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[Report] W3C Games Community Group Nov 2011 Summit Report
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W3C Games Community Group Summit

November 4th 2011

New Game Conference

  1. Background
  2. Attendance
  3. Nuts and bolts
  4. Existing feature overview
  5. New Features
  6. Open source games tools
  7. Chair selection
  8. Other topics
  9. Further Reading


The following is a report of the November 2011 Games Community Group Summit. This report serves as an update on web standards related to Open Web Games, as well as an overview of new features that the games community group would like to propose to W3C groups. Some details have been filled in based on conversations with and notes from people who were unable to attend the summit.


Representatives from the following organizations were in attendance:

Nuts and bolts

We began with a discussion of the appropriate scope for the games community group. We agreed that the community group would explicitly not produce formal specifications to avoid licensing and IP ramifications (see Patents:

The goals of this community group will be to

  * Track specifications and vendor implementations related to open web games

  * Recommend new specifications to be produced and find working group homes for them

  * Evangelize specifications to browser vendors

  * Help the community make open web games

Existing feature overview

We then moved on to run through the status of features related to games that have already been proposed. Bellow is a summary of the specification and implementation statuses for features that have already been proposed:

New Features

We then moved on to propose and discuss new features related to games. Bellow is a summary of this discussion:

Open source games tools

We listed off open source JavaScript tools, libraries and frameworks for game developers.

Chair selection

Francois from the W3C spoke to the group about the role of community groups at the W3C. He explained that governance and activity is completely up to the group. The only requirement is that the group elect a chair to communicate activity from the group to the W3C, and information from the W3C to the group. We decided to Run the chair selection process on the games community group public mailing list.

Other topics

Further Reading