Board Retreat

November 13th & 14th 2015

Children’s Kiva Montessori School

E/M S Community Room - 18 N. Beech

Friday November 13th -- ALL STAFF INVITED TO ATTEND


  1. Absent: Janae Garcia, Student Member

5:00        Welcome & Getting to know you, Sam Carter - HAP (Human Accelerated Performance)

6:00        The Science behind the Genius & STEAM presentations

7:15         Break

My Fortune Cookie: Step by step you will ascend the staircase to success…this is our school

7:30        Charter Application Review, Anna Cole & School History, Alexia

8:30        Session wrap up (Celebrations & Acknowledgements)

Saturday November 14th


  1. Absent: Janae Garcia, Student Member

9:15        Ice breaker welcome - Josh

9:30        Merger-background and general information - Anna, Alexia, Susan

10:35        Break

11:00        Mission/Vision Information (both boards) - Shamai, general overview

11:40        Breakout for M/V by each Board

12:45        Lunch (on-site)

My Fortune Cookie: Your path may be difficult, but will be rewarding…again, our school

1:45        Roles & Responsibilities Review breakout

3:00        ED Transition Comments – Josh requested time to speak to both boards

3:30         Session wrap up (Celebrations & Acknowledgements)-Josh

Prepared by Tamia Hurst, BOD Secretary