East Albemarle Elementary School         

1813 East Main Street

Albemarle, NC 28001


Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at East Albemarle Elementary School. Our vision continues to be “creating citizens today for tomorrow’s world by utilizing technology and focusing on the fundamentals of reading, writing and math”. This can be achieved through the cooperative efforts of students, parents, staff and community. Become actively involved in your child’s education.  Parental support makes a significant difference in a child’s attitude and achievement.  Home is the child’s first learning experience.  The staff wants to build on your foundation to create successful educational experiences for every child.  We ask you to participate actively in your child’s education by attending information sessions that we will offer on how to help support the curriculum at home. The school’s vision aligns with the mission believing that

“All Children Can Learn.” 

At East,

Everyone Achieves Success Together. (EAST)


The staff will work to help make East Albemarle a top performing school with each child reaching their maximum potential.  Please call when you have suggestions, questions, or concerns.





Dr. Rick Hessman



Student Accountability Standards


The state of North Carolina has standards for promotion in grades 3, 5, 8 and for high school graduation.  Local boards of education, by law, may extend the standards to other grade levels and include additional local promotion standards.  These standards will ensure that students are working at grade level before being promoted to the next grade.  The standards adopted by the Stanly County Board of Education are as follows:


Grades K-2

Grades 3 & 4

Grades 5

Mission and Vision Statement



East Albemarle is creating citizens today for tomorrow’s world by utilizing technology and focusing on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math.


EAST- Everyone Achieves Success Together

Student Information

 The school is required to have the accurate name, address, phone number, parents’ names, parents’ employers, and an emergency number on file for each child enrolled in school.  Parents should notify the school immediately when there is a change in any of these items.

 Objectives of Our School

  1. To provide an environment where each child can develop socially, emotionally,          physically, morally, intellectually, and culturally.
  2. To provide an atmosphere that will give students and teachers a safe environment in which to learn.
  3. To provide educational programs and materials that will enable each child to develop basic skills in all areas.
  4. To encourage creativity, originality, and critical thinking among our students.
  5. To promote a sense of patriotism, national pride, and loyalty to democratic ideals.
  6. To help students understand the role and responsibilities of citizenship in an ever-changing society.
  7. To promote desirable character traits and a healthy lifestyle.
  8. To provide activities which emphasize constructive use of leisure time.
  9. To develop career awareness.
  10. To encourage each child to assume responsibility.
  11. To encourage standards and values that gives the students a feeling of security and awareness that each is recognized for his or her individuality and potential.
  12. To improve the school program through constant re-evaluation.



Student Responsibilities

 East Albemarle Elementary School recognizes its responsibility to provide each student with an opportunity to receive an education and to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  Our students, also, share this responsibility.  Students are expected to show good citizenship at all times and to follow instructions given by any teacher or staff member.  Students who do not fulfill their responsibilities will be dealt with fairly, but firmly, to protect the rights of all students and staff.


Students are to obey all federal, state, and local laws, codes, policies, and regulations as set forth in the Stanly County Code of Student Conduct.  In addition, students are to obey the following school-wide rules:


Special Rules and Regulations at East

  1. Students are expected at all times to uphold their own good names and that of the school.  Students must show respect to all teachers, administrators, peers, cafeteria workers, custodians, etc. at all school functions. Order must be observed in the building at all times.
  2. Students are expected to adhere to the dress code as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.  Pants are to be fitted at the waist.  Should this become a problem, students will be dealt with individually on expectations.  The expectations may be to wear a belt every day and have the shirt tail tucked in.
  3. Chewing gum is not permitted at school.
  4. No rolling book bags unless the student has a doctor’s note.
  5. You are asked to read the Stanly County Code of Student Conduct and review it with your child.  Please complete and sign the last page and return it to your child’s teacher.
  6. All shoes must have a heel strap, no flip- flops.
  7. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive.  All students are subject to the Stanly County Code of Student Conduct


Discipline Plan

 East Albemarle is continuing our discipline plan with school-wide expectations for all students and staff to uphold in the 2016-2017 school year. The purpose for this discipline plan is to set up a positive environment conducive to student learning throughout the building.  For students not following school-wide expectations, infractions may be given as consequences.  The following consequences are meant to encourage students to make better choices and to keep a safe and orderly learning zone in the classroom:  


Infraction Consequences:

  1. Warning
  2. Loss of privilege in the classroom
  3. Bounced to another teacher (Parent contacted by teacher)
  4. OTR - The student will be sent to the On Track Room* to get back “on track.”  This should be for no more than 60 minutes.


