Possible meeting ideas for

Fall Semester 2018


  1. Fall Fest
  • Find people to staff the table
  • Make OCF stickers
  • Have general OCF supplies to hand out
  • August 19
  1. Back to School Sunday (try to get everyone to go to church)
  • August 26


  1. Frappes and Faith meeting (First General Introduction Meeting/ Elections)
  • Group prayer for good start to year
  • Bring Nescafe for frapes and Koulourakia
  • Elections: VP and Secretary
  • Valerie and Anna “won”
  • Give overview of plans for ocf
  • Give info on how to get to St Barbara's on sundays/ have father Stav talk
  • September 4
  • Room 2424 @ 4:00-5:30 pm
  1. Football and Friends **
  • UNC vs Pitt football game
  • September 22
  1. CLT/ Raleigh Greek Festival **
  • September 7-9


  1. Potluck at Val’s house
  • Any day she is ok with
  1. Event that incorporates dook students
  • Mutual turf at St Barbaras?
  • After church one sunday
  • Maybe like a lunch
  • October 14


  1. Fundraiser
  • Bake sale?
  1. NC State’s Thanksgiving Dinner for College Students
  • Coordinate rides
  • November 8
  1. WorkDaze
  • Coordinate rides
  • November 16-18


  1. General end of semester meeting
  • Bring Greek Snacks (kourambiedes?)
  • Christmas themed? Maybe a gift swap?
  • Pray we pass finals

        NC STATE BONFIRE DECEMBER 7th in Raleigh

Spring Semester 2019


  1. Welcome back general meeting/ pray for good semester
  1. Visit Russian Orthodox Church


  1. Basketball watch party/ try to get tickets for everyone
  1. Visit Antiochian Church - All Saints

March Madness

  1. Lent meeting
  • March 11
  • Fasting begins
  • Remind people about lent
  1. Pre lent meeting/ maybe another at home potluck?
  • Ask val again


  1. Final meeting/ elections
  • Similar to our first meeting
  1. Pascha
  • April 28th
  • Coordinate rides to church for Holy Week


No meetings because of finals…….


Bake Sale

We need money: we do not have money



Don’t forget to reserve the pit!

Monastery Trip?

Would people be interested

  1. Should we go during holy week
  2. Should we go with father Stav

Holy Week

  • Send out when services are
  • Coordinate rides


  • Send out when
  • Coordinate rides

Weekly Prayers

This actually has a lot of support