What lead me to do this...

A few personal events fed the project.

The first one was the day my best friend visited my studio while she was feeling down and sad. I had a microphone drowned in echo and distortion and a cheap guitar laying on a table. I told her to let everything go, scream in the microphone and play the guitar with a milk foamer. It took her a while to get started, and then she couldn’t stop. And subsequently felt better. I then realize that doing silly things and loud sound for the sake of it made me feel good and made the others feel good. The direct output created by the act of making unorganized sound is a rewarding which does not need any skills and more or less tools.

The project is also inspired by how you can express yourself throughout your life. When you’re a child, you’re glorified by your parents before being compared to other children and suffer from a form of competition. Young children drawing, playing an instrument often drop out because of comparison to more talented kids, or because of the load of work they are confronted with.

Then, after studies, jobs, you think you’re too old to pick up an instrument, or to start painting, or writing, or whatever you feel doing. And at some point, when you retire, you realize that you haven’t been able to express yourself during all your life working behind a desk. That was the case of both my parents. My father buying a guitar the day he was retired and my mother getting into ceramics without any apparent premeditation.

Expressing yourself through creativity is a beautiful thing and I think we all need to be able to do it. But expression is also just talking. And some people can’t do that. I used to be an extremely shy teenager. I’m still not the most talkative of the bunch. And this is a big thing to fight.