envelope addressed to "WKSA Summer Registration-Dan Metcalf"
  2. The Envelope Delivered/Dropped-Off to one of these three school Offices (St. Felix, W-K Elementary, W-K High School)

If you need to Print the two Wavier forms you can click on the following link to get a copy of them. 2018 Waiver Forms

Here is the Link to register your player(s):   Sign up link: