Clarification: This application is for a gardening membership in the CfS Community Garden Club, of which access to a garden plot is a benefit. 

Directions: Please carefully read, sign, and return this document along with your $30 membership fee to:

CfS Community Garden, c/o Erin Treanore, 215 Life Science Building, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802

CfS Community Gardener Agreement Rules, Terms and Conditions for Participation 2018


All gardeners in good standing with the club and CFS staff will be entitled to:

  1. Use of one 10x15 ft. plot for personal gardening purposes
  2. Access to a network of support, including experienced gardeners and Penn State faculty
  3. Access to gardening implements and water
  4. Social events and plenty of new friends


Rules, Terms and Conditions for Participation

If accepted as a gardener, I will abide by the following rules, terms and conditions: 

  1. I will use the garden at the sole discretion of the CFS Community Garden Club. I agree to abide by all its policies and practices.
  2. In order to utilize a plot I agree to become a member of the CFS Community Garden Club and pay an annual membership fee of $30, due one week after receiving notification about a plot assignment.  Membership dues are non-refundable.
  3. I will participate in at least two of the monthly workdays during the growing season (April-October). Workdays are held at the garden the 2nd Saturday of each month during the growing season, beginning at 10:00 am, unless otherwise announced via the garden Listserv. Attendance is recorded at these workdays, and the attendance requirement must be met in order to be eligible for membership renewal.
  4. Members in good standing are eligible to renew their membership for the following year in October.  Renewing members will keep their current plot unless specifically requesting a relocation.
  5. Maintenance of my garden plot is my sole responsibility.  I will not leave my plot fallow or left unused for any period of time exceeding two weeks without making arrangements for its care. I will keep produce from my plot harvested and avoid letting it go to waste.
  6. The plot size is 10x15 ft.  I will not extend outside of this measurement into other plots or walkways.  It is my responsibility to maintain plants within the limits of my plot and to keep vegetation less than six feet in height.
  7. I will manage the weeds, pests and diseases in my plot, and I will follow instructions of the garden officers regarding the removal of diseased plant material. Additionally, I will use only organic methods, techniques and substances in my plot. This includes the exclusion of all petroleum based fertilizers and all industrial pesticides as well as diatomaceous earth due to its persistence in the environment. 
  8. I will take responsibility for the public walkway surrounding my garden plot and keep it free from weeds.
  9. I will sort all waste from my plot into compost, recyclables, and trash. Compost can be processed at the site; recyclables and trash must be taken off-site.  Household trash or compost will not be brought to or left at the site.
  10. I will not grow illegal plants in the garden. I realize that gardeners are not allowed to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs or gamble at the garden site. Gardeners are not allowed to come into the garden under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Weapons, pets and other animals are not allowed into the garden.
  11. I may bring guests and visitors to the gardens, including children, but guests may enter the garden only when accompanied by myself.  Guests are also subject to all rules, terms and conditions stated here. Gardeners are solely responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  12. Communal tools and equipment cannot be held overnight or leave the premise of the garden.
  13. I will not make duplicate keys of any locks on the premises, or give out the key or lock combinations to any other person.
  14. I will not take food or plants without permission from any other gardeners’ plots.
  15. I will respect other gardeners and will refrain from using profane language around them or discriminating against others.
  16. I understand and willingly accept the inherent risks in gardening.  I understand that use and misuse of gardening tools may result in injury, and I am aware that soil and foodborne diseases, though rare, may be contracted through gardening or consuming undercooked food.
  17. I recognize that garden officers are volunteers and shall not be held liable for accidents or injuries.
  18. I realize that I forfeit my right to sue the owners of the property.
  19. I will work to keep the garden a happy, secure, and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner.



The Garden Committee has authority to manage the Community Garden and its membership. Breaking any of the rules, terms and conditions is grounds for action and possible loss of plot.


  1. An infraction will result in one email warning from a garden officer.
  2. Without a visible response or correction after one week, a 2nd email warning will be sent.
  3. If no response or correction has been made two weeks after the first notice, a written notice may be sent notifying you that you have lost your gardening plot and privileges.
  4. If the infraction is severe and has the potential to negatively affect neighbors or the use of pathways, then it may be handled directly by a garden officer anytime after the first warning.
  5. A relinquished plot will first go to an interested member on the waitlist, and then will be offered to current gardeners.
  6. If you lose your plot, you will be able to apply for a plot the following season, but it will be at the discretion of the Garden Officers.

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