Group Inquiry Experiment

Scientists: Akshay,Cruze,Ryan and juliette

Question: can plants keep on growing in different temperatures.

Hypothesis: the one outside is the best and the hot one will grow and the cold one will die

List of Materials: jar ,soil, a big plant,lamp and a fridge

Experiment: if plants can grow in different areas

1.put the soil in the pot

2. put the big plant in the pot.

3. Sunlight

4.water the big plant

5. Give the big plant


Results: plants can grow in hot places and normal places. Plants can't grow in cold places

Conclusion: are hypothesis was correct. We thought that the hot will grow and the one outside.

The cold one will die. Now we know that plants can't grow in different temperatures.

Science Journal.


Today we started are experment it took a lot of time setting it up. there was trouble with the soil and getting the plants in the pots

But Kelly helped us with a lot of things.

30 centermeteres

 30 centermeteres