The purpose of the “On Track Room” (OTR) is to get students back “on track” and ready for learning.  Teacher will be expected to call parent and document this communication in his/her monthly communication log. OTR is to be used for behavioral issues - not punishment for incomplete classwork or homework.

Please note the following consequences for repeated visits to OTR during a 9 week period:


**  ISS will be assigned by school administration.

*** Students not conforming to ISS expectations will be subject to out of school suspension.

  School Bullying Plan

 The administration, counselor, faculty and support staffs of East Albemarle Elementary are all committed to making East Albemarle Elementary a safe and nurturing learning environment.  We strive to adhere to our PRIDE values, we honor the character traits of respect, trustworthiness, and courage, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying on any kind at our school.

Stanly County Schools Policy Section 14: Bullying/Discrimination

The Board of Education believes that all employees and students should be free of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and bullying as part of the safe, orderly, caring and inviting working and learning environment.  The board commits itself to nondiscrimination in all of its educational and employment activities.  The board expressly prohibits unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying, including on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, religion, age or disability.  Therefore, no student shall bully or communicate any type of threat to another student, group of students or any school personnel.  This policy prohibits unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying by students, employees, and/or volunteers.


Student Bullying Prevention


What should you do if you or someone you know is being bullied?


Staff Bullying Prevention


Staff Response


Dealing with a Bullying Situation


Possible Consequences for Bullying


General Information

 Visitors and Volunteers

 We require that all visitors and volunteers register in the office and wear a badge.  This provides a safe, secure environment for our students.  If you enter a building or a classroom without a visitor’s badge, you will be asked to report to the office.


We ask that you follow the procedures listed below:


If you do not follow these procedures you will be asked to report to the office and show identification for a visitor’s badge.  Please do not be offended, but recognize our desire for the safety of all children.


 Child Custody and Guardianship

 Custody Issues

The parent or guardian must provide a copy of the relevant portion of any court order, separation agreement, or other official document affecting the child’s custody or legal status.  This information is requested to protect parents’ rights and to ensure the safety of students.  Without legal documentation verifying other circumstances, both parents have equal rights.  The person enrolling a student must be the legal guardian of the child.


 Homework Policy

Teachers will be certain that homework assignments are related to instruction.  Homework will be an extension of the instruction that occurred during the regular school day.  Because homework is an extension of the instructional day, it is important that all assignments are completed promptly.  The agenda is to be used to write down homework assignments.  It allows teachers to communicate with parents on a daily basis concerning the child’s performance.  If a child is not completing homework, it will affect his/her grades.  This is just one area that the classroom teacher and the parents must work together as a team to insure the success of every child.  As a parent, you can do the following to help your child:

Stanly County Board of Education Policy on Homework 

School homework should be related to the school’s aims or philosophy of education.  The assignment is encouraged when it can be seen to be of benefit to the student and the following limitations are observed:

Homework should be thoroughly understood by the student before it is assigned.  It should be the strengthening of a principle already learned.

  1. Homework should be scheduled sufficiently in advance so that the student can obtain the source materials needed and to assure that limited materials will be available to all students.
  2. Written work assignments, including homework, shall never be used as disciplinary measure.
  3. Due consideration should be given to the total homework assignment so that no student will be assigned more than his/her ability and time will permit to be completed.


Arrival Time / Tardies and Early Departures

 A staff member is on duty beginning at 7:30 a.m. to supervise early arrivals at school.  Students arriving early will report to the gym or cafeteria (if eating breakfast).  We ask that you not leave your child prior to 7:30.  We will not have anyone available to supervise.  It is unsafe for your child to be on campus unsupervised.


School begins at 8:00.  The tardy bell will ring at that time.  Students should be in class, seated and ready to begin instruction.  If not, they will be coded as tardy.  Fulfilling responsibilities by arriving on time is a behavior we, as parents and educators, should instill in children.  When children arrive in school late, this disrupts their class and robs them and their classmates of instructional time.




Attendance Rules and Expectations

 Policy as adopted by the Stanly County Board of Education:

In order to be promoted, absences, lawful or unlawful, may not exceed sixteen (16) per year in grades K– 8.  If school is important and meaningful to students, then students should be present in school, except in illness or other approved circumstances.  When returning to school following an absence, the student must bring a written note from the parent or guardian.  The absence is excused based on the criteria in the Student Attendance and Accounting Manual (see below).  Two days following an absence, if no note is provided, the absence is automatically unlawful.  A note, however, does not automatically excuse the absence.


