Qualifications For ICF Senior Pastor Role

Educational and Work Experience

  • Minimum three years full time theological study at tertiary level plus formal training in various ministry activities.
  • Training and experience sufficient to handle main roles of the job description.
  • Appreciation of and commitment to a wholistic world view.


Preference obviously will be given to those with....

  • Experience in working interdenominationally.
  • Experience in working internationally, preferably in a developing country context.
  • Experience in and understanding of a variety of church service traditions.
  • Minimum ten years in church leadership role.
  • Ordained in own denomination.


  • Leadership and visionary abilities; good up-front leadership style and ability.
  • Competent preacher.
  • Pastoral care and counselling.
  • Well organised, with an eye for detail, able to think ahead, able to organize others.
  • Good communicator, with well developed interpersonal skills.
  • Computer competent.
  • Fluent written and spoken English.
  • Able to work cross-culturally and interdenominationally.


  • Godly nature, forgiving and merciful!
  • Personable with positive outlook on life.
  • Flexible and open to change.
  • Enthusiastic team player.
  • Teachable.
  • Good sense of humour.
  • Able to be remain relaxed and flexible in the midst of chaos and imperfection.
  • Able to take initiative.
  • Wholehearted commitment to unity.
  • Wholehearted commitment to prayer.
  • Able to embrace the diversity of human kind.
  • Willingness to learn basic Khmer language.


  • Consistent with Biblical qualifications for leadership.
  • Willing and able to take responsibility for personal and professional development.

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