Casey’s Distributing, Inc. Customer/Member Service Policies 07-10-17


  1. MEMBERSHIP casey’s distributing memberships (required to get wholesale pricing) are only available to valid businesses with a state tax id or tax exempt business license for every state they sell into. businesses must average at least $100 in invoiced orders per month over a twelve month period.

  1. BILLING ADDRESS POLICY we will only do business with you if the billing address on your orders matches the billing address on your application. the billing address on your orders must also match the billing address on the credit card used to pay for your order and this address must match the address held by our credit card processor’s verification service. we apologize for any inconvenience to those who wish to use a card associated with a different address, but hope you understand this policy is for your protection. we cannot accept any transactions for which the address cannot be verified.

  1. TERMS OF PAYMENT Member hereby agrees to pay invoices when due, according to the terms clearly stated on the invoice.
  1. Credit Cards If a Member pays by credit card, all orders are expected to be paid in advance of order fulfillment. For convenience, Casey’s might consolidate Member orders and charge the Member the total open balance due within a specific daily or weekly time frame. Casey’s reserves the right to charge a Members credit card for balances due as often as it chooses. Members can provide more than one credit card to make payments however Members must designate a primary credit card and that credit card must have a credit limit able to pay for all open balances due if needed. Casey’s reserves the right to charge any open balance amount due to any or all credit cards on file.
  2. Credit Terms Net 30 will be considered for qualifying accounts. If credit terms are issued the Member (debtor) must pay invoices when due, according to the terms clearly stated on the invoice. Payments for invoices made by credit card are subject to a 3% convenience fee.
  3. LATE PENALTY Should a Member with Credit Terms (debtor) fail to pay any invoice when due, the Member hereby agrees to pay a late payment charge. The charge will not exceed 1-½% per month (18% per annum) of the outstanding balance due. If a late payment is made with a credit card, a 3% convenience fee will be added.
  4. FEES Member agrees to pay all costs and attorney fees incurred in collection of past due balances. If a late payment is made with a credit card a 3% convenience fee will be added.
  5. RETURNED CHECKS Appropriate charges as provided for by applicable state laws shall be imposed in the event of checks being returned for insufficient funds or any other reason.

  1. PRODUCT USE POLICY member warrants the purchases are intended primarily for business use and not intended for personal, family or household purpose and agrees not to use said purchases for such purpose.

  1. PRODUCT PRICING all merchandise will be billed at our wholesale price. volume discounts are available for members based on their last twelve months spending volume. casey’s will notify you of your spending level and apply member discounts accordingly. from time to time, quantity and category discounts may be available on certain products on qualifying orders. for a list of product or category discounts, contact us. product prices are subject to change without notice. businesses who do not meet membership requirements must pay retail prices.

  1. SALES TAX POLICY member warrants orders are exempt from sales tax and member has completed all related tax jurisdiction documents and forms and is approved to resell casey’s products. note: if you ship products to nebraska (form 13) or ohio you will need to complete tax exempt 3rd party forms for each state.

  1. INVENTORY All merchandise will be inventoried by Casey’s Distributing at our facilities in Omaha, NE or Columbus, OH.  We are centrally located in the U.S. to help reduce shipping times and costs to any part of the country.  In certain cases, , if we are out of stock, products may be drop-shipped from manufacturers and/or split shipped between the 2 warehouses. A complete list of available products will be made available to retailers at our website at  Images may be made available to retailers for their website or catalog. Certain items will not be available for drop-ship program. These items include items that are not cost-effective to be included in the drop-ship program, due to packaging requirements. Items that are not available for the drop-ship program are indicated in the initial start-up inventory file we provide you. The availability of inventory in-stock quantities may be made available via several mediums. In-stock quantities are not guaranteed to be accurate or even published and members are advised to order based on their own discretion. Most items are available in single piece increments but there are a few items that require minimum quantities for handling purposes.

