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LGBTory Candidates’ Fund Guidelines
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  1. Purpose
  1. The LGBTory Candidates’ Fund (“the Fund”) shall be established to provide financial support to out LGBT candidates in the Conservative Party.
  1. Distribution of funds
  1. The General Council of LGBTory shall decide how to distribute funds raised for the Fund.
  2. All decisions related to financial support by the Fund are to be taken by the General Council.
  3. The Chairman shall have a second casting vote in the event of a tie.
  4. All decisions related to the Fund shall be taken entirely at the discretion of the General Council.
  5. The decision of the General Council is final.
  6. Any members of General Council who are also on the Approved Candidates List for any of the elections mentioned in 4.1 below are not eligible to vote on funding decisions.
  7. In the event that the Chairman is not eligible to vote on funding decisions under 2.6 above, the General Council when meeting to make funding will be chaired the Deputy Chairman. If the Deputy Chairman is also ineligible, the General Council shall select a Chairman from amongst the remaining Officers of LGBTory.
  1. Meetings and Quorum
  1. The quorum shall be a minimum of 3 members, at least 2 of whom must be officers of LGBTory. The quorum of the General Council under 6.6 of the constitution shall not apply to decisions related to the Fund.
  2. The General Council shall meet as and when required to consider funding applications.
  3. The Chairman shall convene meetings within 4 weeks of receiving a request for funding from a candidate.
  4. Meetings may take place either in person or by video or audio conference call.
  1. Qualification and Application Process
  1. Applicants for funding must:
  1. Be a member of the Conservative Party;
  2. Be a member or Patron of LGBTory at the date of their application;
  3. Be a selected candidate for one of the following bodies or positions:
  1. Member of Parliament (Westminster);
  2. Member of the European Parliament;
  3. Member of the Scottish Parliament;
  4. Member of the Northern Ireland or Wales devolved assemblies;
  5. Member of the London Assembly;
  6. Elected Mayor;
  7. Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).
  1. Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans and be prepared to be identified as such in local or national press or in LGBTory campaigns, website and literature;
  2. Apply in writing using the LGBTory Candidates’ Fund Application Form.
  1. Funds
  1. The maximum amount of funding per candidate per year shall be £5,000.
  2. Funds will only be paid to an official Association or Campaign account. Under no circumstances will funds be paid to an applicant’s personal bank account.
  1. Considerations
  1. Factors which the Funding Committee may take into consideration when deciding whether or not to award funds include, but are not limited to:
  1. How long the individual has been ‘out’ as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans and whether they are ‘out’ to their local Association;
  2. Any previous involvement in LGBT campaigns or public comment on LGBT issues;
  3. The applicant’s prospects of success – with preference likely to be given to marginal seats where the funding can make the most difference;
  4. The financial position of the Applicant’s Association and/or campaign fund;
  5. Whether the applicant has previously received funds during the current campaign or election cycle;
  6. Whether the funding is intended for a specific LGBT campaign or for general campaigning;
  7. If the candidate is a member of a party list for the Scottish or European parliaments or the Welsh, Northern Ireland or London Assemblies, the other members of the list should be taken into consideration.