Butterflies en Mexico by Mariposa Project

Policies and Procedures

Subject:  Quarterly Reports

Effective Date: 5-31-11

Policy Section:  Administration

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No: None

P & P No: 3

Approved on:  6-21-11

Approved by: Board

Reviewed: 9-27-12, 9-23-14, 10-04-16

POLICY:  Quarterly Reports

PURPOSE: Clarifying a responsibility of the non-profit to provide information to interested individuals in local, state and countries of practice.

RESPONSIBLE PERSON (S):  Executive Director and Board President

PROCEDURE:  Quarterly reports will be available to board president for approval the end of June, end of September, end of December and end of March – fiscal year.  Quarterly reports will be made available to distribution list and on web site.  

EVALUATION: Review Bi-annually