Big Machines For Fun and Sport

By Geoff Thompson (Turquoise)




I am learning to summarise information

Success Criteria

        • I can identify the main ideas in the text

        • I can identify the keywords in the text

Explain in your own words how these machines work:

List three facts you learnt from the book

  • Hot-air balloons

A  gas  burner    blow hot air into the balloon.

2. The hot-air balloon floats up high. When the pilot turns off the gas,the balloon came down again.

  • Gliders   are  pulled  along  on   a  rope  by  a   plane  or  a
  • Car  .then   the  gliders  can  fly  by   itself.


 1.Cars  that  go  in  motor  races  have  special  wheels  and

     Wide  tyres.

  2.Some  campervans  have  showers

  3.Some gliders can fly for  1000 km

Which machine from the book  matches these descriptions?

List 3 differences and 3 similarities between motor boats and sailing boats

  • Most dangerous machine                Motorbikes
  • Fastest machine                                motor racing
  • Slowest machine                        hot air balloon
  • House of wheels                                campervans
  • House on water                                houseboats
  • Quietest machine                        sailing boats
  • Noisiest machine                        motorbikes
  • Machine you would most like to try        motor racing