  1. ORDERS Orders should be submitted through or, if your order has at least ten (10 lines (a line is a unique SKU) or you are sending at least ten (10) orders in the same spreadsheet, you may send them electronically as a spreadsheet formatted to meet our importing requirements. Orders not submitted through our website or sent via an import spreadsheet with less than ten (10) lines on them are subject to a $1.00 order processing fee per line. All orders are final and cannot be cancelled.

  1. MINIMUM ORDER FEE We make every attempt to ensure in-stock items are shipped within 24 hours from receipt of order and to help accomplish this goal we have a charge of $4.00 on all orders less than $100. This ensures we have proper labor and packaging to process your orders in a timely manner.

  1. ADDITIONAL FEES other fees that might be passed on to the member include but are not limited to:
  1. members must pay all additional carrier shipping fees such as: adult signature required, collect on delivery (c.o.d.), address corrections fee (if the mistake was made by you on your order), delivery confirmation fee and any other carrier fee
  2. international orders and expedited orders incur an additional fee
  3. member agrees to pay all costs and attorney fees incurred in collection of all past due invoices and accounts.
  4. order import corrections are charged per line item
  5. returned checks a fee will be charged as allowed by applicable state laws in the event a member check is returned to casey’s representatives by the members bank.
  6. a restocking fee equal to 20% of the price you paid for the product will apply to undamaged returns.
  7. custom package inserts into your packaging (your invoice, packing slip or custom messaging) include a fee. see our additional fees schedule.


  1. USE OF PRODUCT IMAGES quality product images are important to the buying process and casey’s invests a lot of time and effort finding and hosting quality images. casey’s may make product images available for members to link to those images and/or to download those images. contact your sales representative for details.
  1. Image hosting. In order for images to be visible on the Internet, they have to be hosted somewhere. Hosting costs money and Casey’s hosts all images on the Google Developers Platform.
  2. Image bandwidth. As part of the costs to host images on the Internet, hosting companies often charge fees based on the amount of traffic (bandwidth) used when viewing images (the more views the greater the bandwidth and usually the greater the cost to host).
  3. At this time, Casey’s makes available our image URLs to Approved Members free of charge. This is a tremendous value as approved Members can save time and money by referencing our image URLs on their own websites and in their own materials.
  4. The URL string consists of three (3) parts: Part 1) + Part 2) Casey’s Stock Code + Part 3) .jpg Example: In this example, you can simply replace the 0000273796 in the string with another Casey’s stock code to find the image URL. In the event a Member would like to upload thousands of images, Casey’s can provide a spreadsheet with our stock code and the image URL. Members should contact their sales representative to request a copy of the spreadsheet.

  1. SHIPPING to be fair to all members, we pick, pack and ship in order of the first order we receive in our warehouse. we do not interrupt our shipping processes to process orders received that are out of sequential order. note: the date the order was originally placed does not matter to our picking process as orders could be on hold for a period of time before they are sent to the warehouse - these orders, like all orders, are processed only after they are received by the warehouse. all products will be shipped via a carrier, shipping method, package weight and dimension chosen by casey’s via a carrier account owned by casey’s. members can request a specific carrier or method and/or request a 3rd party carrier account to be used when shipping. however, casey’s reserves the right to select any carrier and/or method and/or use its own carrier account at any time without notice. the only items (other than packaging materials) casey’s will ship in the package is our products. members can request materials (such as invoices or marketing materials) to be included in the package but these requests have additional fees and are not guaranteed to be done on every order. all orders received in our warehouses will be shipped immediately upon completion. no customer delays or requests to hold orders until a confirmation is given are allowed. “shipping department” will be referenced as the sender on the shipping label of all shipments with the address of one of our fulfillment centers.


  1. INFORMATION AUTHORIZATION Member certifies all information presented by the Member to Casey’s is true and correct. Casey’s is authorized to contact all references provided by Member and is authorized to release any information related to obtaining Member’s credit. Member agrees to update their membership application if information is not longer accurate or needs to be updated.

  1. Member agrees to adhere to CASEY’S RETURN POLICY

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