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Working With Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening Company

When working in a garden it is essential to consider the garden owner when gardening. Normally the garden owner will prioritise for you the work that they'd like to be done and will inform you at the beginning of a visit. Feel free to make suggestions, but always respect their wishes, even if you believe something else to be a priority.

It is unlike gardening in your own garden in that you have to concentrate your efforts on areas that will make the most impact e.g. if an area needs to be weeded then save the more detailed areas to last so that the garden owner can see immediately where the changes have been made.

It is a good idea to work tidily in the garden and to allocate yourself time at the end to clear up. Also work on one job and complete it before moving onto the next job. One job well done is more obvious than lots of jobs half done.

When initially starting in a garden it is best to tidy up the existing garden before commencing on any improvements.

Once you have got the garden to a reasonably maintained standard the first thing to look at is the soil, if this needs improving then judge the amount of bags of compost you need then ask the client to order them from The Compost Centre.

When you have mulched the garden then you can look at the existing plants and see if you can divide and move any herbaceous or move any smaller shrubs to more appropriate spaces, do this only if the weather is appropriately wet.

Once you have ascertained where the spaces are then you can buy new plants and infill. If you feel confident, then in discussion with the garden owner, you can put in new beds by removing turf, improving the soil and then planting. We have a tried and tested way of deciding what plants to fill a bed so give us a call at this point and we will talk you through a way that saves you a lot of time. We found this out the hard way!

We will provide you with a monthly recommended work plan detailing pruning, feeding, weed killing and pest control. On your initial visit to a garden please take all your own tools, if you then decide to use the garden owners’ tools it is your responsibility to check that they are safe for use.

Please ensure that you provide good communication with your clients by emailing after each visit to confirm your time in the garden and the date of your next visit.  Please copy us in to all communications (even if it doesn’t seem relevant) as this will act as proof of your visit if there is ever a dispute.

We are really pleased that you have chosen to join the Grayshaw and Yeo Gardening Company and hope you enjoy gardening as much as we do.

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