North Carolina state law requires that all children between six and sixteen years of age attend school regularly.  If a child is absent, he can make up the assignments, but is never able to make up the information lost through classroom discussion.  Students are expected to attend school.  If absences occur, they will be coded as follows:


1 – Lawful absence; 2 – unlawful absences; 3 – suspension or expulsion


Students may obtain a lawful absence, tardy, or early departure for the following reasons according to the North Carolina School Attendance and Student Accounting Manual:  *illness or injury; *quarantine, *death in the immediate family (includes but is not limited to grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters), * medical or dental appointment, *court proceedings, and *educational opportunities with prior approval.


Any exceptions to the list above must be approved by an administrator.


One-half day must be spent in class to be counted present.  11:30 a.m. is considered to be one-half day. Students who leave the classroom to go home prior to 11:30 will be considered absent for the day.




We recognize that tardies or early departures are sometimes unavoidable, but we must also have a plan in place to create a sense of orderliness and minimize disruptions in the school.  We will appreciate your help in getting your child to school on time and leaving them for the entire school day.


The sixth occurrence of either unlawful, tardy/leave early or a combination of the two shall result in the child being ineligible to receive a Perfect Attendance Award at the end of the school year.



Student Illness

If your child becomes ill during the day or complains about not feeling well, the staff will attempt to determine the problem.  Your child’s temperature will be taken and if it measures 100 or greater, you will be called to pick up your child.  If the child is vomiting or has diarrhea, you will be called, even if there is not an elevated temperature.  If other complaints or problems exist we will use our best judgment in deciding whether your child needs to go home or not.  Any special medical needs should be documented at school through a physician’s statement, provided by the parent.


Rashes, Pink Eye and Lice

Children who have rashes of unknown nature, red eyes, or appear to have head lice must be sent home.  The office will send a letter with the child explaining procedures.  The child must have a note from the doctor or health department to be readmitted to school. This procedure is in place in all Stanly County Schools to prevent the spread of contagious illness.


Student Sign Out

If it is necessary for a student to leave the school grounds before 2:45, a parent must report to the office to sign the student out of school.  If you know in advance that your child will be leaving early, please send a note by your child to the teacher in the morning.  We will not allow your child to leave school with anyone other than a person listed on the child’s enrollment form.  For that reason, please be prepared to present a picture ID when picking up a student.  When in doubt, we will attempt to contact the parent, or err on the side of safety.

Make-up Work 

When your child is absent, he will have two days to make up the work upon his return to school.  During the times of extended absences, parents are asked to contact the teacher for a plan for make-up work.


If a child is suspended from school for a day, the child will have two days to make up the work upon return.  If the suspension is for more than one day, arrangements may be made with administration to obtain the child’s assignments.

It is the parent and/or child’s responsibility to contact the teacher for make-up work.


Parent Request for Educational Field Trip

An absence may be excused when it is demonstrated that the purpose of the absence is to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity.  Prior approval must be obtained from the principal at least ten school days in advance.  Forms may be obtained from the office.

 Medication at School

 School staff members are not allowed to dispense medication without a signed form from the physician.  If your child will be taking any type of medication, the Physician’s Authorization form must be completed and brought to the office with the medication by the parent.  This includes prescription as well as non-prescription medication, or medicated products such as cough drops and chapstick.  Please do not send any medication to school by your child.  This may pose a safety threat to your child and others.  A child in possession of medication of any type will be in violation of the Stanly County Board of Education Code of Student Conduct.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.   If your child becomes ill during the school day, you will be notified.  It is very important to have current business and home phone numbers on file in the office.  It is, also, important to indicate a person we can notify in case an emergency occurs and you are not available.



 The school website will contain information concerning special events and school and student news for the month.  Teachers will send home regular newsletters covering events in classrooms.  Please ask your child to keep you informed by bringing these newsletters home for you to read.



 Buses will load at 2:40pm in the front circle.

  1. Car riders will be dropped off and loaded from the back of the school beside the cafeteria.  Name cards will be displayed for loading car riders.
  2. Car riders in the morning should report to the gym or breakfast in the cafeteria.  Students should not be dropped off before 7:30pm. 

