Cornerstone’s 2017 Church Camp
Information Sheet

Cornerstone’s 2017 Camp will be held in Rock Springs at -

Wisconsin Church of God Camp & Retreat  •  7655 County Road D  •  Rock Springs, WI  53961

Begining:    Wednesday, July 5 at 6:00 PM    Ending:    Saturday, July 8 by 12:00 Noon

Camp Fees        

The Fee shown is the total full-session cost per person, including the accommodations selected for
through Friday nights, all 7 meals (Thursday breakfast through Saturday breakfast) and program
        participation. Part-time participation is encouraged for those who can’t attend the entire time. Those fees
        will be based on participation.  
Joining for dinner only will cost $7.00 per person per meal. 

If the total fee for you or your family is more than you are able to afford, please let us know. It may be
        possible to reduce your fees through the gifts of others who have donated to help with genuine shortages.  


    Age                                          Tent                    RV Camping                     Staying In        
Group                                              Camping                   (Very Limited)                    Dorm Rooms

                  5 Years & Younger                      Free                                  Free                            Free

                  6 to 12 Years Old                   $ 40.00                      $ 40.00                         $ 50.00

                  13 Years & Older                   $ 50.00                      $ 55.00                         $ 80.00

           Note: Those younger than 8 years old CANNOT attend without their parent or guardian in attendance.

Step 1: Sign-Up NOW!

        We need to get a count by age quickly.  Even if you are only camping part-time – Please Sign Up NOW!        

Step 2: Reserve Space by May 28th

        All Campers must pay a $10.00 NON-REFUNDABLE fee no later than May 28, 2017 to reserve space.  
        This allows us to assign rooms, plan meals, prepare program content and assure that age-appropriate
        activities are available for all of our Campers.  There are no fees for those
5 years and younger.

Step 3: Submit Final Registration by June 18th

        Final registration data and final payment is due NO LATER THAN Sunday, June 18, 2017.  This deadline is
        critical.         Final information and instructions will be provided to
those who sign-up and reserve space.

Coming Part-Time or Just for the Evening?

        If you can't make the whole session but want to participate part-time, just indicate on the Sign-Up, Space
 and Final Registration forms.  Your individual fee will be based on how much you participate.  If
        you come over for evening services only – there is no charge.  If you join us for meals without staying         
        overnight, we will collect a fee before each meal
 ($7.00 for Dinner / $6.00 for Breakfast or Lunch).

Got Questions?

        Contact:        Liz Breckley                                        


        Phone:                608.408.8900