Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association

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Gov. Cuomo Declares War On Special Education

Parents Want Tisch To…:

While lawmakers and unions have lauded State Board of Regents chancellor Merryl Tisch for her plan to delay implementation of new teacher evaluations in some school districts, parents who have led the so-called “opt out” movement say they're still dissatisfied.

The parent activists, who claim nearly 200,000 students participated in this month’s unprecedented boycott of standardized testing in public schools, see Tisch’s announcement last week as an attempt to placate them without removing the testing regimen they're protesting. Since Tisch’s announcement, one parent-led anti-testing group even called for her to step down.

Governor Cuomo on 3-8 testing…

“The grades are meaningless to the students,” Cuomo said in a brief press conference.

“The tests, given in grades 3-8 in English and math are used to evaluate how effective a teacher is. Scores from a given teacher’s class can be compared at the start and end of a school year to see how much the kids have learned.”.

The idea has enraged teachers though, and it has sparked a growing boycott with parents saying that their kids are being stressed out by the exams.

Poll: Opt-Out Rights, APPR, School Funding:

Half of New York voters believe parents have the right to opt their children out of state-base standardized tests, a Siena College poll released found.

The poll found more than two-thirds of voters believe standardized tests should count for no more than a quarter of a teacher’s evaluation score.

Not surprisingly, only 15 percent of voters believe the state spends too much on education, while 22 percent believe the amount is just right.

Cuomo Says Too Many Good Teachers On the Island.

Apparently Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo doesn’t either.   Sunday he called for a state review of all Long Island school districts because many use a union-provided evaluation he said is skewed to favor teachers.  The governor has called for an increased reliance on standardized testing for the purpose of ramping up the teacher evaluation system.

Cuomo administration begins large-scale email purges.

ALBANY—The Cuomo administration has now fully implemented a policy of automatically deleting emails of rank-and-file state workers that are more than three months old, resulting in an effective purge of thousands of messages in recent days.