**  Supervision is provided in the cafeteria and the gym beginning at 7:30.

  Changes in Travel: What Do I Do?

 We ask that you make arrangements for afternoon transportation with your child before leaving home in the morning.  If your child is to be picked up by someone other than the regular person, we ask that you send a note.  WE WILL NOT RELEASE YOUR CHILD TO SOMEONE WITHOUT YOUR WRITTEN PERMISSION.  If a change in plans occurs during the day and you must make a change, please call the school before 2:00.   Please recognize that because of regular school routines, after 2:00 it is very difficult to get messages to students.  So that we may conduct classes without interruption, we ask that you not routinely call the school with your child’s travel arrangements. A student telling a teacher of transportation changes will not be accepted.   Please know that we make these requests for the safety of your child.   PLEASE LIMIT THE NUMBER OF TRANSPORTATION CHANGES. MULTIPLE CHANGES INCREASE THE RISK OF MIX-UPS FOR YOUR CHILD!

Bus Rider Information

 Bus transportation is provided for students who….


Riding a school bus is a privilege and not a right.  Students are assigned to a specific bus and will have an assigned seat, once ridership is established.  No student will be permitted to ride a different bus or get off at a different location, without a note signed by a member of the office staff.  Transfer students must have their own transportation.


Bus riders will be loaded onto buses in the front of the school and unloaded from buses on the blacktop at the back of the school.  The only other vehicles allowed to load or unload students in the front driveway are day care providers who pick up students.


Students will be expected to follow the rules (including field trips and specified bus driver rules):



  1. First offense:  Verbal warning/conference with the driver or administrator/reassigned seat.
  2. Second offense:  Reassigned bus seat or referral to an administrator for final warning or bus suspension.
  3. Third and subsequent offenses or severe infraction: Immediate referral to an administrator for a possible bus suspension or other consequences deemed appropriate by the administrator.


Bus notes will be sent home as notification of inappropriate behavior.  Riding a bus is a privilege and can be revoked for inappropriate conduct.



Adults Boarding the Bus

 Adults are not allowed to enter a school bus without the permission from the Director of Transportation or the principal. NC State Law 14-132.2 Section B States: “Any person who shall enter a public school bus after being forbidden to do so by the authorized school bus drive in charge thereof, or the school principal to whom the public school bus or public school activity bus is assigned, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100), imprisonment for not more than 30 days or both.  “If parents need to speak to the driver, please send a note to the driver including your phone number for the driver to call you.  Please do not talk with the drivers at the bus stop.  They must keep their schedule, and they block traffic when stopped. If you have additional questions or concerns call the school.


Emergency Evacuation to Off Campus Location

 Should students have to leave campus for an emergency evacuation; the Stanly County Agri-Civic Center will be the location.  If walking to Albemarle Middle School is possible, that building may be utilized. Parents will be informed by our automated caller with details on how and when to pick up their children. Parents should provide a photo I.D. to officials before students will be released in an emergency evacuation.


 School Closings

 The superintendent and her staff will make the decision to close school due to bad weather.  A decision will be made as early as possible and will be publicized on radio and TV.  The absence of an announcement means that school will be in session on the regular schedule.  In unusual circumstances, it may be necessary to close school after the regular school day has begun.  Please have an emergency plan for your child in case school is dismissed early.  You should review this plan with your child periodically.  Do not attempt to communicate with your child by phone if we have an early dismissal at school.  We will have our telephone lines tied up communicating with the superintendent’s office and arranging for bus drivers.  For information regarding early dismissal you should tune to radio stations WABZ, WZKY, WSOC, or WBT, or TV station WBTV.


  School Breakfast and Lunch

 The cafeteria staff provides meals according to the countywide menu that are nutritious for growing children. East Albemarle will be 100% free lunch for all students.  If a student transfers to another school (except Central) a Free Lunch Application will need to be filled out.  Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:55.

                 Cafeteria Prices for Adults

Breakfast:  $1.65                         Lunch:    $3.50


Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child

Food Items Brought to School

 In order to provide for the safety and well being of all students at East Albemarle Elementary, the following new procedures will be followed.  Any food brought to the school for class refreshments must be purchased from a bakery and/or grocery store.  These items cannot be homemade.  These items must follow board guidelines for nutrition.   Please call the school if you have any questions regarding this procedure.



