Study Skills

OCSI 2015-2016

Ms. Jessica Nelson

Room 202

Course Description:  Study skills is a course designed to give middle students a broad overview and solid foundation of study skills they will need for success moving forward at the high school and college level. More specifically, this course will equip students with tools and strategies to be active learners who are able to acquire, recall, and demonstrate knowledge. Lesson units will include the following content:


Quiz:  10%

Classwork:  20 %

Homework:  10%

Class Participation:  50%

Agenda Check:  10%

Textbook: The Middle School Students Guide to Study Skills by Tween Publishing

Instructions for quizzes, classwork and homework will be provided on a daily basis or as necessary.  

Class participation will be graded on their being properly prepared for each class, their attitude during class,  their effort put into daily activities, and their active participation in class activities.

Students will be taught how to use their agenda book.  They are expected to bring it daily to class and it will be checked regularly.

Class Expectations:

Be on time.

Be ready for class (have assignments done and bring required materials).

Be respectful of others.

Expect to learn.

No food  or drinks (except water).

Materials Needed:  (all can be purchased at the 100 yen store)

Pencil case



Black and red pen


A4 Binder

Loose Leaf

A4 Binder divider

Please read the following statement and sign and return acknowledging you have read and understand the course syllabus.  Please make sure your child has the necessary materials by September 1st.

My child and I have read and fully understand Ms Nelson’s class grading policy and class expectations.

Student name (print):  _______________________________________________________

Student signature:  ___________________________________ Date:  _________________

Parent/Guardian name (print):  ________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature:  ____________________________ Date:  _________________