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CS:GO Rules Winter 2015
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ASUS ROG CS:GO Winter Tournament 2015 – Rules

Every participant in the tournament is expected to have read these rules thoroughly. Each player is expected to behave according to Fair Play principles. Unsportsmanlike behavior is a punishable offense. The tournament organizer has all the authority concerning these rules and the following punishments. The tournament organizer may put the tournament on hold due to a technical malfunction, a serious medical condition or similar unexpected event.

1. General rules of the tournament

Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve Corporation)

NON-BYOC, 8 teams

Tournament format: Double elimination group stage (BO1) -> Single elimination semi-finals (BO3) -> Final (BO3)

Size of the team: 5 players and an optional manager

VoIP software (TeamSpeak, Mumble) is allowed

Any software that modifies or grants an unfair advantage in the game is strictly forbidden.

Inclusion of the tournament organizer’s spectator/streamer is mandatory.

Outside spectators/streamers are allowed only if the tournament admins allow it.

All players must provide their own gaming paraphernalia (keyboard, mouse, mousepad and headset, in-ear headphones)

2. Players

All players must be present at the tournament location during games.

Team lineups must be the same as the ones that the team has registered into the tournament with.

The registered manager can act as a substitute player if needed.

The use of any stand-in-players outside of the registered team lineup is strictly forbidden.

3. Communication

The team captain or manager is responsible for all communication with the admins of the tournament. He also must attend a pre-tournament meeting together with a representative from every other team on day one.

4. General rules for matches

Players will have a minimum of 15 minutes of time to set up their computers before the games begin.

If one of the teams is not seated and ready when games are scheduled to start, the team will automatically forfeit their game (group stage) or concede the first map (BO3). During the semi-finals and finals there will be a following 15 minutes time left for the team to be ready or they will forfeit the whole match.

If one team is missing players at scheduled starting time, they WILL have to start the match without their full team, or forfeit. It is up to the teams to make sure they are ready on time.

The admin will decide with the captains, via a coin toss, which team gets to VETO maps first.

Streaming your own match is not allowed.

Game format: mr15

The allowed maximum amount of grenades is 4; consisting of:

Grenade rebuys are NOT allowed.

Setting the bomb with the help of a proxy (e.g. 'boosting') is strictly forbidden and will result in

a disciplinary action.

Disarming the bomb without having at least a partial visual of it is strictly forbidden and will

result in a disciplinary action.

Any scripts other than buy-scripts are strictly forbidden and will result in a disciplinary action.

Intentional disconnecting during a match is strictly forbidden and will result in a disciplinary action.

The use of the developer console is allowed. The following parameters have to be set:

rate 128000, cl_cmdrate 128, cl_updaterate 128, cl_interp 0, cl_interp_ratio 1, weapon_debug_spread_show 0 and cl_bobcycle 0.98.

Map pool:

Map picks:

5. Rematch and pause

A rematch may be called in case the server crashes. The tournament admins can order a rematch if the need arises.

The game may be paused by asking for a pause on the chat.

The game can only be paused during buy-time.

The game may be resumed only after both teams have agreed to it.

A maximum time allowed for a pause is five minutes per team.

6. Conflicts, fair play and disciplinary actions

The tournament organizer reserves all rights for changes related to these documents.

In case of a conflict, the game head admin will decide the outcome.

All players are required to follow the Fair Play code of conduct and show proper respect in their statements about fellow players or other competing organizations.

Insulting other players, teams, admins or other organizers is strictly forbidden and is grounds for a disciplinary action.

All cheating, including ghosting, is forbidden. If a team is unsure whether a spot is allowed (e.g. fnatic case at DreamHack Winter), they MUST ask the head admin prior to tournament start to find out whether it is allowed or not.

Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in sanctions, including but not limited to:

Three warnings will result in a removal from the tournament. Warnings can be individual or team warnings.

A decision made by a single admin can be challenged by bringing it up with the head admin. This complaint can only be made right after the decision has been called or the game has ended, whichever occurred first. The head admin’s decision is final and cannot be challenged.

8. Schedule, all times are local (EET).

Friday, January 30

17:00 vs. volgare




HellRaisers vs. PENTA




Winner of A1 vs. Winner of A2




Loser of A1 vs. Loser of A2




Loser of A3 vs. Winner of A4




NiP vs. mousesports




Titan vs. 3DMAX




Winner of B1 vs. Winner of B2




Loser of B1 vs. Loser of B2        




Loser of B3 vs. Winner of B4



Saturday, January 31


Semi-final #1



Semi-final #2



Third place decider



Grand final