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Quiz Dynamic Earth

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1.Rock located 1000 kilometers below Earth’s surface is approximately what temperature?

2.List the layers of the Earth (asthenosphere, stiffer mantle, inner core, crust, outer core) from highest pressure to lowest pressure

3.On which layer of Earth would the density be 10.5 grams per cubic centimeter?

4.What is the overall thickness of the inner core in kilometers?

5.Rock located 3000 km below Earth’s surface has approximately what pressure?

6.How did scientists figure out that the outer core is liquid? Explain the process.

7.Name two specific differences between the oceanic and continental crust.

8.Scientists theorize that Africa and South America were once part of the same large continent. Cite two pieces of evidence that support this theory.

9.Which of these diagrams represents a plate boundary that forms a trench?