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The Clubhouse program will provide a safe, relaxing, and fun environment for all children and staff.  This program provides a service to the parent community of St. Wenceslaus Catholic School. Quality childcare is a priority in meeting the needs of parents and children.

Hours of Operation

School Days

Clubhouse is open every day that school is in session and as needed on workshop days, release days, and conference days. In addition, the Clubhouse offers a summer program.

                During the school year:

                                K-8 students - 7:00-7:30 AM and 2:30–5:30 PM

                                PreK students  - 7:00-8:00 AM and 11:00-5:30 PM

                Early release days:

                                11:00 AM-5:30 PM

Non-school days

The school will open the Clubhouse program on days when there is no school provided that a minimum of 6 children are enrolled. Parents are asked to register in advance and a charge will be applied for anyone who initially signs up but fails to attend. If less that 6 students are enrolled, the Clubhouse retains the right to close due to fiscal reasons.  Although closures for low enrollment happen seldom, we encourage each family to have a back up plan for care.

                Workshop days and  Conferences days

                                7:00 AM-5:30 PM

                Summer program                

                                7:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Closed days for the 2018-19 school year

Early Closure

Clubhouse may close early on days when special events take place such as Halloween, school concerts, and other special school events. Advanced notice will be given.


Inclement Weather Closures

If school is cancelled in the morning due to the weather, Clubhouse will also be closed.

If school begins as normal but closes mid-day due to the weather, the Clubhouse will remain open for one hour past the release time so that parents are able to pick up the children.



On the regular school days, families registered for the Clubhouse must sign up ahead of time for the days each child will attend. This will be done on a monthly basis. Our bill will reflect these days. If your child is not in attendance due to illness or other issues, parents are allowed to call in to excuse the student from the program and the fee will be waived for the day. The key is good communication.  If the program is expecting the student and no communication has been made, then a fee will remain. Families will be billed at the end of the month.  Payment is expected within 10 days of receiving the invoice.


All Other Non-school Days  - (Workshop, Vacation, Summer, etc…)

Parents must sign up ahead of time. On a monthly calendar.  Once you have signed up to use the program you will be billed since we count on registered numbers to determine if the program is open on that day.  This amount will be placed on you month-end invoice.

A one-week notice is required to sign up or change your sign up status for the non-school days. The program opens only if a minimum of 5-6 students are registered.


Behavior Expectations


Students who attend the Clubhouse program are expected to behave in a manner that is typical with school day expectations of behavior. This program is an extension of our school and not a separate entity.


Students are expected to act respectfully towards the Clubhouse staff and other students. Any behavior that may cause for injury or risk the safety of any person in the program will not be tolerated.  Clubhouse students in the summer program must follow the instructions of the staff in all cases so as to maintain a program of summer play and activity that is safe and enjoyable.


Students who need to be corrected for behavior or safety issues will not be allowed to participate in the program.  Since the program is a service to the parents and not required for our educational operation, services for misbehaving students will be terminated based on the follow line of consequences.

  1. First offense: Clubhouse staff member gives student a warning with a possible time out consequence.
  2. Second Offense: Clubhouse staff person informs parents of the misbehavior and a second consequence is issued.
  3. Third Offense: Final warning is given and the student meets with the principal. The principal informs the parents of the behavior.
  4. Student is no longer allowed to attend the program.


In the case of safety where the student has caused harm or would have potentially caused harm to the other students in the program, the student may be dismissed immediately.


Injury and Illness



A child who is ill will not be allowed to participate in Clubhouse.  All school procedures will be followed.  A student must be free from diarrhea, fever, and vomit for at least 24 hours before they will be allowed in the program.  If a student becomes ill while in the program, parents will be contacted and expected to pick up the student within the hour.



Prompt care and attention will be given to the student if injured.  Minor injuries will be treated under standard first aid practices with soap/water/Band-Aids and ice. The Clubhouse staff will contact the parents if the injury is of a more serious nature.  911 will be called for serious injuries.  The students will be kept comfortable until the parent or medical assistance arrives.





PreK students enrolled on regular school days will have the option of purchasing a school hot lunch.  Lunch will not be served on non-school days and students will be expected to bring a lunch from home.


Clubhouse will provide morning and afternoon snacks.

SWS Clubhouse Policies Updates 6/2018