#28 - For Azeroth!: “Ulduar and the Halls of Valor United!”


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7.2.5 Stuff!


Level 16 Worgen


Warrior Campaign

Horde and Alliance schisms from the onset

Skyhold, the Halls of Valor, and the creation of Odyn’s Army

Reuniting the Titan Keepers and Odyn

Bolstering the Army’s Numbers

Sounding Gjallarhorn and Ulduar’s Liberation

The Search for Hodir

As always thanks are due to Nobbel87’s YouTube channel, WoWpedia, and WoWwiki cause we can’t play through all of this stuff!


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John L

I promise… this is not an idea for a lore-dive.  But!  It is lore-related.  Given my limited time, I only played* one class (Paladin) heavily, and mostly solo PvE content.  With your recent dives into the class halls, it got me thinking:  If there was a class that had better lore, would I have changed classes to feel that history?   I’m wondering if your mains would still be the same if their lore was either less appealing, or another class’s was more appealing?  Thoughts?

Michael P

Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. I recently jumped back into WoW with some friends starting some new characters on the Alliance for the first time (only played Horde before this). We each rolled different races and classes we have never tried before (draenei Mage (me), human priest, worgen warrior) We decided to try to level through to 110 without using heirlooms. I was hoping for you guys could give me some advice on what I need to check out.

Note from Joce so I don’t forget the zone names


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