Over 1.3 lakh Bangaloreans support campaign against tree cutting : #SteelFlyoverBeda

Last month, Jhatkaa.org launched a missed-call campaign calling for the BBMP to stop cutting Bangalore’s old and beautiful trees without a public consultation or studying alternatives. This campaign was launched after a recent High Court order directed the Government to go ahead with road widening along Bellary Road - even though it would mean that more than 800 of the city’s oldest trees would have to be chopped down. In just a few days this campaign had garnered support from 8000 people.

Around the same time, news emerged of the 6.7km steel flyover to facilitate traffic towards Bangalore International Airport. “This project was estimated to cost Rs. 1800 crore. And would also require the felling of 812 trees. We knew we had to act.” says Tania Devaiah, campaigner at Jhatkaa.org.

“Last week, we joined hands with the Citizens Against Steel Flyover (CASFo) to peacefully protest the cutting of trees for infrastructure projects without analysing alternatives. Via SMS and Whatsapp, we encouraged thousands of our members to join the protest. By the end of the protest day, 66 Jhatkaa members had sent in their views on Whatsapp and 19 Jhatkaa members sent in pictures from the protest site!” she adds.

“The steel bridge project is a perfect example of not just the disregard for the environmental needs of the city but also of attempts to keep citizens out of the decision making process. So, we continue to reach out to thousands of people via SMS, Whatsapp and email to strengthen this movement.” says Tania.

As of today, over 1,30,000 people have already supported Jhatkaa.org’s campaign via the missed-call campaign and the online petition. We will now be planning actions with these members aimed at influencing decision makers in the city. The action page can be found here.

Missed call number: 08033013169

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