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Who does what?


What Staff Does

What JRK Does

Bank Deposits

Prepares checks for deposits, makes deposits at bank. Sends deposit reports to JRK.

Enters deposit information into QuickBooks. *Some clients handle entering deposits into Quickbooks.

AR Management Clients - JRK receives checks, posts and bank deposits.

Paying Bills (AP Management)

Obtains & uploads bills to system, approves when to pay bills. If cash flow is problem decides which bills to pay.

DIY Clients handle all bill related items.

Processes received invoices into system, routes for approvals, pays when authorized.

AP Management Clients - Clients have all vendors direct AP matters to JRK for handling.

Accounts Receivables

(AR Management)

Invoicing, Receiving Payments, Statements, Matching payments in Quickbooks Invoices, et.

DIY Clients handle all invoice related items.

JRK offers full service AR Services, including mailing, postage of invoices at additional fee.

Expense Receipts

Scans receipts to app and then categorizes receipts

Reviews the scans and publishes expenses to Quickbooks. Reconciles to statement.


Submits Time Entries and authorizes payroll

DIY Clients handle all payroll related items.

Processes payroll, tax payments and filings. Works with State and Federal Agencies on queries.

DIY Clients - JRK does not handle payroll.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Obtains bank statements and handles all reconciliations for all bank accounts.

Monthly or Quarterly Financial Statements

Reviews for accuracy

Prepares financial reports.

Nonprofit Donor Management

Records receipts of payments, sends thank yous and balances against deposits for accuracy

Sales Tax Management

DIY Clients handle sales tax alone.

JRK balances and pays out on schedule.

Financial Management, Cash Flow, Budgets, Management Team Reports

Communicates to JRK which metrics are needed.

Weekly or Monthly Cash Flow, Budgeting, Advanced Financial Reports &  KPI Metric Reporting Services are available upon request at additional fee.

Makes Management Decisions