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I’m finally back in NZ. Looking forward to visiting the Pacific Hope this week.

code.can.cd #easy example demo of connecting virtualboxes to chef

ii.can.cd #easy presentation (feel free to change / modify)

you.can.cd #easy fork, change, show workflow

forks of you.can.cd:

we.can.cd #the pacific hope



ilovetheworld.can.cd !! (done as a live demo at #DevOpsDays Austin)

spreadthelove.can.cd #information for #living #free ⇐ fun 8)


Come be part of thiis!

People play different parts, often wear multiple hats.

Don’t box yourself in, try different parts if your current one doesn’t fit...

Vote with your time 8)

How can we use our what we’ve been given to impact the world?

Everyone has parts of thiis in them:

What part[?]s will you play in thiis?

part[:catalyst] = Just being you changes things, come hang with us.

part[:captain] = you can communicate vision and inspire people to :create and :do

part[:creative] = creating :priceless original art

part[:artist] = a medium yourself for expression of ideas

part[:puppeteer] = you know how to pull strings on ‘robot computers’ and make them dance

part[:chef] = you know recipes to make amazing dishes that delight

part[:songwriter] = you combine words and harmony in ways that can shake foundations nu

part[:architect] = creating :amazing designs and share them with others

part[:neighbor] = Anyone who needs to be shown love in a practical way.

part[visionary] = putting thiis in a thoughtful format

If we start a movement that continually combines the dna of of all of us and the  individual gifts and abilities we all have, the chain reaction that is started will be unstoppable.

We are trying to figure out what thiis should look like.

The initial presentation was at #ChefConf and then #DevOpsDaysAustin

can someone put urls here?::

Please note that @thiis will never ask for money, just show people needs.

Please feel free to add/comment and freeform thiis.

This isn’t a wiki, so please be good. 8) we’ve had a wipe already... but there is history here. Just restore if this top portion ever goes away. @hippiehacker


Who we are:

We believe in love.

We believe in sharing it with our neighbors.

We believe love is shared by meaningful expressions of care.

We believe in this globally connected world, everyone is your neighbor.

At our core, we believe in sharing meaningful expressions of care with the world.

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Loving your neighbor is the opposite of selfishness. Acting in love demonstrates that unselfishness is possible for a human -- showing a reality that cannot be ignored oNr denied.

Whether they appreciate you, or respond to your love, the Jesus model is still valid:

 You should show love to your neighbor in a practical way

love IS a meaningful expression of care

Mr. Rogers exemplified giving and sharing a ‘neighborhood expression of care’ :

“I give an expression of care every day”

“You made this day a special day just by being you


DevOps days Austin 2013 group discussion notes:

Discussed infrastructure on a stick - (e.g. of spinning up many VMs for use as infrastructure)

By forking the github repo and making a cname of an org or cause you are passionate about (or make one up), write up a blurb about the org or cause to promote the cause, share ideas on how we can use our time as technologists to benefit the cause.

Encourage those who have full time jobs doing other things to give 5% of our time, skills to promote causes that benefit others.

@hippiehacker showed us his repo https://github.com/hh/ii-usb for ii-usb; He requests someone to convert it to use for other OS (epecially mac OS and windows).

Also, showed example at https://github.com/hh/cookbook-ii-ubiquity