Leadership Team


Stephen Gough

Assistant Principal

Rachel Sampson

Assistant Principal

Steven Muller

Religious Education Coordinator

Carmel Fante

Leader of Curriculum

Meredith Burke

Leader of Pastoral Care

Jennifer Keys

Leader of Learning and Innovation

Matthew Wells

Leader of Learning and Administration

Michelle Jones

Business Manager

Wendy Jarrett

Wellbeing Team

Leader of Wellbeing: Year 7        

Helene Baillie

Wellbeing Assistant

Mathew Shackleton

Leader of Wellbeing: Year 8

Michael Dixon

Wellbeing Assistant

Vanessa Riga

Leader of Wellbeing: Year 9        

Susan Foxcroft

Wellbeing Assistant

Dinali Lowe

Leader of Wellbeing: Year 10

Shane Duff

Wellbeing Assistant

Madeleine Ball


Andrew Psaila

Breanna Sada

Teaching and Learning Team

Leader of Learning: English

Alison Weber

English Assistant

Angela Aguiar

Leader of Learning: HSIE

Brenton Milner

HSIE Assistant

Kelly Scutts

Leader of Learning: Mathematics

Kylie Mackin (Acting Terms 1-2)

Katrina Brubacher

Mathematics Assistant

Briony O’Neill

Leader of Learning: Science

Renee Makram

Science Assistant

Maria Thomas / Sheree McCormack

Leader of Learning: PDHPE

Karen Buckley

Leader of Learning: CAPA

Katrina Shaw

Leader of Learning: TAS

Rosellina Ryan

Special Responsibilities

Principal’s PA                        

Julie Jones

Assistant REC

Angela Porro

Numeracy Coordinator

Kylie Mackin

Literacy Coordinator

Grace Pilkington

Newman Coordinator

Angela Porro

Public Speaking / Debating Coordinator

Joanna Kasz

Teacher Librarian

Deborah Hurst

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Danielle McPherson

Teacher in Charge of Careers

Andrew Smith

Teacher in Charge of Special Needs        

Colin Zuman

Teacher in Charge of EAL/D                

Dinali Lowe

Teacher in Charge of LOTE                

Bettina Basly

Sports Coordinators                        

Rosanne Taccone & Chris Sutton (Acting)