Students Who Stay After School

 Student will be expected to leave school grounds after school is over unless staying for a supervised activity.  Students must have a permission note from the parent to stay for any organized activity.  Students will be assigned to a designated area and will be supervised.  Any problems with students on school grounds after school hours will be reported to the administration.


  Student Exchange of Gift/Flowers

 County policy prohibits the acceptance of delivered flowers and gifts at school on behalf of students.



Classes may have two parties per year.  Parents who wish to purchase treats for birthdays must schedule this with the teacher and use cafeteria services that comply with the wellness policy.  Outside food items are not allowed.


Student Use of the Telephone

 Students will be able to use the telephone in the event of any emergency.  Prior approval from a teacher or administrator will be required.  If a call is received at school for a student, a message will be taken for the student.

  Responsibility for Books

 Textbooks, library books and other school materials are the property of the Stanly County Board of Education.  Materials should be managed appropriately and returned in good condition.  Students/parents will be responsible for any loss or damage.

  Parent Conferences

 To ensure the most productive classroom environment for all students, drop-in visits by parents are not allowed.  For our students’ safety, any person walking through the school or school grounds, without properly signing in at the office, will be asked to leave. Parents are encouraged to send a note in order to set up an appointment when needing to meet with a teacher or the principal.


Teachers and administration are unable to leave their responsibilities during the day to have an unscheduled conference, so please do not expect this.  If you need to talk with a teacher by telephone, please call after 2:45 to talk or arrange a conference.

Teachers will contact parents for conferences at the end of the first and third nine weeks and at other times as needed.


  School Supplies

 The school will supply your child with books and any print materials that are needed in the classroom.  We ask that you provide your child with the necessary supplies requested by the teacher throughout the year. If you have a problem with purchasing these supplies, please notify the teacher and arrangements will be made to assist you.


 Prohibited Items

 Cellular phones, pagers, electronic games and toys or other electronic devices, tapes, CDs and cards are prohibited at school.  These items are not necessary in the learning process and interrupt instruction and learning.  If you provide these items for your child, please advise your child to leave them at home.  If such an item is brought to school it will be taken from the student.  The parent will be notified to pick up the item.  On the second offense, the item will not be returned.  This will be considered a violation of the discipline code, as well.  On occasion, a teacher may request that a student bring a CD or tape for a classroom activity and that will be permitted.


For safety purposes, beverages may not be brought to school in glass containers or with screw on lids.  Classes that are going to field trips may request that students bring drinks, but they may not be brought in glass containers. 



Students of the Month

 A student from each class will be chosen each month as The Student of the Month. They will be rewarded with a trip to CiCi’s for lunch with the principal.


  Year Long Honor Roll

Students must have A’s and B’s for the entire year to receive recognition.


  Academic Excellence

Students must have all A’s to receive recognition.

Principal Award

This award is for students who have only A’s and B’s the entire year, no unexcused absences, no OTR referrals or bus or school suspensions.


Student Planner

 East Albemarle Elementary School provides student planners for grades 1 - 5.  It is a program that builds responsibility, self-reliance, and resourcefulness.  Students learn to set goals (daily, weekly, and monthly), to manage their time daily, and practice organizational techniques.  Character building and personal skill development are important in today’s society.  The Student Planner will be sent home every day and will contain homework assignments.  Parents should feel free to use the Student Planner to send notes to the teachers.  Students will be required to bring the Student Planner to school every day.  Only one copy will be provided for each student.  If lost, additional copies must be purchased from the school.



 Fire drills, evacuation drills, lockdown drills, and tornado drills are held regularly during the year.  Directions for exiting the school building during a fire drill are posted in each classroom.  Students are expected to exit the building in a safe and orderly manner during all drills that involve going outside. Drill execution is important for the safety of your child in case an emergency arises.


 Videotaping and Photographing

 Many students at East Albemarle have the opportunity of being videotaped and/or photographed at school.  Some of these tapings may eventually air on the local cable/TV channel and photographs may appear in newspapers.  In addition, some videotaping and photographs are utilized at local, state, or national conferences or workshops.  Also, East Albemarle has a web site on the Internet and frequently photographs will be displayed there.  A Publication Release Form will be sent home with each child.  If you wish for your child to be videotaped or photographed, please sign and return this form to your child’s teacher.



