833 San Jose Ave

San Francisco, CA 94110

Zach Vega-Perkins

303 550-2791


Work Experience

Chambara, Lead Engineer

team ok

Spring 2015 - Present

  • Co-published a video game on the PlayStation®Store
  • Coordinated with design, art, audio, QA, and usability teams to create and assign tasks to engineers
  • Designed and implemented a multiplayer user-gamepad management system for Xbox One
  • Ensured technical compliance with commercial release standards (PS4)

iOS/Android Developer, Intern


Summer 2015

  • Wrote detailed documentation and design of projects for team approval
  • Developed apps for iOS and Android to showcase company SDK, API usage and best practices
  • Demonstrated app live at all-company presentation in order to inform and excite

iOS Developer, Intern

Secure64 Software Corporation

Summer 2014

  • Designed and implemented a secure, encrypted picture-sharing iOS app from whiteboard to Objective-C code
  • Created contacts manager that cross-referenced local contacts with remote app users to find connections
  • Utilized Parse database to manage user accounts with asynchronous requests
  • Pitched app to board of directors, convincing the reluctant head board member of the project’s value


Internal Drive, Inc.

Summers 2012, 2013

  • Developed daily lesson plans to teach game design and programming concepts to children ages 7-12
  • Created individual, personalized tasks that matched the passions and hobbies of each student

Technical Experience

Game Designer, Programmer


Spring 2014

  • Implemented basic game object movement and properties using C# in XNA framework
  • Designed enemy types and created AI based on the Boids flocking algorithm
  • Handled enemy spawning within randomly generated dungeon geometry

Playtest Tools Developer

Rhea Advanced Games Project

Spring 2014

  • Wrote editor tools in UnrealScript allowing designers to customize playtest collection and feedback
  • Created automated and user-facilitated mechanisms to pinpoint common virtual reality sickness locations
  • Stored playtest information in JSON-friendly blobs so it could be easily sent to a remote server
  • Generated metrics visualization in an interactive, 3D map with layers of user playtest data


Microsoft Hackathon

Winter 2014

  • Designed and implemented a music band quiz game for Windows phone using C#
  • Programmed a band name generator that linked words within sets of articles, adjectives, and nouns to create fictional band names

Software Designer, Developer

City Simulation

Fall – Winter 2013

  • Designed and implemented a multi-threaded, agent-oriented simulation of residential life within a larger city
  • Created display of agent interactions whose parameters and states could be manipulated by user input
  • Wrote tools for sound implementation and simulation testing


Los Angeles, CA

University of Southern California

Fall 2012 – Present

  • Pursuing B.S., Computer Science (Games)
  • GPA: 3.50 (Major)