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2. Keyboard shortcuts that will change your life
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Keyboard shortcuts that will change your life

Is your trackpad nearly worn through due to endless mouse movement? Do you find yourself repeatedly clicking on the same things over and over again? If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s time to start learning keyboard shortcuts. It’s easier than you think!

Greatest hits:

Ever accidentally closed a tab in your web browser? No problem, ctrl + shift + t will bring it right back!

Do you often switch between open tabs in your browser? Use ctrl 1-9 (for tabs 1 through 9)

Is the text on a web page too big or too small? Quickly zoom in/out with ctrl - - or ctrl - =

Oldies but goodies (they work just about everywhere):

Undo: ctrl - z

Cut: ctrl - x

Copy: ctrl - c

Paste: ctrl - v

Print: ctrl - p

Bold: ctrl - b

Italic: ctrl - i

Underline: ctrl - u

Can’t find the shortcut you’re looking for? Try ctrl - / in any Google app to see a list of all available shortcuts!

I’ve listed some of my favorite Google Apps shortcuts. Enjoy!