Today is March 13, 2020.

It is a “D” day.

The following is the Daily News 

The following students need to report to the Health Office - Shyla Crawn, Taylor Douglas, Madison J. Marshall, Owen Smith, Alex Willette, Izayah Dupee, Madison Mastry, Lucas Mitchell

Would the following students please report to Mrs. Miletich's room:  Ashley Brooks, Corey Henault, & Kylie Martin.  Your coffee/cocoa fundraising orders are ready!

Tickets for this year’s performance by the FA Players of “Into The Woods” are now available in the Main Office with Ms. Connolly. Tickets are $9 per person. Showings are Thursday March 19th at 7PM, Friday March 20th at 7PM, and Saturday March 21st at 2PM and 7PM.

The Student Council book sale is coming.  Donations are welcome.  Please bring any unwanted books to Mrs. Senter's room (234).

10th grade students signed up to take the Pre-ACT on Friday, please remember to bring a calculator, #2 pencils, a snack and a drink.  You will be called down to the lobby Friday morning and we will walk down to the testing site in Harison gym.  Please see your counselor with any questions.

The Sadie Hawkins dance that was planned for March 28th has been cancelled.

Students are to get breakfast and go immediately back to class if they are doing so during a class period. If you are going anytime after 8:02, you cannot remain down in the cafeteria.

The Freshman Class is selling Pura Vida bracelets. The bracelets are green, white, and grey and come in two styles, original and braided. Original bracelets can be purchased for $5 and braided bracelets are $8. See Mrs. Eells in Room 240 to buy one and support the Freshman Class.

The next 5-Hour Pre Licensing Course at North Country Community College will be held on March 21st.  See Ms. Dixon in the main office for more information.

SENIOR PARKING - There have been a number of reports of a lack of spaces due to students not parking properly or giving their tags to students from other districts to use. This needs to stop, or Senior Parking will become a numbered lot with assigned parking slots. Use your common sense in parking and do not leave an excessive amount of space between your cars.

Students are reminded that there is to be NO spraying of perfume or deodorant in the school halls. We have a number of students and staff who have breathing problems that the spraying of these substances causes difficulties for.

During winter months, those using the Fitness Center in the morning and evening need to bring an extra pair of shoes.  This will keep the floor from becoming slick and causing possible injuries.  Thank you!

Need a place to study after school?

There is an after school homework room on Mondays and Tuesdays in room 234 (Mrs. Senter's room) and Wednesday and Thursday in room 235 (Mrs. Keating's room).  All are welcome as long as you’re willing to work.

Free school supplies are located in the library and cafeteria study hall.  They are routinely restocked.  If you need an item, please help yourself.  If the item you need isn't there, then please see Mrs. Tracy room 144.

The library is open for students from study hall. Daily sign ups will begin each morning at 7:45 am and can be accessed on the FA Homepage. If you have trouble signing up,  please see Mrs. Soper in the library.

Any student parking on campus MUST HAVE their vehicle registered with the main office and have a parking tag. If you do not have a tag, your vehicle may be towed off campus. Parking tag applications are available with Ms. Connolly in the Main Office.

LOCKER PROBLEMS - If your locker is not working, please see Ms. Connolly in the Main Office!

Attention students who use the FA Fitness Center in the evening—

The locker rooms are not accessible during evening fitness center hours. Please plan ahead!

Expectations for Students who use the Fitness Center After School

1.      After school, students who would like to work out in the fitness center  must report to the locker room, change into school appropriate clothing and arrive at the fitness center by 2:40 pm.

2.      Students must remove all visible jewelry prior to entering the fitness center

3.      Before leaving the fitness center, all plates must be taken off the machines/bars and all equipment used must be wiped down.

4.      Students who are making up a PE class must inform the supervisor upon signing in.  A minimum of twenty minutes of cardio is required for a PE make up.

5.      Students must stay in the fitness center until 3:20 pm.

6.      At 3:20, students must report to the locker room, change clothes and leave the building. Students who are riding the 3:30 bus must  report to the Main Lobby. A 3:30 bus pass is required.

7.      Students who are staying after school for extra help or to make up work must present a pass to the fitness center supervisor upon arriving late to the fitness center.  The pass needs to have  the time, date and teacher’s signature on it.

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Santamoor.