 For the safety and security of students and guests, visitors are required to present themselves at the office upon arrival at East Albemarle Elementary. Please give the school / teacher a 24 hour notice to request a classroom visit.  This allows the teacher to plan for this change in the regular routines of the day.   In the office, visitors will sign in and receive a visitor’s pass that must be worn while on the school campus.  Upon departure, visitors are asked to return to the office to sign out.  Parents are not only welcome, but are encouraged to visit East.  Volunteers must also sign-in at the office and receive a volunteer’s pass.


 The Parent Teacher Organization is a vital part of a successful school.  This organization, through its fundraisers, contributes thousands of dollars each year to enhance the instructional programs for our students.  Their contributions will include classroom materials, money for field trips, academic incentive programs for students, and funding for improvements to our buildings and grounds.  You are encouraged to join and become an active participant in this important organization.  Through PTO funding, our students have materials and opportunities that they might not otherwise have.  Please watch classroom newsletters for other PTO news and events throughout the year.  We encourage all of our parents to become active members of the PTO at East Albemarle.


2016-17 School Calendar

August 29                                   First day for Students

September 5                              Labor Day - Holiday

October 12                                Early Release Day

October 28                                 End of 1st nine weeks

October 31                                 Professional Day

November 11                                      Holiday

November 24-25                               Thanksgiving Holiday

December 7                                Early Release Day

December 21 - January 2                  Winter Holidays

January 3                                    Students Return

January 16                                  M L King – Holiday

January 20                                      End of 2nd nine weeks

January 23-24                                 Professional Day

February 8                                Early Release Day

March 10                                     Professional Day

March 22                                Early Release Day

March 29                                            End of 3rd Nine Weeks

April 14-21                                Holiday/Spring Break

May 29                                                  Holiday

June 9                                           Last Day                          


Progress Reports                        Report Cards to Parents

September 30                                November 4                                

December 2                                February 3

February 24                                April 7

May 5                                        June 9


Stanly County Schools

Dress Code Guidelines

The Stanly County Board of Education agreed that any items of clothing/apparel or jewelry that is worn which may create an unsafe environment, unsafe movement, interferes with or distracts others from learning, should be regulated.  Further, the school is a place for learning where students should dress accordingly.  Any student who fails to comply with direction in relation to improper attire will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct.  Failure to comply with dress code regulations could result in suspension.

Students are expected to dress in good taste and are not to wear any clothing/apparel, which includes:



Title One Parent Involvement Policy

East Albemarle Elementary School: 2016-17


Title 1 is a federal program that provides additional money to qualifying schools for purposes of improving student academic performance.  East Albemarle School recognizes the critical role of parents in the education of their children. East Albemarle School encourages parents to be team players in the education of their children.  Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities such as parent conferences and training sessions to promote effective communication and to foster greater involvement for the purpose of increasing student achievement.


All parents along with students and teachers will be provided the opportunities to sign a compact or promise that we will all do our best to help students succeed.  The compact identifies certain things we each can do to be sure that every student meets state academic performance standards.


East Albemarle Elementary School shall:


*Convene an annual PTO meeting or inform parents about the Title One program at each grade level parent meeting

 *Offer a flexible number of meetings / workshops / parents conferences at various times that will lead to improved student achievement (meeting held at end of 1st and 3rd nine weeks during the day, after school and early evening.


*Involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely way in planning, reviewing and being involved in programs (parents serve on School Improvement Team and Title One Community Involvement Committees)


*Provide parents timely information about the program, curriculum, assessment, and student progress (school website, required conferences at the end of first and third nine weeks, grade level meetings, school messenger and PTO)


*Have parents as well as teachers and students sign a school – parent compact (completed at the beginning of year or as enrolled during the year)


*Help parents understand national, state, and local student performance standards; and state and local assessments (through community-based meetings, and sending information, or providing translation in a language parents understand, Supplemental Educational Services meetings, and grade level meetings)


*Provide opportunities for participation in school activities for all parents, including parents with disabilities, limited English proficiency.


*Provide Curriculum Nights for parents to help them with their children’s education


*Provide a parent involvement resource center where parents can pick up materials to help with their child’s education


*Offer opportunities for parents to give feedback or suggestions for improvement of school and academic progress.


*Work with school staff to insure all personnel understand the value of parent involvement.


 * Assist families with providing any services that would help child, (guidance counselor, test taking strategies, homework help, parent involvement coordinator, contacting social services or medical agencies, etc.

Safe School Plan

Our goal is to provide a safe school environment for all children while meeting their individual needs.


The School Improvement Plan is available for viewing on the school’s website at:


                                   “PAW PRIDE”