2018-2019 Course Outline

COURSE:         Language and Literature: Year 1

TEACHER:        Vicroria

CONTACT:        victoria@go.islandpacific.org



Language and Literature in Year 1 of the MYP is centred around developing effective communication in English, the structure and function of language, and nurturing an appreciation for literature. Through the exploration of stories, students will examine how texts help us understand ourselves and make connections to the world around us. We will practise sharing and exploring multiple perspectives and how this can expand our thinking and help us grow. We will also develop our editing skills, and master tools to formulate and articulate viewpoints effectively.

The aims of MYP Language and Literature are to encourage and enable students to:



The following units will be covered over the course of the year.



Student Expectations

Required Materials



Island Pacific School uses the International Baccalaureate rubrics to evaluate students in reference to four distinct criteria. In this course, those criteria are as follows:


Criterion A: Analysing 

Criterion B: Organizing

Criterion C: Producing Text 

Criterion D: Using Language

For a complete list of the  MYP Language Acquisition criteria and their relevant level descriptors for  Language & Literature (Year 1), you can download a PDF from this link: http://www.ibo.org/globalassets/digital-tookit/brochures/myp-brief_language-literature_2015.pdf

For a complete description of BC’s New Curriculum Core Competencies for English 6, click https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum/english-language-arts/6