Mr. Eldridge’s Classroom Guidelines

South Newton High School

(219) 474-5167 ext. 123


Three Rules

  1. Do The Right Thing
  2. Respect Others and Their Belongings
  3. No Excuses

Welcome to the start of a new year at South Newton. The main focus of our time will be in the area of chemistry. This includes studying atoms and their composition, the physical and chemical properties of matter, and the interactions of matter with other forms.

High School Students are supposed to be the most mature group of students in our building. Due to this I hold my students to a high standard of personal conduct. There is to be no running, speaking out, or inappropriate language. Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom unless specified by the teacher on that day. Any unapproved cell phone that is seen or heard will be turned into the office.

Class begins promptly and as such you are expected to be in your seat when class begins. Class ends when the teacher dismisses, no earlier. Disruptive behaviors that become distractions will lead to consequences including removal from the class for the day and an office referral. General school and classroom conduct rules can be found in the student handbook.

Student laptop use is outlined by the laptop handbook provided to every student. Use of technology is a privilege not a right. As such it is your privilege to lose. Failure to use your laptop in accordance with the Student/Parent Laptop Handbook, Corporation Student Internet and Computer Use Agreement, and any applicable laws will result in consequences.

Failure to bring your laptop to class or to class charged will be recorded in Harmony as a discipline referral.

Student grades will be determined by their performance on tests, quizzes, assignments, papers, labs, group activities/teacher-group presentations. All assignments are given a point value which is used to figure a percent grade in the class. The scale is below.

        100.0                A+

        99.9-93        A

        92.9-90        A-

        89.9-88        B+

        87.9-83        B

        82.9-80        B-

        79.9-78        C+

        77.9-73        C

        72.9-70        C-

        69.9-68        D+

        67.9-63        D

        62.9-60        D-

        59.9-0                F

Any assignments turned in on paper should have the following information.

        Name: First and Last



        Assignment Name and Page Numbers:

Assignments given as homework should be turned in at the beginning of class. Any and all missing assignments will be marked as a zero or incomplete.

Ultimately I hope that you gain a deep understanding of chemistry and science in general. I would not be here teaching you if I didn’t love the material and hoped to make you enjoy it as well. I hope that every single student will be successful in my class and I will do my best to ensure that happens. If you, or your parents, have any questions or wish to contact me feel free to with the information listed above.